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#rockbox log for 2021-03-15

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08:17:39fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision efe493de3d, 293 builds, 9 clients.
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08:23:09edhelasbraewoods USB Audio would be awesome indeed :)
08:32:43fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 904 seconds.
08:32:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision efe493de3d result: All green
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09:48:33chris_sAnybody have an opinion on whether EQ settings should be included when sound settings are saved using Manage Settings -> Save Sound Settings ? They currently aren't, but since the Equalizer is a submenu of the Sound Settings menu, I feel like they probably should be?
09:48:34chris_sE.g. you may have increased the bass or treble in Sound Settings and also enabled the EQ with a corresponding precut (to prevent distortion). Currently you'd have to save and later load both the sound settings and an EQ preset separately, since the precut setting and whether the EQ is enabled isn't included in the sound settings .cfg.
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09:52:22speachyI think the should
09:54:43speachyEQ wasn't a feature that was universally available, that's probably the reason for that being separate
09:55:36braewoodsi'm now going to try to get to the bottom of the iriver h10 issues speachy
09:55:51speachyone can argue that you'd want to apply eq presets independently of the entire sound structure
09:56:16braewoodsdid a fresh install of 3.15
09:57:35braewoodspeople seem to like the new battery monitor where it works
09:57:53braewoodsyea i think innovation on our USB stack is what i'm going to focus on
09:58:00braewoodsi just wish we had reference code we could use for usb audio
09:58:24braewoodsi haven't seen anything out there
09:58:31braewoodsat best we have host side reference code
09:58:34braewoodsbut not device side
09:58:43braewoodsmaybe that's enough
09:59:01braewoodsi'll try digging through OSSv4 and see how they handle usb audio
09:59:21braewoodsfor a time i was using OSSv4
10:02:05braewoodsi'll look into usb audio at a later time
10:02:22braewoodsbut yea i know where i can find host side driver code to examine
10:02:29braewoodslinux kernel and ossv4 are good places to look
10:02:50braewoodsperhaps also bsd kernels
10:03:28braewoodsbut first MTP takes priority
10:03:39braewoodsusb audio has even less ports :D
10:03:58braewoodssince it needs the rare isochronous endpoint support
10:07:24braewoodsspeachy: i have to say though, rockbox's config system is a lot easier to use the kernel's
10:07:25edhelasbraewoods one step at a time :p
10:07:27braewoodsless crap
10:07:31braewoodsto wade through
10:07:54braewoodswhich reminds me
10:08:18braewoodsi have a rock pi x that might be interesting to develop from. it has OTG in a cherry pi x86 chipset.
10:09:19braewoodscherry trail
10:12:26braewoodsusb 3.0 OTG
10:12:51braewoodsrock pi x is my new favorite SBC
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10:17:11chrisbbraewoods: why?
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10:17:40braewoodschrisb: it's x86 mainly
10:17:46braewoodsit means i can use regular PC linux on it
10:18:10braewoodscompatibilit with my existing x86 software is what i like mainly
10:22:22chrisbok, but then what makes it a SBC? you can do everything but compile, I guess
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10:26:48braewoodschrisb: single board computer?
10:26:57braewoodsthey're not necessarily known for being fast
10:27:39braewoodsit fits the definition of SBC
10:27:45braewoodseven if it's not super fast
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10:28:27braewoodsbut yea
10:40:26braewoods0cde20fadb9aeeb8e724d76e51bce7580296621b works
10:40:33braewoodsright after the toolchain
10:43:47speachybraewoods: intending to do git-bisect after that point?
10:44:09braewoodsjust tedious
10:44:19braewoodsat least it's easier than the bootloadero ne
10:44:22braewoodsthe period is much shorter
10:44:55braewoodsspeachy: i also found something leftover in our configure script that might need to go
10:45:29braewoodsis not referenced by anything
10:45:42speachyhuh, must have missed that one. by all means, nuke away
10:45:54braewoodswas it used by archos?
10:46:23braewoodswhat is this target anyway
11:03:40_bilgus_ Archos Gmini 120
11:03:40speachyprobably some WIP target that never made it into the tree. git blame might be more illuminative
11:06:46braewoodsi see
11:26:07braewoodsslowly getting closer
11:37:47braewoods_bilgus_: git bisect's report:
11:38:18braewoodsiriver h10 20GB impacted
11:38:40braewoodsit locks up during boot
11:38:46braewoodsthe logo will appear but not much else
11:39:01braewoodsplus the version at the bottom
11:41:08braewoodsspeachy: also found another issue we might have with the H10
11:41:18braewoodsROLO doesn't seem to work though 3.15 can do it on itself
11:41:23braewoodsi'll look into it a bit more
12:03:47speachydid it work post-toolchain bump?
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12:58:22braewoodsspeachy: no, which is weird, but one issue at a time.
12:58:33braewoodsi'll try it from before
12:58:35braewoodsand see if it does
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13:48:55chrisbrockbox was the only source of electronic games my kids had
13:49:13chrisbthey thank you
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14:09:16_bilgus_strangely the h10 really had no changes directly
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14:10:05braewoodsi'll try to narrow it down some more
14:10:06_bilgus_and other stuff using the same code works
14:11:33_bilgus_I wonder if it needs the ram to be in a particular location in ram or if its an alignment issue
14:12:08braewoodsno idea
14:12:12braewoodsi'll try something out
14:12:45braewoodsonce i've narrowed it down enough
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14:17:24_bilgus_I think I might need to lock out the backlight till after an explicit lcd init −− seem to have been the source of issues thus far
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16:31:24_bilgus_braewoods I think I see a potential issue we should explicitly set lcd_current_viewport + NULL
16:31:45_bilgus_and finally check in viewport_init that it is still null
16:32:30braewoods_bilgus_: ok, if you get a patch i can test it later
16:32:36braewoodsright now doing some research
16:32:47_bilgus_I'm not sure hwta we can do if the display fails to init but I assume we could atleast leave it in usb mode rather than crashing
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16:33:23_bilgus_I will throw something together later and hopefully we can trap it
16:33:57braewoods_bilgus_: actually for the H10, the OF provides usb mode for early boot
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17:55:45braewoodsspeachy: this is the weirdest...
17:55:54braewoodsthe yh-925 i modded with a CF card...
17:56:01braewoodsthe writes to it don't go through
17:56:08braewoodswhen i read back, it's as if nothing was written
17:56:19braewoodsno USB errors
17:56:25braewoodsit's just werid
17:56:39braewoodsi'll do more investigating
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18:29:51_bilgus_literally just sets the viewport to NULL to ensure proper init
18:30:40_bilgus_its all I can think of looking over the code being that others share the same code too so hopefully its just a failure to init to 0
18:31:11_bilgus_and not some weird stack overflow or alignment
18:34:53_bilgus_hmm so its in icode and I don't see anything for code zero like bss
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