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#rockbox log for 2021-03-13

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02:38:07nia_this is the rockbox irc right
02:38:42nia_i think ive got myself an ipod mini second gen (4gb)
02:38:54nia_can i run rockbox on it?
02:41:00nia_oh cool, "ipod mini 2nd gen" is stable
02:54:29braewoodsdon't expect 4GB to go far today though
02:55:55RafiXmini just got cf card interface inside right?
02:56:20nia_i mean i know that 4gb wont hold much but it still should be able to yknow play music right?
02:56:37RafiXyeah it will
02:56:40RafiXunless battery is dead
02:57:02nia_i have this boombox (i found it in a trash can) that has ipod support with the like, bottom part of the ipod
02:57:10nia_so im hoping to use that to play
02:57:21nia_if its working atm
02:57:56braewoodsif your ipod has never had the battery replaced then you may want to do so and also upgrade that storage to CF
02:58:10braewoodsimproved runtime and more capacity
02:58:38RafiXI had plans for the 5.5th gen iPod I got
02:58:42nia_ooohhh can i get a guide for that?
02:58:49RafiXbut since I have Clip+ I barely use it
02:59:00nia_id love to add a new battery and upgrade the storage (what do you mean by CF?)
02:59:18braewoodsnia_: compact flash, it's a common mod for rockbox HD based unit
02:59:29nia_oooohhh makes sense
02:59:40nia_yeah that sounds like a great mod
02:59:43braewoodsjust don't go for iflash as RB still has compatibility issues
03:00:08braewoodslooks like your doesn't need an adapter
03:00:25nia_hell yeah thank you
03:00:52braewoodshow much capacity?
03:01:09braewoodsCF can get a bit pricey to buy the regular kind
03:01:29nia_you mean how much capacity do i have now? 4 gigs
03:01:35braewoodsi mean
03:01:39braewoodshow much do you want to expand to
03:02:16braewoodsyou can find ipod batteries in a lot of places
03:02:20braewoodsjust make sure it's for your model
03:02:33nia_well my music folder on my pc is 3.6 gigs
03:02:41nia_so i might even be fine with 4
03:02:47nia_but if id want to upgrade id go to 16
03:02:57braewoodsyea, but the HDD is so old it might be a liability
03:02:58nia_unless thats stupidly high for compact flash
03:03:07braewoodsi routinely use 64G
03:03:21nia_oh cool
03:03:22braewoodsit goes as high as 128G before you need to use something else to go higher
03:03:23RafiX >music folder is 3.6GB
03:03:34RafiXreminds me of old times when I had such little stuff
03:03:45nia_i dont know why its so small to be honest
03:03:52nia_i have a lot of lossless in here
03:04:00RafiXI guess not enough
03:04:18RafiXmine is 152GB, but I know it's still small for some
03:04:40nia_i have a decently sized physical collection so that lightens it up a bit
03:05:37braewoodsnia_: just find a CF card on amazon or ebay, preferably a known vendor like sandisk or lexar
03:05:49braewoodsthe size doesn't matter much unless you have a lot
03:06:07nia_cool thanks
03:06:09braewoodsthe main thing to note is anything greater than 128G isn't guaranteed to work on all ports
03:06:17nia_also how are you responding to me directly
03:06:32braewoodsthat's the threshold where ATA28 cuts off
03:06:46braewoodsyou need LBA48 to address larger disks
03:06:54braewoodsnot all targets support it
03:07:05braewoodsnia_: this?
03:07:10nia_yeah that
03:07:13nia_new to irc
03:07:29braewoodserm... it's just your nick prefixed with a colon
03:07:50braewoodsnot really part of IRC standard, just a common client thing
03:07:58nia_braewoods: like this
03:08:08braewoodsyea? my client has nick auto complete
03:08:24braewoodsdepends on your client
03:08:33braewoodsusually auto complete is triggered by tab
03:08:42nia_im using konversation so your messages with "nia_
03:08:49braewoodsare highlighted?
03:08:53nia_"nia_" are all red yes
03:09:05braewoodsthat's a common IRC client thing
03:09:12braewoodsanytime your nick appears in input
03:09:18braewoodsit gets highlighted
03:09:35braewoodsEh.. linux user then?
