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#rockbox log for 2021-04-03

00:01:35speachysince you two are here, any thoughts on simply nuking the old WpsGallery stuff on the wiki? Is there any inherent reason to keep it beyond archaeology?
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00:04:58saratogamy gigabeat F is running r25447M-100403
00:08:47_bilgus11 years
00:08:55speachyto the day, heh
00:09:19saratogai wonder what i was testing, maybe the mp3 codec optimizations
00:09:30saratogaworks great, so i'll update the post
00:16:42_bilgusspeachy what theme stuff are you reffering to?
00:17:53speachythe "don't use this, use the themesite instead" note was added in 2009.
00:18:20_bilgusI think its neat how bug did you say it was?
00:19:08_bilgusphew wipe the themes save the pages
00:19:24_bilgusnot likely to work anyway
00:21:07speachyI suppose there's a chance there's old stuff in the gallery that was never transferred to the themsites
00:22:00_bilguswell oh well 20 years no one bothered
00:22:12speachy10. :)
00:22:33_bilgus10 since the theme site
00:28:21speachyI guess I'll see what the stats look like after a couple of days.. it's still coming through but now it's in small bursts instead of a massive torrent
00:30:17saratogai've got a few sandisk players charging (they won't boot with a dead battery), i'll see if i can get them working in the morning
00:32:44speachy_bilgus: btw that's 550MB of 3.5GB.
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00:34:19speachyanyhoo. time to pack it in too.
00:34:23speachyg'nite, y'all
00:36:44_bilgusawesome sartoga I figure we won't release anything without a ok
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01:55:45braewoodshuh interesting how the sansa C200 has a dock no one has fully implemented support for in rockbox
01:56:18*braewoods ponders.
01:58:58braewoodsI'm buying that right now!
01:59:13braewoodsa gogear hdd6330 went up for sale just now
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03:05:02braewoods_bilgus: i just noticed the hdd6330 has DMA disabled
03:05:14braewoodsi wonder if your recent PP fixes would allow that to be enabled
03:05:17braewoodsi'll test it later
03:22:41braewoodsspeachy: does rockbox already have code for encoding a composite video signal?
03:23:08braewoodsi'm looking at the datasheets for the tv out chips in our only two ports that support it
03:23:18braewoodsgigabeat S and gogear Hdd6330
03:23:42braewoodsgiven the cables for exposing it i think it only supports composite output
03:24:05braewoodsno idea what we'd use this for but i would like to develop a POC of tv out
03:24:16braewoodsthen figure out how to abstract it
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06:56:27NEFELHHello, can you help me please? I want to alter my sony NW-A55L according to this link
06:58:09 Part NEFELH
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06:58:46NEFELHHello, can you help me please? I want to alter my sony NW-A55L according to this link
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10:18:23dconrad@amachronic so just so I understand right, when booting the m3k over usb, the only thing that needs to be on the sd card is the .rockbox folder, right? and the command points to the spl.m3k and rockbox.bin files on the computer?
10:18:32amachronicYes that's right
10:19:29amachronicwhen you tried to boot the stock recovery, you just powered on the machine without doing a USB boot, correct?
10:20:15dconradre-installing the original firmware? yeah, I just held Vol+ and pressed Power
10:20:55amachronicif you want to try that, you need to hold Vol+ while you boot xloader.bin over USB.
10:21:04dconradoh I see
10:21:11amachronicthe blinking is coming from the rockbox SPL because it doesn't have the ability to boot the recovery image itself
10:22:00dconradhm, do you reckon it's booting correctly when I do xloader.bin, what with it just showing the battery icon and then going lifeless?
10:22:10dconradas if its charging
10:22:53amachronicwas looking over your flash dump −− did you have Fiio's 1.3.0 firmware installed when you tried flashing Rockbox?
