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#rockbox log for 2021-03-08

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08:57:13speachybraewoods: I just plugged in my X3, and Fedora popped up a "your wireless keyboard battery is low" notification.
08:58:11speachywithin 60 seconds it had climbed to 41%.
08:58:52speachy(from 6%)
08:58:53edhelasyour X3 is running on diesel ?!
08:59:50speachydiesel? (I must be missing a connection here. and I'm usually the one making those giant leaps of consipiracy-level connections..)
09:00:16edhelascharging something with lots of energy, hard to do that with a Li-Ion battery :p
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09:33:41speachyyou can probalby get more energy out of burning 10ml of diesel than is contained in this battery.
09:36:01speachybut I only have one thing that runs on diesel, and it blew a hydraulic line yesterday. :/
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15:57:01braewoodsspeachy: it's just reporting what RB thinks your battery level is.
15:57:24braewoodsspeachy: i also noticed that, but i realized it's just reporting what RB is seeing
15:57:39speachythe battery display didnt' match that nearly-dead report
15:58:05braewoodsspeachy: strange, but it's reading directly from the battery_percent or so
15:58:12speachyI figure it's being affectecd by the hysteresis, but call it a datapoint
15:58:35braewoodsnever seen that word before
15:58:40speachyisn't there a sort of weighted running average going on? (or am I misremembering)
15:59:06braewoodsno idea, we can change how we send out the updates if need be
15:59:15braewoodsi just thought the raw live updates was the best source initially
15:59:37braewoodsalso we need to try this out on windows and such at some point
15:59:38speachyyeah, it's good to have the reports to the OS regardless. :)
15:59:58speachysince I don't know if anyone other than the two of us has actually tried it...
16:00:02braewoodsi wonder if it works with windows
16:00:17braewoodsif it does it would be reported under the keyboard settings probably
16:00:27braewoodssince that seems to be where periphereal battery reports go
16:00:50speachyI can attach it to a win7 vm later today but I have no idea if it'll work...
16:00:51braewoodsbut yea, i had the same problem with fuze+
16:01:04braewoodsi'll setup a win10 vm soon
16:01:16braewoodsattach my fuze+ to my server
16:01:35speachythat reminds me, need to spin up an old XP instance too
16:01:55braewoodsah, win xp. i used a VM to repair an ancient mp3 player over usb.
16:02:01braewoodsit was interesting.
16:02:14braewoodsi made a copy of the files it installed so i could try to do it myself later
16:02:16braewoodsvia linux
16:03:04braewoodsi somewhat wish we could archive the OF files for the sake of making it easier to repair these on RB website
16:03:12braewoodscopyrights and all
16:03:52braewoodsthough at this point is anyone going to care about some obsolete firmware for an mp3 player no one makes?
16:04:16speachyespecially if the company isn't around any longer.
16:04:30braewoodsPhilips is around but they no longer make mp3 players that I can tell.
16:04:49braewoodsthe early gogears were using their own chips or
16:04:59braewoodsbefore they went to android
16:05:09speachyI'm a little uncomfortable with the pre-patched hiby-based players sitting on the server, but.. the would-be complainers are all blatantly violating the GPL anyway, so they're not likely to complain.
16:06:20braewoodsit's kinda weird how i see tons of the hdd1xxx series but almost none of the higher spec one
16:06:32braewoodsi guess it reflects how well they sold
16:06:33speachyPhilips is out of that market entirely, though I'm pretty sure they're still licensing the brand to consumer electronics folks.
16:07:26braewoodswhich reminds me
16:07:32braewoodsthe gogear ports lack manuals
16:07:56braewoodswhat would it take to fix that?
16:08:42speachywrite the missing bits? :)
16:08:54braewoodsa lot of it is general, isn't it?
16:09:02braewoodsthe main difference is usually controls
16:09:07speachybare minimum is the installation instructions and basic button diagram.
16:09:30speachylook at rockbox/manual/getting_started
16:09:38braewoodsok, i'll look at it later
16:09:45braewoodsi just thought some part of the manual were templated
16:09:51braewoodsto reduce duplication
16:09:58speachyyep, extensively.
