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#rockbox log for 2021-03-16

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05:57:54kannaloHi wanted to report an issue with the Ipod video,  I got an ssd from china recently and it keeps going to the panic screen, this mostly happens when plugging in a usb lead or unplugging but also happens when it just been sitting for a while too. Here is an image of the panic screen The panic
05:57:54kannalois the same every time but sometimes the sector number is different. It's just happened again while i was copying music and Its made the storage go corrupt and I can no longer write to it, if this issue is known is the 6th gen any better with the ssd? as I could swap my iflash from there into the video and put the ssd in my 6th gen. I've been using
05:57:55kannalothe daily builds i think the last time I updated was like 5 days ago. Thankyou
06:05:22braewoods1_bilgus_: still locks up
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06:17:27speachykannalo: please use a daily build rather than the 3.15 release
06:17:55speachybut just a few days ago another user reported similar issues, although even with the original apple firmware
06:18:22kannaloI am using the daily builds already
06:18:34chris_sHave you tried one after 2743bde (on Mar 12) when the delay to power off iFlash-adapters was increased?
06:18:55speachyor the March 11th one.
06:19:09speachywhich still prevents any power-off of the iFlash adapter.
06:19:55speachyI sent a one-off build to the other user, backing off to UDMA1, but that still supposedly craps out too, just not as quickly.
06:19:55kannalomaybe not i'll switch to it, this isn't an iflash adapter tho its some  random chinese ssd kit
06:20:21speachykannalo: please try the build from the 11th, and let us know how that works.
06:20:27kannalookay will do thankyou
06:20:45kannalois there a way to restore the ipod firmware via linux or can it only be done via itunes?
06:22:12speachyI think rbutil can uninstall rockbox from the bootloader but itunes is the failsfe way to do it
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06:23:41speachykannalo: I don't suppose you can tell us if ther are any markings on the main ASIC on that adapter?
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06:25:06kannaloi'll open it and take a look
06:26:35speachyalso, from within rockbox, please go into the debug menu and dump the identify info
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06:27:00speachythe other one I was sent claims to be "Rev 3.27SD to CF Adapter 3rd Gen"
06:29:16kannalothe marking look like its been lasered off, there is a big u4 on it but nothing else
06:29:33speachythat's always a good sign.
06:30:08kannaloguess ill message the seller and although i doubt theyll say lol
06:30:18speachythere's no point in asking them
06:30:36kannalodump ata identity info?
06:30:39kannaloyeah lel
06:31:01speachyyes please −− about rockbox / debug / dump identify info
06:32:33speachyit drops a file called indentify_info.bin onto the hard disk.
06:33:44kannalothink im gonna have to wipe first i think nothing can bwe written to the ssd atm
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06:55:17kannaloheres the identity info
07:05:41speachyoh, lovely.. "the values in these words should not be depended upon by host implementers."
07:06:57kannaloguess theyre paranoid about clones, also on the 11th build i am unable to copy files via rockbox it hangs for a while then i get a popup on my pc saying i/o error when copying file
07:07:12speachyok, so it's definitely not due to power saving shenanigans.
07:09:34speachyclaims to be using UDMA2..
07:12:28kannalothis is the build from the 12th lel
07:18:10speachythat other user reported stability problems with the orifinal firmware too fwiw.
07:18:49kannaloi haven't actually tried it out aside from copying files
07:18:58kannalomaybe ill use it on stock for a few days and see how it is
07:19:37speachywhen doing a continual copy to the disk, there's no chance for powersaving stuff to kick in.
07:20:33kannaloshould i try copying a single file and then copying the rest?
07:21:43speachyit just means the problem is independent
07:23:26speachyprobably due to ata transfer timings
07:23:46speachyand some subtle difference between how rockbox and apple firmware program the ata controller
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08:05:07_bilgus_braewoods1, h10_lcd_02_rockbox is up it should turn on the screen and kinda work
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08:37:42braewoods1_bilgus_: ok.. you do realize the screen has been on this whole time? it just locked up during boot
08:39:00braewoods1_bilgus_: anyway i'm about to install it
08:40:13braewoods1still locking up
08:44:43speachy_bilgus_: any thoughts on g#3221 ?
