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#rockbox log for 2021-03-29

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00:11:24_bilgus_braewoods, speachy h10 update −− after determining that disabling the cache seems to solve the issue I started looking through the FS I think boris had mentioned they tried pointing to a 2kb buffer first but pointing past the 'end' of ram seemed to work, well I went ahead and set up a 2kb trash buffer and it works unaligned addresses on the lcd cur vp and everything
00:12:14_bilgus_so I think it might just be corrupting where it is dumping those invalid entries
00:17:37_bilgus_looking throught the code and calculating the address it is 32 * 0x100000 >> 11 | 0x 800000 and I get 0x840000 whic is way below ram so I'm not sure how it relates yet
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00:18:53_bilgus_I wonder if GCC might decide to change that behind our backs? IDK don't understand it well enough I suppose
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06:23:21speachy_bilgus_: so some sort of linker wonkiness? when I did the toolchian bump I ran into something similar with the PP-based iPods.
06:24:55speachy_bilgus_: look at 5bd86eb4b4
06:25:18speachyspeaking of cache initialization
06:42:39speachyand cd990684
06:47:58speachyI _think_ the ncdata section is overlapping the start of the stack
06:50:00speachymore accurately it's in the middle of the stack space
06:52:05speachyno, too many digits. sigh. too early in the morning for this stuff.
06:59:53speachya lot of the _init() code overlaps with the codec buffer
07:01:40speachybut I'm pretty sure that's deliberate. but if those functions are called after audiobuf is set up/used/whatever...
07:02:19speachyI mean codecbuf
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08:21:50_bilgus_speachy 5bd86eb4b4 i don't see where the range is shifted back is everything up to 0x1000 mapped back to 0?
08:23:27speachythe point was to initialize the cache −− gcc helpfully optimized away the loop due to NULL
08:23:56_bilgus_ah ok got ya get valid data in it
08:24:27speachyor rather, just faulted for us. whoops, need to re-read my comments
08:28:42_bilgus_hmm yeah this (cd990684) sounds like an interesting issue maybe I should try going back to the old toolchain on my other system and get it to build \
08:32:58speachyit seems to be linking okay to my eyes, or at least close enough to the ipods as to not matter
08:33:29speachy(You could also try going from -Os to -O1 instead at the top level)
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08:41:36_bilgus_I'm still not fully sure what is going on here I mean ram end is realllllyyyy close to the LCD_CVP pointer like its literally the last thing but when I put a buffer there and check integrity it was intact
08:43:03_bilgus_so I started playing around with pushing the cache further past the 'end' of memory and at 32 bytes it booted mostly ok
08:43:13_bilgus_further up and it refused to boot
08:43:40speachy32B is the cacheline IIRC
08:43:43_bilgus_further back and still crashed ocassionall
08:43:50_bilgus_yeah thats why I picked it
08:44:09_bilgus_but it still crashed some boots with that
08:44:21_bilgus_just 1 in 20 instead of 1 in 2
08:44:50_bilgus_remapped cache to trash buffer and smooth as butter and no crash yet
08:45:09_bilgus_and it could still be an alignment thing happening to fix it
08:45:21speachyone thing that comes to mind −− we have native asm code for some lcd paths on the H10
08:45:27_bilgus_now I need to do some other stuff and see if it pops back up again
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08:45:53_bilgus_mm you think stack clobber
08:45:57speachywould be worth disabling them.
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08:47:18braewoodsand switching to pure C?