10:23:22dconradI guess I never checked, I bought this specifically for installing rockbox
10:23:47amachronicOK, don't worry about it then. Pretty sure it's 1.3.0
10:24:10amachronicyour flash dumps seem fine, except the secure boot key area has "11 11" and mine is all zeroed
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10:24:38amachronicalso you're missing a magic number that the stock firmware checks, but I'm not 100% certain it would cause a problem
10:25:46amachronicOK, when you boot xloader.bin, as soon as you see the backlight turn on, pull out the USB cord
10:25:57amachronicjust try a normal boot and see if the Fiio firmware comes up
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10:26:48amachronicit worked?
10:26:57amachronicOK then, it must be a minor issue then
10:27:14amachronictry reflashing using M3K's recovery
10:27:15dconradloaded xloader.bin, as soon as I saw "welcome" I yanked that cord, and it came right up to the main screen
10:27:37dconradany reason not to just do the most recent firmware?
10:28:01amachronicany old firmware should do, the boot code is the same for all versions.
10:28:26dconrador wait, is factory restore what I want to do?
10:28:41amachronicuh, is that in the Fiio player's UI?
10:28:48amachronicdon't do that
10:28:55amachronicjust do the USB boot thing
10:29:01dconradoh I see
10:29:12amachronic(I just don't know what the UI option would do.)
10:30:11dconradjust so I know what I'm doing since apparently this is risky, I'll shut the player down, hold vol+ while plugging in the USB, and load xloader.bin while still holding vol+?
10:30:25dconradwith the firmware update on the card
10:30:42amachronicalthough you already went into the risky territory now that you got a brick :P
10:30:56dconradlol yeah adventure is fun, they say
10:34:19dconradhm, I'm not even getting that far, I'm just getting "Could not open USB device"
10:34:32dconradand the keypad starts blinking after like 3 seconds
10:34:55dconradI can recreate the usb-yank trick to load the OF though
10:35:48amachronicoh, sorry
10:35:53amachronichold vol- while inserting the USB
10:35:55amachronicthen release
10:36:03amachronichold vol+ while booting xloader
10:36:10dconradahhhh, yeah that would do it
10:36:50dconradok, currently unzipping
10:38:18dconradsweet, we're back in bidness
10:38:25dconradgot a fresh start
10:40:06amachronicout of curiosity, could you boot Rockbox over USB, make a NAND dump and send it to me?
10:40:13amachronicjust don't flash it
10:40:46dconradyeah for sure, though I've got 1.4.5 installed now
10:41:24amachronicthat's fine, I just want to see if the differences I saw with your first dump have gone away">
10:44:23dconradthat should work
10:45:00dconradso you're thinking those differences are what's caused it to go into such a strange state?
10:46:00amachronicit's not likely
10:46:38amachroniclooks like the differences are now gone, so it must just be what a factory-flashed unit looks like
10:47:14dconradkeep in mind this is used (returned to store, apparently), though yeah probably never been updated
10:47:56amachronicwhen you tried to boot Rockbox, all you got was a black screen right?
10:48:07dconradwith the faulty bootloader?
10:48:20dconradthe backlight would flash, and that was all the life it showed
10:48:33dconradbacklight never came on
10:48:39amachronicthen it all goes dark permanently?
10:48:52amachronicok, that narrows down the problem considerably.
10:49:12dconradso trying again will probably have the same results...?
10:49:52amachronicIf you want to try again, go ahead :) but I'm inclined to think it's an SD card / filesystem problem
10:51:07amachronicit's probably best if you wait since I'm trying to reduce the complexity of the install process.
10:51:25amachronicthat will make it easier to test if it's a genuine reproducible problem.
10:51:42dconradalright, though if the temptation gets the better of me at least I know how to recover to the OF
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10:53:31calebccffbraewoods: you guys are updating gcc?!
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11:00:39speachycalebccff: we did last year
11:04:10_bilgusspeachy cela might stop by with a rockchip that doesn't d playback
11:04:34speachyrk27xx? sweet.