16:10:19braewoodssince the main difference between native ports is what keys do what
16:10:41speachyscreenshots and keymaps are scattered throughout the whole manual though.
16:11:00braewoodsspeachy: any word on that native RB device?
16:11:06braewoodspine and all
16:11:13speachyif the player uses the same screen resolution as another model you can piggyback on the existing ones
16:11:18braewoodswe may have to settle for using a TS for main controls
16:11:21speachyno news.
16:11:26braewoodsgiven their ubiquity today
16:11:32speachyI haven't really followed up though
16:11:58braewoodswe could probably handle that by using part of the screen to simulate a button pad
16:12:01braewoodsor so
16:12:05speachyhaven't had the bandwidth to play with the pinecube and "cherrypi" boards behind me
16:12:30braewoodsjust seems like our best shot would be to use a rebadged smartphone
16:12:38braewoodsperhaps part of it removed
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16:40:15_bilgusI think the x1000 is probably the most viable at this moment
16:40:51_bilgusand with that baremetal port it really starts to look promising
16:46:18braewoods_bilgus: x1000?
16:48:35 Join ender| [0] (~ender1@2a01:260:4094:1:6045:6fff:fedd:cbf3)
16:48:50_bilgusrocker mk3
16:49:05speachybraewoods: ingenic x1000, the SoC in the agptek rocker, fiio m3, eros q/k etc..
16:49:30speachy(one of the most popular for DAPs, the next step up tends to be full android)
16:53:00_bilgusI'minterested to see the battery life
16:53:48_bilgusmy gut tells me it'll be similar but hopefully its 10-20% better
16:54:43braewoodssounds like the PP of the current era
16:55:41braewoodsso what's keeping us from making a native port?
16:55:48braewoodsmust we rebased on Linux?
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17:18:34_bilguswo man hours?
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17:36:14speachy_bilgus: yeah, the same reason everything else isn't done...
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18:53:04_bilguschris_s logs? he been around ?
18:53:51_bilgusUser says can no longer delete the dynamic playlist
18:54:07speachyhmm, that is an unintented consequence.
18:54:22 Quit ac_laptop (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
18:56:35speachyseems like the "proper" solution is an explicit "delete dynamic playlist" context menu item
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19:18:33braewoodsspeachy: if you can test windows 7 then great but i suspect it has no support
19:18:47braewoodsi'll test windows 1
19:19:08braewoodsthe technical spec for what i implemented is 20 years old but doesn't appear it was used until fairly recently
19:19:23***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:21:58braewoodsappears Linux received support for it back in 2011
19:22:23braewoodsif we're lucky windows 8 might support it but unlikely 7 does
19:22:35braewoodsi'll do a test install of window 10 first
19:23:03braewoodsif it does work, it should show up as a wireless keyboard battery
19:23:14braewoodsnot 100% accurate but the least invasive method
19:23:20braewoodsa more accurate method would be HID Power
19:23:33braewoodswhich i can still experiment with
19:23:41braewoodsbut this was far easier
19:25:22braewoodsHID Power though is only more accurate on two fronts, assuming it works.
19:25:42braewoodsit can accurately describe the relationship of the battery
19:25:46braewoodsand the current status
19:25:51braewoodsother than that not much to gain
19:26:20braewoodswe're kinda misusing the API since we're not a wireless keyboard
19:26:28braewoodswireless periphereal
19:26:52braewoodsbut it doesn't require us to write a whole new driver either
19:27:18braewoodsspeachy: your thoughts?
19:27:41braewoodsI can experiment with a separate driver to see how it differs in host implementation
19:27:44braewoodsHID Power
19:27:44speachybut we are, of a sorts. :D
19:29:13braewoodsi'm thinking of writing a separate hid driver just to see how the host reacts to it
19:29:15braewoodscompared to this
19:29:23braewoodsa rough hack initially
19:29:46braewoodsbut first i want to see how windows 10 reacts to battery strength as is
19:30:26braewoodsif they both work ok...