08:47:22speachythe native pp asm threading/locking asm was completely b0rked on the newer toolchain; to the point of "I don't see how this technically ever ran previously"
08:47:23_bilgus_yeah I'll keep playing around with it, Its in several iPods too I wonder if they have different revisions
08:47:41speachythe lcd code I have in mind is unique to the h10 series
08:47:53speachy(which would explain why the ipods apparently work ok)
08:48:22_bilgus_assuming they still do
08:48:22braewoodsit's too bad i only sent bilgus the 20GB unit
08:48:31braewoodsnot that the 5GB is very usable today
08:48:43braewoodsit's capped a 5/6 GB and hard to repair compared to the 20GB
08:49:00_bilgus_you can test a 5G unit too but originally they had issues with the 20
08:49:06speachywell, the mini2g was good as of about a week ago, and I know others using the 4g grey and 4g color models with current builds
08:49:16_bilgus_so that might be a valid difference between the targets
08:49:48_bilgus_the greys are the most likely to suffer if something is wrong with memory
08:49:52braewoodsit sounds like sendng it to you was the right choice ultimately
08:50:05braewoodsi don't know ARM ASM at all
08:50:30_bilgus_I'm ok at it just need a cheat sheet
08:50:42braewoodsi mostly write C and almost no ASM to date
08:50:47braewoodsmostly just some random x86
08:50:50braewoodsfor shits and grins
08:51:30braewoodsi did manage to do some minor patching of the coldfire ASM
08:51:39braewoodswhen i worked on the bootloader
08:52:01braewoodsbut ppc is a lot closer to x86 than early arm is
08:52:05braewoodsjust wow is arm
08:52:15braewoodsarm seems to take a lot more work to do anything
08:52:25braewoodsat least the version we use
08:53:05braewoodsfrom what i gathered loading from RAM into a register requires separate instructions every single time
08:53:38speachybraewoods: that's a RISC thing. x86 and m68k were the last bastions of heavyweight CISC.
08:53:43braewoodswhile in x86 some instructions can do that automatically as part of the instructions
08:54:02braewoodsi see
08:54:03_bilgus_hmm other targets have the YUv420 thing wonder if any are pp
08:55:11braewoodsspeachy: ok, just used to x86 where you can multiply a register by the contents of a ram address
08:55:17braewoodsyou don't need to load into a register first
08:55:21braewoodsfor both
08:55:30speachyconsider that x86 is also extremely register limited
08:55:44braewoodsx86_64 does a lot to address that
08:55:48braewoodsadds a ton of new register
08:55:58braewoodseven some that aren't even given a special name
08:56:01braewoodsjust numbered
08:56:52braewoodsall i can say now is i don't miss the 16 bit x86 addressing model
08:56:53_bilgus_I typically just look through the generated ASM looking for weird bottlenecks
08:57:01braewoodsit must have made memory management a nightmare
08:57:26_bilgus_generally with some kind of unit test in hand
08:57:35braewoodshaving to flip pages so to speak and not having access to more than 16 bits at a time
08:57:50braewoodsthe flat model simplifies access a lot
08:58:52braewoods32 bit x86 was a big deal until they exhausted the RAM limits
08:59:00braewoods4GB must have seemed massive back in the day
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09:32:14_bilgus_gotta love source versioning found the reference yuv code luckily
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09:58:15_bilgus_Speachy, No dice still same crash with C yuv routines
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10:09:41_bilgus_item of note
10:10:19_bilgus_when I tried to do the addresses and math in the for loop gcc messed it up and i'm not totally sure why
10:10:51_bilgus_ie m= 0;m<0x1800 m+=0x800UL
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21:29:58braewoodsspeachy: that was disappointing
21:30:17braewoodsseems the yh-925 doesn't actually need fixed disks but it does have trouble keeping the HDD connected
21:30:24braewoodsit uses such an easily disconnected adapter
21:30:49braewoodsit snaps in place normally but the slightest movement can dislodge it
21:30:54braewoodswhat a stupid design choice
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22:22:20_bilgus_speachy you around?
22:23:39_bilgus_Pretty self explanatory what this is ^
22:26:44_bilgus_removing 0x800000 makes this device run perfectly fine looking at the diff of the asm I see that it is clearly using an immediate in the 0x0 version versus loading in the 0x8 version I suspect that is the desired result (0x8) but this device clearly doesn't like it
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23:36:55_bilgus_and the plot thickens the cache is returning bad data with 0x0 so it is needed but still no clue why that makes it work
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