11:04:38_bilgusI'm stepping our for a bit maybe one of us will catch him
11:04:54_bilgusthem erm
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11:24:12speachyI'm taking the kiddo to a soccer game in a few so I'll be gone a good chunk of the afternoon
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13:00:37_bilgusi'm back
13:03:04cela_bilgus I've put the rk27xx on charge, you can upload a build if you want and I can test a bit later on.
13:05:17_bilguswhich buttons need remapped?
13:06:16celabtw YP-R0 and Zen x-fi2 Work ok.
13:06:39_bilgushank you
13:09:25 Join MrZeus [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:a0aa:4400:7067:69f4:645f:2ce4)
13:12:04celaNot sure which buttons now, there are 6 in all,I think a couple were swapped around and maybe a one didn't work at all,but probably no one is using rockbox on this type of unbranded player, the HiFIMans might be a different story though
13:14:29_bilgusok so what i'll have you do is set up on the current dev version you have on there, settings>general settings>startup/shutdown>Start Screen>Resume playback
13:14:43_bilgusthen I'll just disable everything but the power button
13:17:12_bilgusalso if you can get to it can you check the stacks in debug menu for anything after you start playback
13:17:24_bilguslets just get that out of the way first
13:23:57celaOK set it to play on a loop, looking at stack usage in debug menu, what am i looking for?
13:25:40cela59% main 12% buffering
13:33:47_bilgusthose are fine
13:34:08_bilguslike80+% I suppose but those are nice n normal
13:34:18_bilguswhat about the buffering thread
13:34:27_bilgushold on a sec let me build a sim
13:35:34celai'm seeing +T 151 5 12% buffering
13:37:22celaerr . +T 15 15 12% buffering
13:39:33_bilgus#error no UI defines for sim bah
13:40:03braewoodscalebccff: we upgrade to gcc 4.9 last year for some ports. some were already on 4.9
13:40:47braewoodsspeachy: main thing i see being useful language wise is we might get access to _Generic and _Static_assert in the next bump
13:41:02braewoodssome C11 features of note
13:41:51braewoodsstatic assert could be useful for asserting something is true that can't be checked by a preprocessor directive
13:43:03celabattery is about out on RK27xx. I'm gonna have to put it on charge for a bit longer
13:43:25braewoodscela: what rockchip board is rockbox compatible with?
13:44:54celaRk27xx series only, not RKnano, Rk28xx or Rk26xx series.
13:44:59_bilguscela thats fine not a big hurry
13:46:07braewoodsyea but it's arm so the chip could be in many variants
13:47:06celaHifimans can run Rockbox, they are RK27xx
13:47:35celaHard to find though
13:48:17braewoodsi see
13:48:37_bilgusyou have any pics cela?
13:49:04braewoodsjust the platform was an enigma
13:49:15braewoodsi had no idea what devices even ran off the partial port
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13:51:01_bilgusonce we rule out that the buttons are causing problems we will move on
13:54:48braewoodsLOL that's a surprise
13:54:48celaLike this,   buttons across the top
13:55:30braewoods_bilgus: i found a mpio hd300 unbranded in an ebay lot of broken stuff
13:55:32 Quit cela (Quit: Connection closed)
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14:14:31_bilguscela I see nothing but a screen there lol
14:15:18_bilgusare they nice? thought it was a ipod clone
14:21:10 Join beencubed [0] (~beencubed@
14:26:24braewoods_bilgus: can you read schematics?
14:27:27braewoodsthe philips hdd targets we support.. we have their official schematics so i was hoping to use them to figure out how to implement some missing functionality for optional accessories
14:28:13_bilgusi'll look in a bit
14:28:16braewoodsnotably the remote part of the docking cradle
14:28:36braewoodsit supports some kind of IR remote which i got from an auction awhile back
14:28:50braewoodsthe back of the manual has the schematic
14:29:18braewoodsi'm guessing it uses GPIO in some manner
14:29:31braewoodsto send it to the unit
14:29:50braewoodsno wonder these ports were easier than mos
14:30:02braewoodsthe vendor schematics are readily available
14:32:25_bilguswhat are you wanting to know?