03:09:45nia_yeah im a linux user :P
03:10:04braewoodsyou'll need to use itunes to reinstall the OF iPod firmware for the upgrade to work
03:10:10braewoodsno idea how that all works
03:10:22nia_oh dang
03:10:38braewoodsyea, that's part of why i never cared for the ipod targets
03:10:44nia_ill see if i can get rockbox to run first then i think
03:10:52nia_i can probably live on 4 gigs
03:11:07braewoodsbut there's a few targets that also need Windows XP to do HDD replacements
03:11:13braewoodsat least a copy of the OF files
03:11:27nia_XP? wow
03:11:34braewoodsyea, the philips targets
03:11:52braewoodsiRiver H10 needs windows software to "repair" the OF
03:12:16braewoodsbut you can do the same from Linux if you have the files it wants to install
03:12:45braewoodsoh and for reference
03:12:57braewoodsi'm working on expanding the USB driver stack on rockbox
03:13:06nia_oh thats really cool
03:13:14braewoodsi added battery reporting to the existing HID driver
03:13:20braewoodsbut only Linux works with it afaik
03:13:31nia_ive never contributed to a project before but i have so much respect for people who do
03:13:40nia_i just dont know any programming lol
03:13:51braewoodsI actually did Linux userspace C before i ever wrote any RB code
03:14:06braewoodssome targets are far more amenable to development than others
03:14:16nia_huh thats interesting
03:14:23nia_btw do you know what this hold switch does
03:14:31nia_on the top of the ipod
03:14:38nia_it doesnt seem to do much of anything
03:14:45braewoodsmost RB targets have hold switches; they cause input to be ignored
03:14:50braewoodsit's to prevent changes
03:15:16nia_ooooohhh okay
03:15:24nia_so you can sit on it
03:15:31braewoodsi wouldn't advise it
03:15:38nia_fair enough :P
03:15:54nia_also whats the port at the bottom called
03:16:06nia_where you charge and mount it
03:16:17braewoodsdepends on the target
03:16:29braewoodsyour ipod falls into a category that uses proprietary breakout cables
03:16:38braewoodsto access things like USB or DC charging
03:16:59nia_im just talking about like
03:17:09nia_the hole in the bottom that the cord goes in
03:17:17nia_whats that specific hole called
03:17:27braewoodsno idea what its specific name is
03:17:37nia_makes sense
03:17:38braewoodsbut it's where you plug the cable or dock into
03:18:05braewoodsin this case it's both
03:18:05nia_i was wondering if rockbox has support for playing music over that
03:18:09braewoodsno diea
03:18:16braewoodsit may
03:18:26nia_since my speaker uses that feature which is what i think this ipod is going to be used primarily for
03:18:31nia_is there a way to check that?
03:18:48braewoodsyes... install RB and see the results
03:18:59nia_lol okay
03:19:11nia_does it write over the normal apple firmware or can you restore that
03:19:13braewoodsthere's a number of players with docking connectorsl ike that
03:19:36braewoodsmost targets get patched so RB can boot but the OF is usually still available if you know how to trigger it
03:19:56nia_ok cool
03:20:06nia_so if you uninstall rb the of takes over
03:20:21braewoodsyou'd have to reinstall the OF to completely remove RB
03:20:28nia_ah okay
03:20:42braewoodswhere RB installs itself is device specific
03:20:49nia_does that require setting up before you install RB? like making a backup
03:20:55braewoodsbut on many targets it just patches files on the internal disk
03:21:16braewoodsi cna't really answer specific questions about the iPod
03:21:21braewoodsi don't use those targets
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03:21:29nia_guess ill test it out lol
03:21:41braewoodsI own ports like the H100 series
03:22:10braewoodsif one were to buy used units today i would recommend ones that use fairly standard connectors
03:22:20braewoodslike barrel jack or micro usb
03:22:35braewoodsand aren't super rare
03:22:48nia_i mean
03:23:04nia_the boombox i found in the trash and the ipod i found in the closet happened to share a connector
03:23:10braewoodsthe H100 series is pretty good for a system with no software USB support
03:23:37braewoodsit just has a single hardware USB system for accessing the disk
03:24:32braewoodsit was my first project, i updated the bootloader for the H100 and H300 ports
03:24:42nia_thats awesome
03:24:44braewoodsso they could enjoy bug fixes that had been made available
03:24:52braewoodssince the original release like 12 years earlier
03:25:24braewoodsit mostly fixed CF card compatibility
03:30:39nia_rockbox installer says "could not open ipod: permission denied"
03:30:44nia_do i need to run it as root
03:33:02nia_oh yes, i do apparently
03:36:53nia_braewoods: IT WORKS YESSS
03:36:58nia_over the dock
03:37:01nia_this is so cool
03:37:07nia_ty for your help im very happy
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07:50:16braewoodsspeachy: after reviewing PTP i'm left wondering what the responder should do if it receives more command packets during a transaction.