08:44:45fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #3221 at : FS #9613 - Custom formatting for <All Tracks> DB menus (Justin Gan) by Christian Soffke
08:44:52speachyyou know, in your copious free time
08:45:59braewoods1speachy: have you ever used USPS click n ship? it seems to be a dumpster fire
08:46:28braewoods1i can't get it to let me buy any postage like wth
08:46:28speachyI live in a small town and know my mail carrier's name. :D
08:49:05_bilgus_braewoods that build bypasses the framebuffer address lookup so hmm not really sure where to look next
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08:49:54_bilgus_braewoods1, I suspect the scrren on and logo is just the bootloader before it hands off to the FW
08:50:53braewoods1_bilgus_: maybe so, i just know the rockbox logo shows up prior to it locking up
08:51:34_bilgus_I guess I'll try hardcoding everything till we can get a screen up
08:52:26_bilgus_unfortunately that'll have to be tomorrow
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08:56:27fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 46085c8978, 293 builds, 9 clients.
08:57:59_bilgus_speachy it breaks my tagnav script judging by the header
09:00:27speachyI tnink g#3232 is good too
09:00:29fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #3232 at : Offer function to Clear List & Play Shuffled when playback is stopped by Christian Soffke
09:01:36speachy3127 too, though there was one objection due to it being a behavioral change.
09:03:36_bilgus_so you have to define the custom format in the tag nav config file? not like its going to bother anyone + that can go into that tagnav customizer script too
09:03:54_bilgus_I like 3232 already
09:04:49_bilgus_Its more intuitive IMO
09:04:58speachythat was my thinking too
09:05:54_bilgus_though I guess I get being upset when things you like change
09:06:36chris_s_bilgus: (Re Justin Gan's patch): yes, you can *optionally * define a format for  certain levels. What I like about it is that this also applies when you're inserting tracks. Currently, when you're inserting an artist from the database, for example, tracks are sorted alphabetically and not by album for example as they would be in the file browser
09:06:37chris_sif you had an artist folder that contained album folder
09:06:48speachy(3127 fixes one of those things that always annoyed me about rockbox)
09:09:10_bilgus_ g#3127
09:09:12fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #3127 at : Resume audio after user selects a new song by Christian Soffke
09:15:44fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1156 seconds.
09:16:41fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 46085c8978 result: All green
09:16:42fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 576b56b35a, 293 builds, 8 clients.
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09:36:59fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 576b56b35a result: All green
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10:15:21_bilgus_sorry had to step out to the eye doc and now I can't see well
10:16:13_bilgus_chris_s I assume the default will be the current behavior if you don't define a new format in te tagnav file?
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10:19:27chris_sthat's right
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10:26:56chris_sto be honest, I can't vouch for the code as I've just copied it from Justin Gan's patch and don't think I know enough about that part of Rockbox at this point, so ideally you or someone else would take a closer look at it. I did test it a bit, though and don't think it's doing anything terribly stupid. Not sure about the removed part starting with
10:26:56chris_sline 1454 in tagcache.c
10:26:58_bilgus_ok can you note the proper format string somewhere for the nav file, source, manual, wiki, or forum
10:27:14chris_sI could, yes
10:28:07_bilgus_after that i'll run it through its paces as I update the tagnav customizer
10:28:16speachyyeah, L1454 raised one of my eyebrows. I don't understand this code well enough to know if it's truly superflous.
10:30:04_bilgus_pretty sure it gets pushed out in favor of is full_clause
10:33:02_bilgus_the thing that really concerns me though is that tag_string struct @112:tagtree.c
10:33:15_bilgus_I'm trying to think how that was defined before
10:33:22chris_sOne thing to note is that to display the "All tracks" entries with a custom format can get pretty slow once it contains thousands of tracks and will only be properly sorted if "Max Entries in File Browser" is set high enough – as Justin noted in his patch. So you'll only want to enable it for cases when you expect the resulting tracks to be fewer
10:33:23chris_sthan that (e.g. albums of a single artist)
10:35:02_bilgus_hmm then that is a pretty big caveat
10:36:07_bilgus_before we do this I think it may be possible to do a sub menu that behaves in a similar manner
10:36:37_bilgus_I'll play around with it as I get a chance
10:38:30chris_sok cool
10:39:28_bilgus_give me an excuse to update the tagnav script anyways its pretty clunky ATM and no one else has taken an interest unfortunately
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11:08:32M-iam-some0nee[m<_bilgus_ "give me an excuse to update the "> You just did. XD
11:09:32braewoodslet's see if this goes anywhere
11:09:44braewoodsposted a new idea i had in the forums
11:11:40fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 3bb78b468d, 293 builds, 8 clients.