14:32:45 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:34:09braewoods_bilgus: for now, how it connects to the unit software wise
14:34:32braewoodsso i have some idea of where to start proding in my quest to find out how it sends input to the unit
14:34:59braewoodsthough ultimately it would be better if i can learn to read these
14:41:35_bilgusbraewoods if you look on the processor
14:41:42_bilgusthe right side
14:42:01_bilgusyou see the pins with a '7' or 6/7 to the far right
14:42:18_bilgusT6 T7 R7
14:42:56_bilgusR6, U5
14:43:19_bilgusthose are all pins going to the board edge connector
14:43:35braewoodsaka, the cradle connector?
14:43:39_bilguslittle further down is T16
14:43:51_bilgusthat one has the remote
14:44:00braewoodsindeed... just one pin for the whole remote?
14:44:04_bilgusaccording to the tag on the pin (on L) its PWM
14:44:19_bilgusso they probably send out a pwnm and later read an adc
14:44:42_bilgusbut IDK yet I havent found the other end just yet
14:44:59braewoodsno idea what the GPIOs would be used for
14:44:59_bilgusold way was a voltage divider loop
14:45:17_bilguswell you can multiplex over lines too
14:45:38_bilgusso use 5 buttons with a only 3 lines
14:45:42_bilguswith diodes
14:46:05braewoodsi see
14:46:12braewoodsso this isn't as helpful as i thought
14:46:28_bilgusDo you have a oscilloscope?
14:46:31braewoodsno i don't
14:46:42_bilguseven a little pocket one would get you enough to do it
14:46:57_bilgusa multimeter with freq reading mught too
14:47:10braewoodsbasically monitor the signals sent over the lines?
14:47:45braewoodsor i can try monitoring from software
14:47:49_bilgusive even seen capacitive button schemes where it times how long it takes to drain the cap and uses the time const as a button value basically
14:48:03_bilguslet me keep looking
14:48:31braewoodsanyway i just thought knowing how it is connected to the pins might help me out
14:48:45braewoodsi won't be working on this right away but at some point in the future
14:48:55braewoodsi would like to polish up the hdd gogear ports too
14:48:58braewoodsjust right now
14:49:05braewoodsgigabeat S...
14:49:15braewoodsneeds just an easier install method
14:49:20_bilguslater on on the cradle part it shows << and >> for signal direction
14:49:46braewoodsi would expect << if it was going to the unit
14:51:24braewoodslooks like one PWM line is connected to the LC
14:51:31braewoodsthat might help me find where the other PWM line is
14:51:36braewoodsthat is linked to the remote
14:52:09braewoodsit's supposed to be adjacent to it according to the sheet
14:58:13_bilguson the left BM3_KSI that looks like the players buttons but it has a cradle line in it
14:58:32_bilgusmaybe they just connect to them and the player buttons
14:59:02_bilgusor at least the volume
14:59:20braewoodsi'll test it later
14:59:30braewoodsit's possible it works already
14:59:41braewoodsbut if it doesn't it means something more is needed
15:01:22_bilgusa scope would show if it was a frequency based itm and the voltage levels but you can rule out or even figure out with a decent multimeter
15:02:09braewoods_bilgus: what about those simple logic probes?
15:02:19braewoodsthey go high or low or w/e
15:02:52_bilgusI have one I built back in the late 90's but eh multimeter is good enough for quick stuff
15:03:22_bilgusnow if you are chasing logic level stuff and have schema then coms in handy
15:03:54braewoodsany idea how these driver writers knew what addresses to write to?