07:50:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 3d2783f367, 293 builds, 9 clients.
07:50:33braewoodsspeachy: the language just says there's a single command buffer
07:51:01braewoodssuggesting you might want to queue the commands for later processing
07:51:07braewoodssince you can't respond to them immediately
07:51:47braewoodsthough i can't see why the initiator would want to pipeline commands all that much
07:52:06braewoodsif a transaction fails or is canceled, then the responder has to clear any backlogged commands
07:56:12braewoodsthough given usb 2.0's half-duplex design
07:56:36braewoodsi can't necessarily see them doing that much
07:56:38braewoodsbut hm
07:58:41braewoodsOh. That solves that mystery.
07:58:57braewoods"The Still Image Bulk-only Protocol, which is based on the PIMA15740 protocol, does not
07:58:59braewoodsallow queuing of operations
07:59:07braewoodsso it has to wait for a response
08:01:21fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 664 seconds.
08:01:24fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 3d2783f367 result: All green
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08:57:43speachyanyone care to comment on g#3220 ?
08:57:45fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #3220 at : Customizable Current Playlist Submenu by Christian Soffke
09:00:44speachyThis isn't functionality I personally use, and it seems like a good idea.
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09:45:58chris_sI'm obviously all for it. ;) Sorry for all of the updates to that patch. Mostly that was documentation I had forgotten. I'd actually like to update it once more though in order to change "Queue Options"(Show/Hide/Relocate to Submenu) to "Show Queue Options" (Yes/No/In Submenu) and "Shuffled Adding" to "Show Shuffled Adding Options" so that it makes
09:45:59chris_smore sense in the Settings menu (and file). Which also means that LANG_SHOW and LANG_HIDE don't need to be added to the language file and the setting whether to show Shuffled Adding options can be turned into a boolean. I'll set it to WIP and then back to ready for review when I'm done.
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10:58:43chris_sok, done
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11:39:11chris_sOr would it be better to call them commands instead of options? Ugh...
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11:51:54chris_sI think I'll leave it as it is. Feel free to suggest any changes though
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15:03:25PimpiN8hi guys
15:03:29fmlatghorwhat's up
15:03:45PimpiN8is there an app to run a scan on the ipod drive
15:03:56fmlatghora scan?
15:03:58PimpiN8i use DriveDx but it doesn't see the ipod
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16:41:21Guest80072I came here to say Rockbox is shit with fucking stupid developers. Go fuck yourselves!
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16:57:15_bilgus_poor stan
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17:07:46fmlatghorWho hurt him?
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17:23:06chris_sWhat is the reason for the database using a track's title for its grouping if the latter is missing?
17:23:07chris_sJust wondering if I'm missing something. When you save the work (of a composer) in that tag, browsing by composer -> grouping becomes fairly useless if it's also littered with track titles (where tracks don't have a grouping tag).
17:23:08DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
17:23:08chris_sIt's easy enough to change that in your own build but I'm wondering for what use cases Rockbox's behavior makes sense?
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17:47:24chris_sI just found the original author's explanation (from FS #7362). I don't really understand the reasoning though:
17:47:25chris_s"when building the database and a track doesn’t have a grouping tag, it copies the value from the title tag. This should make browsing through classcical works in the database a bit nicer since you will find all your music, not only titles having the grouping tag explicitely set"
17:47:26fs-bluebot_ Support for GROUPING tag (patches, closed)
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18:45:34speachychris_s: I'm only back at my keyboard briefly but if you didn't already, please convert fs#9613 into a gerrit patch
18:45:36fs-bluebot_ Allow formatting of track names for the default <All Tracks> database menus (patches, new)
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18:57:57chris_swill do
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22:18:56fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 714f7a21da, 293 builds, 9 clients.
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22:30:13fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 677 seconds.
22:30:16fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 714f7a21da result: All green
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23:31:31braewoodsspeachy: i was thinking about how to implement a split mode MTP implementation.
23:31:43braewoodsone option is multiple drivers but i was also thinking
23:32:22braewoodsi could have a single driver that refuses file changes with the access denied error code when not in exclusive mode
23:32:33braewoodsor something like that
23:32:59braewoodsit seems the protocol allows this
23:33:35braewoods"This response shall be sent when access to data required by the operation is denied. This
23:33:37braewoodsshall not be used when the device is busy, but to indicate that if the current state of the
23:33:39braewoodsdevice does not change access will continue to be denied.
23:33:58braewoodswhich seems to be true.
23:34:06braewoodsif we're not in exclusive file access mode
23:34:17braewoodswhich won't change until the user does so
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