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#rockbox log for 2021-03-28

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09:40:02speachyamachronic: I added the m3k main, bootloader, and spl builds to the farm.
09:40:15speachyupdated the front page with the good news too
09:47:32speachythemesite added...
09:48:55speachyUISim build doesn't work. mostly just a matter of getting a high-ish res image of the front and defining the display/button coordinates.
09:49:45braewoodsspeachy: if this works out, does it mean we're dropping the linux variant?
09:50:31braewoodsnative in theory means we can bypass OF bugs
09:50:35speachyI mean, it's there and "works" but I honestly don't see the point in bothering given the significant issues the underlying platform has.
09:50:47speachy(ie the base OS)
09:51:02braewoodswe should probably drop it once the native port is mature enough
09:51:08braewoodsto avoid confusing people
09:51:15speachythe native port is already more mature than the hosted port.
09:51:37speachy(IMO, etcetc)
09:51:52braewoodsi'll continue working on the usb stack
09:52:03speachyand it'll be a springboard for native ports of the hibyos-based players too.
09:52:13braewoodsMTP is going to be useful across a ton of other ports
09:52:50braewoodsbut i'm just going to drop my plans for remote playback control, too much work to make it work side by side with main feature set
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09:53:01braewoodsbut i'll probably add DateTime and BatteryLevel
09:53:09braewoodssmall extras
09:53:34braewoodsbut it would make a nice extra to add to rbutil
09:53:48braewoods"hey, i can sync your rockbox RTC with your PC RTC"
09:54:18braewoods"hey, this is your rockbox's batterylevel, neat huh?"
09:55:26braewoodsbluebrother^: how hard would it be to add rbutil support for a few minor MTP features?
09:56:01braewoodsbluebrother^: i'm planning to add battery reporting and RTC access via MTP features since they shouldn't pose any real difficulty to add.
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10:48:49fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision afd8361d08, 297 builds, 10 clients.
10:51:23speachyok, this should have the full set of native m3k stuff in it. and also kick off the themesite population of m3k themes.
11:02:37fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 828 seconds.
11:02:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision afd8361d08 result: All green
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11:59:06amachronicspeachy: just noticed you added the M3K to autobuilder. Have you tried the new port on your own M3K yet?
11:59:55speachynot yet. I'm fixing up the sim build at the moment
12:00:40amachronicthanks for that, I never bothered trying to build it myself
12:00:57speachysince you're here, left/right is the prev/next arrows on the keypad? and up/down/select are different parts of teh central scroll zone?
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12:01:23amachronicYeah that's correct.
12:01:38amachronicselect is the middle of the scrollbar
12:01:39speachycool, thanks.
12:02:01amachronicsorry about the button mappings, they're kind of crappy atm and need polishing.
12:02:13speachyeh, that's going to be a WIP for a while.
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12:09:43speachy g#3263
12:09:45fs-bluebotGerrit review #3263 at : Add M3K native to the simulator by Solomon Peachy
12:10:38speachytook a couple of tweaks to some of the m3k-specific code to disable it in a sim build but nothing any of the other ports didn't need too.
12:11:20amachronicLooks sane to me
12:12:35fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 058a9ec945, 298 builds, 10 clients.
12:12:50speachyok, here it goes. sim added to the builds too.
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12:13:36speachymy plan is to try the port on my m3k tonight (If I get sufficient time-to-tinker after my other responsibilites are done)
12:14:49amachronicgreat, lemme know if you have a problem or the wiki's unclear.
12:16:02speachyI think info about the difference between the native and linux-based port would be warranted, but the instructions seem clear
12:16:48speachyis it reasonable to assume that the nand dump is going to always be the same?
12:16:59amachronicYes, it should be.
12:17:29amachronicalthough the first 12 KiB may differ if the OF version you have installed has a different SPL than my dump.
12:18:14speachyare you thinking of integrating the entire usbboot functionality into rbutil?
12:18:43amachronicYes, but from what I noticed there's no raw USB support in rbutil right now.
12:18:59speachy(though IIUC it's not going to work on windows anyway...)
12:19:57amachronicIt should work fine on windows as long as we can access raw USB. Even on linux this needs root access, so idk if it's really appropriate to put this into rbutil proper, or better to use a helper process.
12:20:12speachywe should decide on the criteria for promoting this to "unstable" (so it shows up on the builds pages, gets voice builds, etc)
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12:21:35amachronicmy main concern is leaving people with a brick that's not easily recovered from.
12:22:04speachymore easily than the ingenic flash tool, that is..
