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#rockbox log for 2021-03-27

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00:19:07DenimDevHey guys, just downloaded rockbox, and I can't seem to see album art [sansa e200, ART theme, FLAC on internal storage]
00:20:47DenimDevLike it flickered up for a second, but didn't stay
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05:05:42johnb7DenimDev how large is your album art?
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08:58:50_bilgus_update on the H10 so far it seems as long as you stop the cache it runs fine enabled though it randomly locks up on start
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10:08:33braewoods_bilgus_: i didn't expect the H10 would turn into such a giant mess
10:08:35braewoodslike seriusly
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10:08:43braewoodsi thought it would be something simple that was missed
10:09:11braewoodsmakes me think that particular PP is somehow more buggy than the rest
10:09:27braewoodsas if it was a big problem, wouldn't all our PP targets have similar random glitches?
10:10:10speachybraewoods: that's what I'd expect.
10:10:33braewoods5020 is that model
10:10:37braewoodsi wonder what the others use
10:10:57braewoodswe should add a footnote that the H10 ports are known to have weird issues that seem like hardware bugs
10:15:06braewoodsi have other PPs that don't have this issue
10:15:12braewoodsi suspect a quirk of the H10 PP
10:15:40braewoods_bilgus_: do what you can but i suspect this is a bug unique to the H10
10:15:51braewoods_bilgus_: i'd only enable a quirk for this until we know more
10:16:02braewoodsno point making all the ports suffer if they don't have a bug like this
10:17:05braewoodsi'll try to get some other PPs working just to see if they have random glitches on head
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10:32:32_bilgus_I'm going to try the test plugin in FS get it current and see if it shows errors
10:32:42_bilgus_no today though
10:40:07_bilgus_i'm hoping to find its jus a failure on init and not systemic errors
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12:47:30DenimDevjohnb7 320x320
12:49:05braewoods_bilgus_: indeed, well good luck. i'm hoping we can find a true resolution.
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13:48:19DenimDev(repost for visibility) Hey guys, just downloaded rockbox, and I can't seem to see album art [sansa e200, ART theme, FLAC on internal storage, 320x320 art]
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14:57:16__builtinDenimDev: what format is the art in?
14:57:41__builtinwe only do baseline JPEG and BMP
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15:18:16chris_sDenimDev: I would try a different theme or change the ART theme so that it doesn't draw another image on top of the cover art
15:27:53chris_se.g. the smart/smartie themes
15:31:31chris_sthey also seem to fix other things broken in the ART theme
15:37:50DenimDev__bultin jpeg
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15:54:51braewoodsspeachy, _bilgus_: any ideas? i came back to my sansa fuze+ after leaving it plugged in for 24-48 hours or so and after removing usb and trying to access the debug menu or so i got a stack overflow
15:55:11braewoodsmakes me think we got some kind of memory issue for long run sessions
15:57:18braewoodslike there unit runs out of memory over time perhaps
15:57:42braewoodsmakes me wonder if there's a leak or something
15:57:48braewoodseither fragmentation or memory not being free
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16:45:11__builtinyou can't "fragment" the stack
16:45:20braewoodsi meant the heap
16:45:32braewoodsstill no idea how i exhausted the stack
16:45:36__builtinyeah, but that usually shouldn't cause a stack overflow
16:45:44braewoodsi got an OOM earlier
16:45:47braewoodsbefore this one
16:46:01braewoodsi can't fathom how
16:46:09__builtinour default stack size is pretty small (4K IIRC), so it might be worth experimenting with increasing it
16:46:17braewoodswell that's the weird thing
16:46:27braewoodsit only seems to trigger after a LONG idle period
16:46:36braewoodsso something is consuming the stack
16:46:40braewoodsand not releasing it
16:46:42braewoodsbut what?
16:47:08__builtinthis is happening upon entering the debug menu?
16:47:14braewoodsthis one did yes
16:47:20braewoodsi was trying to check for leaks
16:47:35__builtinto get some more information I would try to find a reproducible crash and instrument that code path
16:47:49braewoodsyea but i only get issues after a long period of runtime
16:47:58braewoodsnot sure if being connected to USB is related
16:48:02braewoodsbut eh
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16:48:21braewoodsthe heap wasn't showing any signs of growing out of control
16:48:26braewoodswhen i checked it before
16:49:03braewoodsi did realize one thing though
16:49:17braewoodswell actually not
16:49:40braewoods__builtin: true, i'll see what i can do
16:49:53braewoodsusually stack overflow is caused by recursion
16:50:09braewoodsi can't think of anything else causing the stack to overflow
16:50:37__builtinif you can get a better idea of what section of code is causing the issue, I bet you'll have an easier time fixing it
16:51:01braewoodsthe first OOM happened during the usb_storage drivers
16:51:11braewoodsattempt to allocate its io buffer
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19:04:52amachronicspeachy: hi, sorry about the delay but I've got the M3K port rebased just now.
19:06:03amachronicI'm heading to the wiki to post TODO / known bugs / installation instructions.
19:06:31amachronicif you're happy with the current state of the port, let me know before you commit so we can get rid of the huge changelog.
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20:00:01speachyamachronic: I'm happy. collapse the changelog and I'll commit it.
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20:19:01speachyit's in.
20:21:31amachroniccool! now just to finish off the wiki
20:22:18speachyI'll add it to the autobuilder stuff at some point
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20:42:15amachronicspeachy, is it acceptable to post NAND flash dumps to the wiki, or is it a legal no-no? since technically some binary code in the dumps may be copyrighted
20:44:21speachyhmm. best not to post entire dumps.
20:45:07speachyespecially as fiio trys to be GPL compliant
20:46:23amachronicI really only care about the first 128kb containing the bootloader and some partition table. I think it's mostly ingenic's GPL code, but there's no way to be sure. would that be OK?
20:47:56amachronicit's easy to take dumps locally, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a reference available
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20:58:44speachysure, that's sane.
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21:27:23amachronicI've posted installation instructions to the wiki. I'm going to try adding support to the Rockbox utility so it's not such a hassle in the near future
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