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#rockbox log for 2021-03-23

00:23:18chris_sThank you, Aidan, for the detailed report.
00:23:19chris_sThere is still a slight inconsistency now which also existed before 46085c897854. That is, you'll still get a warning when replacing a modified finished playlist, but *only* if you haven't restarted the player afterwards. I haven't done so for now, but it may make sense to get rid of this warning for a finished playlist completely?
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00:47:48chris_sUnrelated to any of my changes:
00:47:48chris_sAnother inconsistency I'd kind of like to fix is with the different handling of files from the file browser and DB browser.
00:47:49chris_sA playlist will count as modified when selecting any item from the *DB* browser (because it automatically inserts each item), but only after you've resumed the playlist by stopping and restarting playback. The same is not true for a track selected in the file browser where it simply plays the folder but doesn't insert the individual tracks.
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00:47:49chris_sAs a consequence, getting a modified-playlist-warning is actually a bit unpredictable. Also, after selecting an item to play from the file browser, "Insert" will add the next item after the currently playing track, whereas after selecting an item from the DB browser, "Insert" will add the next item after the last track.
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08:17:01speachychis_s: personally I think the "reset index to 0" after the playlist ends would make more sense.
08:17:42speachyI do wonder if the warning actually serves any useful purpose.
08:19:12speachy(because the playlist can only be modified by rockbox itself, from explicit user action..)
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11:11:31amachronicchris_s: you're welcome. Over the past couple days I've had a couple problems and I think they may be related to the playlist changes you made recently.
11:12:05speachyamachronic: I committed his fix, if that's enough to consider the problem solved let's close out the bug
11:12:32amachronicspeachy: there's a few other issues I noticed
11:12:48amachronicI think commits 3b9a803a5b4f, 2d8e0f7c907e, and 576b56b35a2b might be the possible causes (for similar reasons)
11:13:08amachronicbut I can't be sure because it's maybe my own flaky M3K code.
11:14:10amachronicfor example I sometimes had an issue where the song would get loaded but not play, stuck at 0:00
11:14:43amachronicre-loading another album and then going back to the first album would fix that −− the original stuck song played fine.
11:15:21amachronicit's just intermittent though, I haven't yet tracked down a minimal test case.
11:22:05speachythat is most likely an audio issue
11:22:40speachyafter the initial audio buffers are filled the time counter doesn't move until the audio callbacks fire.
11:23:00speachywhich in turn is most likely an audio dma complete event getting lost (or never firing to begin with)
11:23:13amachronicsorry I meant the counter which shows the total time of the song.
11:23:27speachyah, nm then
11:23:32amachronicso instead of 3:23 or whatever it shows 0:00
11:24:06speachybtw I started on the review of the latest patch set. still have a lot of catgching up to after my ISP dropped for 4 days
11:25:09amachronicthanks, I'm looking forward to getting this merged
11:26:00speachythe I2C stuff should be sepearete IMO. and the fuelgauge stuff −− is that meant for the bootloader? (haven't got to that portion of the code yet)
11:26:07amachronicFYI, I am thinking the battery related stuff in fuelgauge.c etc. should probably be dropped for now and I'll just use the voltage ADC directly.
11:26:48speachyprobably for the best.
11:26:50amachronicI went into using the coulomb counters without understanding the problems with them, and after doing some research I think it will need more work.
11:28:55amachronicI'll definitely get the I2C factored out and push a separate change for it
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11:58:42chris_samachronic: It's possible that inserting into a stopped playlist would have
11:58:42chris_sproduced such an effect for some reason, since other parts of the code may not have
11:58:43chris_sexpected that to happen.
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11:58:43chris_sThat was basically the major functional change and is the only thing I could think
11:58:44chris_sof right now.
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11:58:44chris_sSince that user option has now been removed (on Mar 16), the issue may have
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11:58:44chris_sdisappeared as well (if it had anything to do with it).
11:58:45***Alert Mode level 3
11:58:45chris_sThe remaining changes seem unlikely to have such an effect.
11:58:45***Alert Mode level 4
11:58:45chris_sI haven't run into an issue personally, using Rockbox quite a bit recently.
11:58:46***Alert Mode level 5
11:58:46chris_sI'll be sure to take another look at my changes with your recent report in mind.
11:58:47***Alert Mode level 6
11:58:47chris_sPlease let me know if you continue to encounter the problem you described!
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12:38:03amachronicchris_s: if I manage to find the cause of this, I'll be sure to let you know. The reason I think those specific commits might be an issue is maybe minor changes around how/when playlist_resume() gets called. didn't check carefully though, so maybe it's something flaky I did.
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