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#rockbox log for 2021-03-12

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04:10:11braewoodsspeachy: work on mtp will be slow but i have plenty of reference implementations to help me figure out what we'll need to implement
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06:15:49braewoodsspeachy: is it at all possible for the usb core to call the transfer_complete function with a direction that conflicts with the endpoint's registered direction?
06:15:56braewoodsthe code seems to assume this cannot happen
06:16:02braewoodsin the existing drivers
06:16:43braewoodsnot to mention i'm not even sure why it includes that when the direction is supposed to be encoded into the endpoint
06:18:30speachynot unless there is a major bug elsewhere in our usb core. or the hardware is broken.
06:19:14braewoodsis there special meaning to "status" or is it just a boolean?
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06:19:37braewoodsit seems treated as a typical zero or non-zero value in C conventions
06:19:42braewoodswhich is effectively boolean
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06:20:10braewoodsjust trying to better understand the arguments to driver callbacks
06:21:42braewoodsMTP sure is a daunting protocol
06:21:55braewoodsthankfully we don't need to implement all of it
06:23:18braewoodsspeachy: i've got a lot of ideas for our own mtp extensions... i would like to extend rbutil with some useful extras that could use MTP in theory to do some stuff best done from the host.
06:23:33braewoodsone example i thought up, set the RTC clock to current host time
06:24:35braewoodssince RB will never have NTP support
06:24:40braewoodsthis is the next best thing :P
06:28:39speachywith respect to endpoints; direction is encoded into the number. BIT7 means it's a host->device endpoint.
06:29:43speachybut that's the number according to the USB protocol, the "endpoint" as rockbox refers to it is the index into our endpoint table, which definitely does not have 8 bits of entries.
06:30:40speachy(usually but not necessarily mapping directly to the hardware "endpoint")
06:32:20speachyI wish I could trust the latest forum for the ipod/iflash saga.
06:32:28speachylatest forum results
06:41:24speachyhowever, another thing did occur to me −− perhaps it's not ata power management at all, but UDMA2.
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06:46:05braewoodsinteresting, mtp may be all we need to control rockbox from the host
06:46:32braewoodsso i'm probably going to define 3 sets of operation...
06:46:41braewoods1 that's available in all modes
06:46:51braewoods2 stuff only available in storage mode
06:47:01braewoods3 stuff only available in playback or remote control mode
06:47:18braewoodsi also noticed MTP defines a powerdown operation
06:47:24braewoodscould be linked to power shutoff
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07:07:31speachyand come to think of it, the working theort for the disk corruption (ie due to buggy sleep) doesn't explain corruption in MSC mode, as the disk is always left on there. or should be.
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07:21:43speachyokay, I used some rockbox funds to buy an iFlash SD->CF adapter
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08:35:56braewoodsspeachy: this is kinda weird. i just realized the layout of the basic mtp packets means there's naturally no padding so packed actually has no effect on them
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08:50:04speachyhuh, it actively goes into sleep even in usb mode.
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09:23:30calebccffI've added my ssh key to gerrit but I'm getting "permission denied (publickey)" when trying to test it with ssh. I'm able to use keypair auth to ssh to other hosts, and git instances
09:24:55speachyso what does 'ssh -v -p 29418' show?
09:26:18speachy(your username is shown in the user profile of gerrit)
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09:27:45speachy"send_pubkey_test: no mutual signature algorithm"
09:28:10speachyadd 'host
09:28:12speachy PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes ssh-rsa
09:28:19speachyto your ~/.ssh/config
09:28:50calebccffHuh nice, thanks! I wonder why it was failing on that?
09:29:31speachyopenssh deprecated ssh-rsa, but the embedded ssh server in gerrit still relies on that.
09:29:48speachyupdating gerrit is on my todo list
09:30:00calebccffAh right, cheers
09:30:24calebccffNice, patch is pushed!
09:31:37speachyI can't seem to figure out what STG_EVENT_ASSERT_ACTIVE() actually does. As in it seems to have no meaningful effect on anything.
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09:51:15fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 04c29984ce, 293 builds, 9 clients.
09:51:28speachycalebccff: congratulations on your first code commit
09:52:19calebccffwoohoo :D
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10:03:38fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 742 seconds.
10:03:39fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 04c29984ce result: All green
10:05:57fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 2743bde09b, 293 builds, 9 clients.
10:06:12speachyokay, this build will bump the poweroff delay to 5s when ATA SLEEP isn't supported
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10:14:47calebccffspeachy: does rockbox support sending printf over serial? I thought it did, played about with some config settings but didn't get anything until I added this:
10:15:24speachycalebccff: it does in theory, though it's obviously bitrotten.
10:16:30calebccffhaha, right, my hacky patch will conflict with iAP I'd assume? Although I never saw messages when booted into rockbox, other than the string of bytes from iAP
10:16:49speachyIIRC it's reliant upon target-specific hooks being present/enabled.
10:16:56calebccffAh right
10:17:24fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 687 seconds.
10:17:26fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 2743bde09b result: All green
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19:51:41braewoodsspeachy: should we implement the responder data phase optimization? the spec says the responder can either choose to always include the data packet header for each payload unit or only on the first
19:51:55braewoodsso it will be a continuous stream after the first header
19:52:09braewoodsit's ultimately more efficient
19:52:26speachyIMO whatever is simpler to implement
19:52:28braewoodsless processing overhead for large transfers and the data can just be written to disk
19:52:30speachy(and thus, get working)
19:52:42speachycan always optimize it later.
19:52:49braewoodsthis is what uMTP does
19:53:00braewoodsspec even says it's up to the initiator to figure out what mode the responder is using
19:53:16braewoodsthe responder's only obligation is to do it consistently
19:53:34braewoodsit would probably be easier to go this route
19:53:50braewoodsspeachy: i'm also going to ignore the considerations for files > 4GB or so
19:54:02braewoodssince RB can't use files that large anyway thanks to fat32 limits
19:55:04braewoodsso can't see any value in supporting operations that large
19:55:29braewoodseven if i wanted to and had enough storage space, the per file limit doesn't support it afaik
19:56:27braewoodscan't see anyone needing to transfer data that large anyway
19:56:52braewoodsmost individual audio files will be less than 1GB
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