12:22:26amachronicFrom my testing it seems that if the partition table in the early flash gets wiped, then the OF's recovery and SPL do not work.
12:22:43amachronicoh... and the firmware for the PDMA "MCU"
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12:23:06amachronicprovided those two bits are present, the OF SPL can be loaded over USB and it works fine to re-install the OF
12:24:43speachybrickability aside, I think working USB is the biggest remaining issue before releasing this to the masses
12:25:13amachronicunfortunately I don't have experience with USB myself
12:26:02speachyfortunately I do. Including some low-level debugging on the DWC2. :)
12:27:25amachronicif you want to start working on it, go ahead. I can help on the other hardware details while I get up to speed with USB myself.
12:27:49speachyrb's dwc2 code is pretty solid, so hopefully this should largely be a mechanical affair.
12:28:47amachronicso it should just be hoisting it out of the ARM code and making sure nothing breaks in the process?
12:29:25speachythat's my (semi-)naive expectation.
12:30:01fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 1048 seconds.
12:30:04fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 058a9ec945 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
12:30:37speachyum.. ItBuiltForMe(tm)
12:31:01speachyoooh I see now, I didn't update the dependencies after I made one of the config header changes.
12:31:50speachywait, it still BuildsForMe(tm)
12:31:59amachronicalways safest to nuke the build directory and try again.
12:33:27speachyyeah, I don't know wtf is going on with that builder. pristine git source, same configure cmdline as the builder, and it succeeded.
12:34:35speachyamachronic: on an unrelated note, which shanlnig player were you refererring to earlier?
12:34:52amachronicshanling q1
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12:55:27braewoodsspeachy: is mips big or little endian?
12:55:37speachyall of ours are LE
12:55:57braewoodsif we ever get a BE port we may need to go through and fix some endian issues
12:56:17braewoodsso far our BE targets lack a software USB stack so it's moot
12:56:32braewoodsi just noticed we don't really account for BE in our software USB stack
12:57:13braewoodsi'm not going to either as i have no way to verify my code would work correctly for what doesn't yet exist in our codebase
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12:57:57braewoodsprobably best we stick to LE for performance reasons
12:58:06braewoodsmakes it cheaper to emit USB packets
12:58:15braewoodsand parse them too
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14:17:26braewoodsspeachy: what does the timer system do?
14:17:31braewoodscall a function periodically?
14:18:06braewoodsi was thinking of using it in MTP to poll for state changes internally to be able to report changes in device properties mainly
14:19:47amachronicbraewoods: the timer gets added to a list and the kernel checks all the registered timers every tick.
14:20:15amachronicthe timer gets called in IRQ context as a tick task I believe, so you have to be careful about what you do there
14:20:36braewoodsamachronic: any way i can unregister when i'm done?
14:21:07amachronicyou can call timer_cancel() to abort the timer
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14:22:03amachronicI think returning 0 from the timer handler also cancels it.
14:22:20amachronicnonzero means to re-schedule the timer again for that number of ticks
14:22:56braewoodsbasically i plan to register one when i am connected to a USB host and unregister it once disconnected
14:23:13braewoodsbut mainly plan to use it for reporting events
14:23:29braewoodsso i don't need to entrench it in other parts of rockbox
14:23:40braewoodstrying to make MTP as self-contained as possible
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15:21:11bluebrother^braewoods: I'd expect MTP support to be complicated.
15:21:18braewoodsbluebrother^: ok
15:21:35bluebrother^On Linux we could use libmtp, that would be rather simple. But on Window / macOS I don't know.
15:22:09bluebrother^I remember the work on beastpatcher being rather convoluted due to all the dependencies. Back then the MTP dll could only be built using Visual Studio.
15:22:34bluebrother^that was back in the Win XP days, but I don't expect that to be too different these days.
15:22:52bluebrother^On macOS we also used libmtp, but we also used libusb back then, which has been removed since.
15:23:01bluebrother^(and we use native APIs instead)
15:23:22braewoodsi'll look at it later, one thing at a time
15:23:27bluebrother^no idea about MTP on macOS, but macOS is kinda tricky most of the time anyway.
15:23:31braewoodsgotta get the rockbox side working first
15:24:16braewoodsthough would be interesting to be able to install updates to rockbox over MTP
15:24:22bluebrother^so I don't think anything MTP in Rockbox Utility is worth the work. But if you want to figure all those details, go for it :)
15:25:55bluebrother^for Windows the mtp code is in utils/MTP
15:26:41braewoodsi'll look into it when i get rockbox done
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