19:30:43braewoodsmaybe we can use HID Power if we can spare the endpoints but otherwise use battery strength
19:31:15braewoodswhat i've researched about standards only goes so far
19:31:17braewoodsand all that
19:31:34braewoodswhat i care about is how the hosts react to it
19:31:39braewoodsno point if they aren't going tou se it
19:32:16braewoodsthat's really funny
19:32:25braewoodsyou can't boot qemu anymore with the old chipset on windows 10
19:32:30braewoodsyou need to specify q35
19:32:40 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@unaffiliated/shawn156)
20:00:57braewoodsoh wow windows 10 has gotten worse to install
20:01:08braewoodsthey really want you to use a cloud account
20:01:10braewoodsfat chance
20:15:09 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
20:17:54braewoodskinda ridiculious i have to resort to disable networking just to make a local account
20:20:42_bilgusno I think you just missed their well hidden local account option
20:54:14 Join dweeber_ [0] (
20:55:24braewoods_bilgus: lmao
20:56:22 Quit dweeber (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
20:57:39_bilgusits there well as of 3 months ago or so
20:59:29braewoods_bilgus: so how does one access it then?
20:59:34braewoodsit appears to force it
20:59:48braewoodsi just tried with the iso from last october
21:03:12_bilgusit was just slightly off color from the background little hyperlink?
21:04:22_bilgusOH nm it appears we are both right you must be using Home
21:04:39_bilguswow talk about a load of shit
21:05:00braewoodsspeachy: appears win10 doesn't support it for USB?
21:05:12braewoodsthere's no battery display, maybe it is bluetooth only
21:05:32braewoodsoption 2, HID Power
21:05:39braewoodsi'll give that a try later
21:06:05braewoodsthough jsut to be sure it's not a fluke
21:06:09braewoodsi'll try it on a linux guest too
21:07:15braewoodsthank you live cds
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21:09:28braewoodsnot working quite right
21:09:57braewoodsmaybe it needs real hardware
21:11:05braewoodsit's not sent until an update occurs
21:11:07*braewoods facepalms
21:11:20braewoodsi'll try again after letting the battery drain a bit
21:19:24***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:37:44braewoodsok. let's try this again with a custom build which always sends updates.
21:38:15braewoodsmaybe Linux and win10 have different behaviors before they've received their first update
21:38:33braewoodsLinux defaults to 0% capacity until it knows otherwise
21:38:41braewoodswin10 may display nothing until it has data
21:56:39braewoodsok so that's useless
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22:21:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 13178d23b8, 293 builds, 9 clients.
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22:24:08chris_s_bilgus: Re,53779.0.html . That's the second comment about this in a short while. I've pushed g#3198 to show the 'Play Next' option when playback is stopped.
22:24:08chris_sIt actually uses PLAYLIST_INSERT (but creates a new playlist before) behind the scenes when playback is stopped, just like the Insert option used to do, so nothing about the former, expected behavior should have changed and there is very little new code to test.
22:24:09chris_sI was able to simplify the manual somewhat since this removes some special cases and imo
22:24:09DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
22:24:09chris_sis more consistent in terms of naming.
22:24:10chris_sTo make it less confusing, "Insert" and "Insert Shuffle" now aren't even offered as
22:24:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #3198 at : Show 'Play Next' option when playback is stopped by Christian Soffke
22:24:10***Alert Mode level 1
22:24:10chris_soptions anymore if the playlist can't be resumed. All the user will see is "Play Next"
22:24:11***Alert Mode level 2
22:24:11chris_sThe user would still have the additional step of manually reshuffling the playlist once
22:24:11***Alert Mode level 3
22:24:11chris_sthey've selected "Play Next". Don't know if that's a big deal.
22:24:12***Alert Mode level 4
22:24:12chris_sI could imagine adding a "Play Next Shuffled" option, although there are arguably too many context menu optons as-is, so I'd prefer not adding another one.