15:04:00_bilguspocket oscope should cover most of that use case but the probe deal is good for low speed stuff
15:04:12braewoodsthat's not something you could learn from the schematic
15:04:19braewoodslet alone logic probing
15:04:50_bilgusI imagine a programers manual
15:04:51braewoodsi'm assuming it has something to do the PP pin uts
15:05:27_bilgusthe I squared stuff they should be able to get address pretty easy
15:05:39braewoodsyea, i found that in the chip datasheets.
15:05:47_bilgusfigure they had a NDA on the PP
15:05:50braewoodsit has a finite list of possibility
15:05:56_bilgusso no manuals for us :(
15:06:21braewoodswell PP is defunct so
15:06:26braewoodsmaybe we can find them somewhere
15:06:32_bilgusand thats the real shame huh
15:06:48_bilgussomeone still owns that IP though
15:07:02_bilgusprobabl china
15:08:20braewoodsso how'd we manage what we have?
15:08:24braewoodsOF disassembly?
15:08:58_bilguspamaury liked using lua to probe the ports
15:09:15_bilgusassuming you can run stuff
15:09:22braewoodswe can...
15:09:30braewoodsthe hdd6330 is a stable port
15:09:44_bilgusthen you have everything you need to much around in there
15:09:46braewoodsjust trying to find out where some missing stuff is exposed
15:11:06braewoodsguess that's our only option
15:11:13braewoodsthere's no datasheet for the actual CPU
15:11:19_bilguseducated guesses
15:12:10_bilguscela there is a second build upthere
15:12:26_bilgusit reverts speachys recent RK change just to besure
15:32:36 Join ulmutul [0] (
15:32:55 Quit r3v3r (Quit: leaving)
15:42:12braewoods_bilgus: anyway i'm just glad this thing has dual OF so I can test it working there before checking it out in RB
15:42:20braewoodsso i know i won't be going on a wild goose chase
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17:02:13ulmutul "an aside.. a sim bug that crashes when the button queue gets full"
17:03:13ulmutulactually it's not a bug, it's a feature ;) I had a look into it one day, and the overflow is thrown deliberately.
17:03:22ulmutul_bilgus: ^
17:05:14ulmutulBy the way, I just tested some of my rockboxes: Samsung YH820, Samsung YH925, iPod Mini Gen1 and Creative ZEN all work with the latest firmware (not tested extensive, just starting um and playing music).
17:08:56ulmutul*starting up
17:20:38 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@
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18:12:13_bilgusulmutul, hmm ok its an intentional crash why not just shut down?
18:12:24_bilgusalso thanks for the reports
18:16:31 Join cela [0] (
18:20:33ulmutulI assume it's there to help debugging and report that something bad (tm) is happening. IIRC the queue size is always a power of 2 and the queue pointer is constricted to this size, so that no crash can occur on a real target.
18:20:40celaGone back to an unmodified build that works on Rk27xx. bisecting, compiling and testing from there, 7 steps to go,will finish tomorrow, g night.
18:21:06 Quit cela (Client Quit)
18:22:30_bilgusCela thanke.
18:42:16 Quit ulmutul (Quit: Leaving)
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21:08:28 Join massiveH [0] (
21:08:31speachyok, so rk27xx is a more recent regression. almost guaranteed my fault; maybe when I cut some stuff out of the PCM API?
21:09:49_bilgusspeachy I sent two builds figuring that but I think cela just decided to bisect
21:10:19_bilgusI don't think any of the test builds were dl'd maybe they missed the link
21:11:03_bilguswhich is fine too even preferasble :)
21:11:03speachydo you know what the player in question is? I'd like to get an rk27xx on hand
21:11:41_bilguslogs have a bit of info when cela was talking about it
21:14:58speachyI didn't see a specific make/model number.. just "generic no-name"
21:16:09speachy.... sticker shock
21:17:31braewoodsit must be a joke
21:17:34braewoodsno one would pay that
21:18:20braewoodsi wonder if this is related
21:18:54speachyhmm, hifiman 601 for $91, shipped.