11:11:55_bilgus_just make sure you give them a contract of somesort to CYA and make sure they insure it for replacement value
11:12:24braewoods_bilgus_: true, i'll just see if it goes anywhere
11:12:32braewoodsfirst of all
11:13:21braewoodsi've been doing rebuilds for myself for awhile now
11:13:33braewoodsnot sure if the YH-925 is all that great now
11:13:40braewoodsi thought i'd give it a spin
11:13:46braewoodsbut i can't get it to read CF cards so far
11:13:51braewoodsi'll give it another go later
11:13:58braewoodswhat's weird is... it shows up in UMS
11:14:08braewoodsany writes don't go through
11:14:13braewoodsreads don't either
11:14:27braewoodsi check the CF card externally and it's as if the card was never even accessed
11:15:06braewoodsmayb the YH-925 has a similar hatred of flash cards like the OF of H100 and H300 does
11:15:34braewoodsif it does then i can't really recommend this for people today
11:16:18braewoodsjust weird how most targets don't care if it's a conventional HDD or not but some do
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11:19:19_bilgus_well notthat the h10 is going any better atm lcd_03 checks te viewport pointer for validity before deref lcd_04 makes the lcd buffer 2x
11:19:47_bilgus_in addition to checking for deref
11:20:26_bilgus_if the cf isn't responding to writes I assume you tested i elsewhere?
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11:28:12braewoods_bilgus_: yea, i tested it in a USB adapter
11:28:18braewoodswrites hold
11:28:20braewoodsfrom that
11:28:39fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1018 seconds.
11:28:43fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 3bb78b468d result: All green
11:28:49braewoodsit refused other CF cards i know for a fact worked in other units using the same adapter
11:28:58braewoodssame behavior
11:29:04braewoodsanyway i'll test that new build
11:29:20_bilgus_didn't they have a physical WP pin in CF?
11:29:33braewoods_bilgus_: possible but why would that trigger now of all times?
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11:29:52_bilgus_that device holding the pin?
11:30:11braewoodsthe writes i did in the external reader
11:30:16braewoodsdon't show up the unit
11:30:17braewoodsat all
11:30:20braewoodsin UMS mode
11:30:30braewoodsit's like everything gets blackhole
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11:30:50_bilgus_then its gotta be the wrong device select
11:30:50braewoodsi wrote a partition table and it looks blank when in the YH925
11:31:10braewoods_bilgus_: all that is right is the CF card storage is reported right
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11:31:57braewoodsok installing to the H10
11:31:59braewoodsgimme a moment
11:32:24braewoodsi'm installing the 04 version
11:32:27 Join Stanley00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
11:32:31braewoodswant me to test 03?
11:32:33braewoodsas well?
11:33:08braewoods_bilgus_: still hangs on 04
11:33:22_bilgus_yeah no point in 03 then
11:34:03_bilgus_so when the device hangs do you have to hard reset or will it shut down normally?
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11:34:18braewoods_bilgus_: i'll try that now
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11:34:53braewoods_bilgus_: hard reset
11:34:58 Join Stanley|00 [0] (~stanley00@unaffiliated/stanley00)
11:34:59braewoods_bilgus_: the normal shutdown method does not work
11:35:18braewoods_bilgus_: it's weird. sometimes it does get further along
11:35:28braewoodsother times it just hangs with the bootloader version displayed
11:35:32_bilgus_I was hoping maybe it had just returned but it is a panic that can't be displayed
11:35:49_bilgus_now that is odd
11:36:04braewoodsit never makes it to the menu
11:36:11_bilgus_now only this build does this or the older ones too?
11:36:20braewoodsolder builds behaved similarly
11:36:26braewoodsit's random how far it gets
11:36:32braewoodsi can't say what is contributing
11:36:42braewoodsthe device is CF modded but i don't know if that would be relevant
11:37:07braewoodsit worked fine with that under normal use
11:37:24_bilgus_I can't imagine it would be but random makes me think something uninitialized
11:37:49_bilgus_and your older version before the lcd patch works
11:37:59_bilgus_so IT HAS TO BE HERE
11:38:04braewoodsor perhaps a few commits before
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11:38:27braewoodsi'd pay to ship it to you if it would help matters
11:38:33braewoodsmore to fix it for people with this port than me
11:39:07braewoodsit doesn't help that i didn't notice this issue until months after the
11:39:11braewoodsactual code landed
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12:01:17speachy_bilgus_: pin 24.
12:01:31speachyphysical WP.
12:02:44speachymaybe the PCB has that pin strapped or it floats to high, but those 1.8" drives ignored the pin entirely..?
12:05:27speachytreated as a ground on the hard drives.
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17:26:10braewoodsi wonder where fmalgator went
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