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#rockbox log for 2021-04-04

00:00:25braewoodssmall change for whoever to look at
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12:35:49_bilgus g#3274
12:35:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #3274 at : Add custom action mapping to core by William Wilgus
12:36:19_bilgusI have this working If anyone wants to play around with it
12:36:39_bilgusI left some code for generating the mapfile in the commit message
12:37:24_bilgusI only tried remapping the volume + button in the WPS to WPS_PLAY but it works!
12:38:45_bilgusThe plugin for generating the remap is going to be the hard part it'll need to be aware of a lot
12:40:39_bilgusoops forgot to include the new files
12:42:46_bilgusthats better :)
12:46:22_bilgusI think with the plugin it should be able to also create keymaps for plugins too
12:46:44_bilgusthen we can hook the remap in the plugin get action function
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12:48:21_bilguscurrently key remaps is only loaded on start thats probably OK but I'd like to add a way to reload (even a hook in plugin.h)
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13:03:42cela_bilgus result of bisect on Rk27xx not recent Dec 2017.
13:04:31celaHappy to test a fix.
13:04:56_bilgusit says thats the commit that broke it?
13:05:08_bilgusor thats the last taht works?
13:05:39celayes its broke on that commit
13:05:49_bilgusthats weird
13:09:11_bilgusso enum is at least an int
13:09:29_bilgusour ints are 4 bytes and so are the longs?
13:09:55_bilgushmm I'm not even sure how the hell
13:10:38_bilgusthe no functional changes really has me going to I assume that means JH tested it
13:14:31_bilgusits just about gotta be in the source of the device
13:14:41_bilgussome wrong alignment maybe
13:18:07celabisect history if its any help.
13:23:35_bilgusthat previous commit looks more likely to be the culprit TBH but its still weird
13:26:39_bilgusok cela I'll have you a build shortly I'm gonna try aligning the memory
13:35:12_bilgusbeyond that I'll have to probably start looking at the asm between them
13:43:19celaStill has the same playback issue
13:52:26_bilgusI figured.. ok ill get back with you in a few days once we have some idea of what changed
13:53:51celaok thanks
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13:55:55speachyhuh, so it wasn't my fault. :D
13:58:22braewoods_bilgus: in most ABIs long is same as int.
13:58:28braewoodswe have no 64 bit ABIs so
13:58:31braewoodsi expect same true here
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13:59:39braewoodsthat could change if we ever got an arm64 target
13:59:49braewoodswhy we need to be careful about using long though
14:00:10braewoodsGCC will likely convert it to 64 bit on targets that have 64 bit native integers
14:00:29braewoodsis that what we always want?
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14:57:17speachylong is tradtionally the same size as a pointer
14:58:08speachyas long (ha!) as we don't use 'long' in any external ABI/interface I don't see that it really matters.
15:00:19gevaertsYou mean if that happens we might end up holding the short end of the stick?
15:00:56speachygevaerts: yeah, it might come back to byte us.
15:03:09gevaertsWe need to be careful so we don't burn our fingers and end up singed and charred
15:06:23speachyand it will be a long long way to recovery.
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22:36:03_bilgusI'm still convinced this is an alignment problem on the Rk27xx
22:36:30_bilguslooking at the maps between the working build and broken build its literally 8 bytes off
22:38:00speachyIIRC DMA onthe 27xx has some strict cacheline alignment requirements
22:39:44_bilgusI saw a commit that was supposed to handle that prior to this broken one
22:40:19speachyquiestion is if all of the 27xx targets are equally afflicted
22:40:27_bilgusI padded the codec func with nops till it matched alignment with the working build lets see what that gets us
22:41:20_bilgusthing is I don't think its this function but one further down since they all arrear to be mod 4
22:42:05_bilgusI did see th etext area did not have align(4) which seems off
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22:42:56_bilgusthe function I think is failing is part of the codec api
22:43:36_bilgusI wonder if the change to long pointer would change alignment reqs I can't imagine so
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22:46:26speachya pointer is a pointer..
22:51:10speachythat commit really doesn't make sense as something that would break stuff. unless the enum was optimized to something smaller than an int?
22:51:37speachyand it's causing some sort of stack/variable overflow somewhere..
22:52:11_bilgusthing is the functions actually were slightly smaller
22:52:23speachybefore or after?
22:52:44_bilgusI was able to add 2 nops and get it to the same size
22:53:15_bilgusI guess next I should compare the asm
22:53:20speachyold toolchain for both?
22:53:33_bilgusnew for both
22:53:57speachyI wouldn't trust 2017-era code built with the new toolchain
22:54:16_bilguswell I assume he did the same
22:55:05_bilgusmaybe I should send him the build that 'works' too and make sure it for sure works
22:55:07speachyand, heh, using the CFLAGS from the appropriate era..
22:55:29speachy(ie a make reconf)
23:01:09speachy_bilgus: codecbuf and the .init section overlap on this
23:01:27speachy(uaually it's audiobuf..)
23:02:44speachystuff getting shifted around a hair could be enough for an errant write to trash something that we care about
23:04:59_bilguswell we can try if nothing ele it'll give us another chance at lucky alignment
23:08:04speachyoh, forgot to ask, what codec(s)?
23:08:45_bilgusgood question
23:08:54speachydoes (eg) keyclick work? that'll let us know if it's the PCM layer or the codec
23:09:08speachy(ditto on voiced menus)
23:09:38_bilgusgood point if the pcm buff fails itd cause thise issues
23:09:53speachyIf you hand over any additional builds please turn on logf at least
23:10:19speachyI think by default it'll log the codec launch/return codes
23:11:13_bilgusI did test plugins i'll wait to hear back on the nop build
23:11:35speachymy gut feeling is it's a PCM issue rather than codecs/etc specifically
23:13:10_bilguswhat an odd commit to break on though the one prior seems so much more likely
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23:16:26speachymy blacklisting those IP ranges seem to have cut the traffic by half.
23:17:29_bilgusthats crazy!
23:17:45speachymore than half. but I'll need more than a weekend to tell for sure
23:17:57_bilgusalso a holidat
23:18:04speachylast 48 hours are less than Friday alone.
23:18:17speachyon d.r.o specifically.
23:19:27speachypage hits on www are down by over 60%, though actual bandwidth not by much. git/gerrit are _wayyyy_ down.
23:19:56speachybut friday was a huge huge spike (bots hitting snapshot/tag download links in violation of robots.txt..)
23:20:52speachyfriday as something like 15x typical traffic loads

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