21:19:28braewoodsi just don't know if it's even using the same general chip set
21:19:31speachybraewoods: yeah, I had that one up already
21:19:37speachyit's rk27xx, yes
21:19:49braewoodsok... the rk27xx port was confusing as fuck
21:19:57braewoodsit sounds like we had support for rockchip dev boards
21:20:10braewoodsbut no mention of what kind of stuff has it
21:20:30speachyhifiman hm60x/80x, the ihifi 760/770/770c/800
21:21:14braewoodsgiven the lack of options
21:21:22braewoodsthat player is actually compelling lol
21:21:27braewoodsis it also flash based
21:21:55braewoodsi've also followed iriver, seems their newer players are branded under Astell&Kern
21:22:09braewoodsand all ridiculiously expensive
21:22:16braewoodsmany of them cost as much as a high end PC
21:22:20speachythat's the market for ya
21:23:05braewoodsin any case
21:23:05speachysince the masses will just use their smartphones
21:23:45braewoodsi think i'm going to try implementing a few missing features to a few ports
21:24:00braewoodsthe HDD6330 has an optional dock with a remote control
21:24:03braewoodsi have both
21:26:37speachythere's also the hifi e.t. ma8/ma9
21:35:31speachydoes this come up for anyone?
21:36:04speachyshows up in the search but the link doesn't work
21:36:51braewoodsspeachy: i've seen that happened a fair bit
21:40:46braewoods_bilgus: HDD6330 works
21:43:11braewoodsi'm going to do a test build with ATA DMA enabled
21:43:22braewoodsin the past it was said to hang the player but it's been 10 years
21:43:28braewoodsit may have been fixed by now
22:00:11_bilgusthat brings us to >50% coverage
22:00:36_bilgusthatd be a nice side 3effect for that bugfix
22:04:22***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:06:01braewoods_bilgus: still hangs
22:10:47braewoods_bilgus: i think i see why no manual was written yet
22:11:23braewoodsthe buttons on the touchpad seem half-implemented
22:12:01speachyyeah.. I wonder if the iflash (and DMA) issues were due to this
22:18:20braewoodshardware may have some issues...
22:18:27braewoodswould a HDD cause stability issues? or the battery?
22:18:31braewoodsif they're old and such
22:18:44_bilgusprobably not the battery
22:18:47braewoodsi was able to boot and now it's locking up
22:18:53braewoodsthe unit got a bit hot from the HDD
22:18:54braewoodsi guess
22:18:58_bilgushdd surely could
22:19:15braewoodsi'll let it cool off
22:19:25braewoodsa CF mod would solve that more or less
22:19:50_bilgusit could also be drawing so much it browns out a weak battery but i'd assume the protection circuit would shut i down
22:23:47braewoodsi suspect it needs some repairs
22:23:51braewoodsin any case
22:23:59braewoodsi'll try replacing the typical consumeables later when they arrive
22:24:08braewoodsi had to order the batteries from china; no local supply
22:24:39braewoodsthe hardware seems to be a bit erratic so i can't draw any conclusions at present
22:24:50braewoodsso i'll revisit this once I have done my repair work
22:24:55 Quit asaba (*.net *.split)
22:24:55 Quit daswf852 (*.net *.split)
22:24:55 Quit Topy44 (*.net *.split)
22:25:03braewoodshopefully it's just the typical
22:25:04 Join Topy44 [0] (
22:25:06 Join daswf852 [0] (~daswf852@unaffiliated/dwf)
22:25:07 Join asaba [0] (~asaba@
22:25:28braewoods_bilgus: in short i can't be sure if it's a hardware fault or software fault so i'm just not going to to try to test it again until I have performed some repairs
22:25:53braewoodsi need to know it's working normally before I can do any meaningful coding for it
22:26:22braewoodsi'm leaning towardS HDD issues
22:26:32braewoodssince it was acting a bit weird even before i booted it up
22:26:43braewoodsbefore i installed RB
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