22:27:30_bilgusTBH I'm not sure why the user needs to delete the dynamic playlist rather than just creating new you might wannat interact with hem to see why..
22:28:26_bilgusmight just be a cse of RTFM or might be deeper reasons
22:29:44 Join f1reflyylmao [0] (
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22:30:43 Nick f1reflyylmao is now known as f1refly (
22:34:13***Alert Mode OFF
22:34:27fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 786 seconds.
22:34:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 13178d23b8 result: All green
22:41:26chris_sI think I understand the need though. When you don't care about the (rest of the) dynamic playlist anymore, it's easy to just hit 'Play Next' on another item, (As I've said before, my suggestion would actually be to rename this to "Clear List & Play Next") without having to do any additional steps.
22:41:26chris_sThe other user that posted feedback would choose to play an artist folder that way, which would add all of the albums from its subfolders.
22:41:27chris_sThere isn't (I think) a good reason to only display this option when music is playing or paused, since the dynamic playlist still "exists" when playback is stopped.
22:41:27chris_sMy former reservation with the Insert function deleting the current playlist (without waning) was based on the expectation that the function would work similarly across different playback states, which also makes it easier to document the behavior.
22:41:28chris_sAs long as that is true for the Play Next function, I don't see an issue with displaying
22:41:28***Alert Mode level 1
22:41:28chris_sit, even when playback is stopped.
22:42:36_bilgusyeah deleting immediately without warnin would be not great
22:44:34_bilgusas long as no one else is using that lang ID sure feel free to rename it otherwise you'll have to create a new one
22:49:45chris_sThe way I've implemented it now, I wouldn't have to add/rename anything in the language file. The behavior change is all in add_to_playlist which checks if playback is stopped and turns PLAYLIST_REPLACE into PLAYLIST_INSERT (but with a new playlist), if so. That seemed simpler to me than adjusting the function to add tracks to a playlist with
22:49:45chris_sPLAYLIST_REPLACE for the case when there is no current track (as it currently expects there to be one)
22:50:53 Join Soap [0] (~Soap@rockbox/staff/soap)
22:50:57chris_sThe warning, btw, is unfortunately not something you can rely on currently, as it will never appear after rebooting (the modification state isn't saved)
22:51:30***Alert Mode OFF
22:52:42_bilgusnot understanding that last sentence
22:53:42 Join yosafbridge` [0] (
22:54:06_bilgusif I have a playlist inflight and try to wipe it out by inserting tracks then I should be warned
22:54:10 Join spectrum- [0] (~admin@
22:54:14 Join akaWolf1 [0] (~akaWolf@unaffiliated/akawolf)
22:54:19_bilgusor have you removed this path?
22:54:53_bilgus*Dynamic PL*
22:54:54chris_swarn_on_pl_erase() checks if playlist_modified() which is the case if playlist->shuffle_modified, playlist->deleted or playlist->num_inserted_tracks. None of these are true after a restart (nothing to do with any of my changes)
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22:55:41 Join vup2 [0] (~~~~@
22:55:55_bilgusah ok I understand what you are saying
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23:04:38chris_s"as long as no one else is using that lang ID sure feel free to rename it otherwise you'll have to create a new one" -> I think I missed that were probably referring to renaming  "Play Next" to "Clear List & Play Next" there? Would love to do that, except I'm not sure if that would inconvenience users of other languages. Are translations updated
23:04:38chris_sasynchronously or are you supposed to wait until you have all of the necessary language files ready?
23:10:30 Join kirvesAxe [0] (
23:10:32_bilgusthats a good point but no typically we just do the changes to the english.lang and everyhting else updates off it
23:10:33_bilgusif you know other langs feel free to update them as well
23:13:07_bilgusno other users of LANG_REPLACE AFAICT
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23:49:56chris_sHi? bilgus: (y)  Looks like the translations already aren't necessarily literal anyway. For 'Play Next' it says 'Replace current one' in German and the French translation includes 'Replace' in parentheses.
23:59:00_bilgusIf they already have translations like that then it'd be best to mark them depreciated

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