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#rockbox log for 2021-03-20

00:04:13_bilgus_dconrad interested in lua?? :)
00:06:02dconradhah, I only know I've seen the word lua before, that's the extent of my knowledge
00:06:13dconradsome kind of webdev thing
00:07:40_bilgus_nah its a scripting language
00:08:19dconradwell shows how much I know XD
00:08:25_bilgus_they use it a lot for allowing users to change configurations in games
00:08:44_bilgus_but here its kinda been twisted to our will with our own extensions
00:10:09_bilgus_its not particularly a favorite of mine I just picked up the port because I see it as a way to let the users make their own stuff anyways looking for example scripts or even fully fledged
00:10:25_bilgus_I have a few in demos/lua_scripts
00:10:36_bilgus_the menu is created in lua aswell
00:10:59_bilgus_anyways its kinda fun and always looking to rope in help :P
00:11:29dconradhaha I see, well I'll take a peek and see if I can get the gist
00:12:27_bilgus_theres also some black voodoo stuff that allows it to scan the source files and create memory maps of rockbox internals
00:12:37_bilgus_but I wouldn't start with that
00:13:25_bilgus_the metadata dumper and the settings dumper uses that
00:13:44_bilgus_oh also Boomshine in games its lua
00:14:26_bilgus_and even a hex viewer
00:16:29_bilgus_print_lua_func will spit out a file that shows all the commands available
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11:13:06calebccffOh damn I didn't realise how much rockbox uses lua
11:13:51braewoodsit generally doesn't
11:14:05braewoodsaside from some scripting examples i've not seen it used
11:14:15calebccffoh aha, nonethless it's cool that it's there as an option
11:14:23calebccffRather than having to write bare metal C
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11:26:25_bilgus_lua hasn't fully been integrated into the core but its come a long way
11:28:36_bilgus_I really need a way to load pre-compiled modules which I saw a ram overlay method in the imageviewer plugin that might be a way forward
11:35:34braewoods_bilgus_: dlopen for rockbox?
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12:10:29_bilgus_another way is to put the bytecode compiler in a separate plugin and turn it into a loader I can run stuff compiled locally there just isn't any reason to currently
12:12:43_bilgus_so I think the way I might do it is do the compile figure out which modules are needed and have several plugins chosen at runtime that fit the needs of the script
12:13:32_bilgus_overlay it in the ram and use the rest as ram for the script
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12:52:18braewoods_bilgus_: i've heard some people using duktape
12:52:30braewoodsbut that's JS and no idea how good its memory footprint is
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12:56:52braewoodsbut in this day and age
12:57:00braewoodsJS might make more sense due to how common it is
12:57:13braewoodsbut i dunno, replace lua with a JS implementation?
12:57:16braewoodshow does it compare?
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13:04:05calebccffI think JS takes a LOT more overhead
13:11:50braewoodsmaybe so
13:11:58braewoodsi just know interpreted languages are always going to be slower
13:14:59calebccffyeah definitely
13:16:30_bilgus_work could be put into porting lua-jit JS is not a good idea on embedded me thinks
13:17:15braewoodsdespite its flaws lua is usually the most resource efficient
13:17:37_bilgus_especially once you gut the floats
13:18:26_bilgus_it could also use some asm for the OP code switch and eek out a bit more
13:19:49_bilgus_but there are lots of mods to the port now I had moved to 5.3 originally but it had way worse memory needs
13:20:10_bilgus_no sorry 5.2
13:20:19calebccffThere'd probably be a lot of benefit to getting newer GCC working to be fair, although that's a whole different kettle of fish :P
13:20:19braewoodsis 5.3 better?
13:21:26_bilgus_I cherry picked from 5.2 to do some of the things I wanted and added some ideas from elua
13:22:22_bilgus_I added all the graphics stuff and more and still ended up with more memory free than the initial 5.2 implementation I ported
13:24:14_bilgus_the jump between lua ad C and back that context switch is the big bottleneck in lua
13:25:27_bilgus_(at least in rockbox land)
13:31:01braewoodsmakes me wonder if TCL would use too much ram
13:31:48braewoodsbut in any case it's probably going to remain a novelty
13:32:08braewoodsit's not a good choice for serious code due to the limited resources of what we're writing code for
13:36:12_bilgus_380 kb free after loading a simple memory check script on the clip zip
13:36:32_bilgus_it starts at ~ 550 kb
13:37:50_bilgus_but it also has the option to tke over the playback buffer
13:38:03_bilgus_then its sitting at 1.5 meg or so
13:38:54_bilgus_I added some of the lua emergency garbage collector and it will only take over the playback buffer once the plugin buffer is so fragged or so full it can't alloc
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23:26:00orangejuice365I was wondering if someone can point me towards how to get graphics with transparency working? I notice 'Flipit' bitmaps use a pink background and I'm assuming that it shows transparent on grayscale screens?
23:26:00orangejuice365Also would SDL run on the iPod Mini?
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