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#rockbox log for 2021-04-07

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00:57:26_bilgusO gotta ask what am I missing for running the sim in valgrind
00:58:22_bilgusmake_context(): Operation not permitted
00:58:22_bilgusThread creation failed. Retryingm
01:00:54braewoods_bilgus: which version of rockbox can be compiled for regular PCs? sdl?
01:01:25braewoodsi'm working on creating linux packaging for SDL and rbutil
01:06:40_bilgusyeah pretty sure the sim is aswell
01:07:37braewoodsthough if i'm being honest the only part that makes sense to build is rbutil
01:07:48braewoodsSDL, we don't normally provide builds for
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06:40:14speachy_bilgus: apps/gui/bitmap/list.c L198
06:40:24speachyand L206
06:45:09speachywe set the viewport to one allocated on the stack, but we access it out-of-scope later when we set_viewport() to something else on L219
06:47:22speachybecause we end up setting VP_FLAG_DIRTY in last_viewport->flags
06:49:27speachyin this context the problem is most likely benign but this pattern could easily be an real issue elsewhere
07:02:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8b56476a2c, 298 builds, 10 clients.
07:02:38speachythat's fixed in this ^^ build but I'm trying to find other stuff that fits the pattern
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07:15:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8b56476a2c result: All green
07:20:25speachyI think rectrigger() and alarm_screen() are similarly afflicted; along with chunks of recording_screen() and gui_syncpitchscreen_run()
07:20:59speachyand some stuff in plugins/ that I didn't dig into yet
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08:12:04chris_sspeachy: By the way,re FS #13281, the problem with calling playlist_resume() within ft_enter() before playing a track from a directory , if another directory had been playing before shutting down, was due to the fact that resume_directory() calls ft_build_playlist() which modifies the same tree context that ft_enter() is called with to cache the
08:12:04chris_stracks from the previously played directory.
08:12:05fs-bluebot Problems playing the first song after player turned on (bugs, closed)
08:12:05chris_sSo, after the previous playlist is resumed, ft_build_playlist() is called with a tree_context whose contents have changed completely.
08:12:05DBUGEnqueued KICK chris_s
08:12:05chris_sSeems a bit strange/unexpected to me that resume_directory() would have that side effect of changing the tree context, but it's likely I don't understand the code well enough yet.
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09:10:02_bilgusspeachy nice catch!
09:50:02_bilgusspeachy I don't like that side effect at all
09:52:25_bilgusmaybe a better way would be to hold a dirty_vp list and just check for the address
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10:09:15amachronic_bilgus: Valgrind doesn't like the sigaltstack gymnastics, you need to pass −−sdl-threads to configure
10:18:28speachyhonestly we're better off ditching sigalstacks for all sdl-based builds
10:19:02speachy(and hosted builds too IMO)
10:20:53speachychris_s: at this point, you know a lot more about how that convoluted code works than I do
10:20:57amachronicIt seems really odd to me, if Rockbox can run with normal threads then why do exotic tricks?
10:21:48speachythe short version is that... it doesn't.
10:22:09speachythe uisim/hosted code emulates what the native code does
10:22:49amachronicie. to emulate the cooperative threading model?
10:22:59speachyIIRC even the SDL threading code doesn't actually use "native" SDL threads
10:23:22speachywhich I think in turn was an offshoot of the limitations of the original archos targets
10:24:43speachyheh, I wonder how much of a PITA it would be to replace our "kernel" with FreeRTOS.
10:26:02amachronicI took a peek at freeRTOS lately, but switching would probably involve rewriting a lot of the firmware/application interface. Not sure there's any real gains to be had.
10:27:04speachyI don't think it would come to that; for the most part the applications run in "primary thread" context.
10:27:31speachybut it would require rejiggering the low-level startup/irq code on nearly every port
10:28:01speachyand I'd bet we could easily wrap the native FreeRTOS API with a compatibility shim.
10:28:06amachronicyeah in addition to porting all the target-specific code to fit FreeRTOS framework.
10:28:23speachy(It's been a few years now, but I did extensively use FreeRTOS in the 2011-2015 timeframe)
10:29:27amachronicdoes it have stuff like dynamic libraries? (which we'd need for plugins, codecs, etc)
10:30:10speachyno, but that doesn't matter
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10:31:24speachywe don't use dynamic/relocatable stuff either. codecs/plugins get linked assuming a fixed memory address.
10:37:45amachronicOdd, looks like that fix you pushed has got rid of the pictureflow segfault.
10:38:24speachywell, awesome. that wasn't waht I was looking to solve but it does make sense
10:38:34amachronicgotta test now on the real device and see if that's causing the hang.
10:40:05speachypretty sure there are more issues along the same lines, but fixing them is more involved.
10:42:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision da542020c4, 298 builds, 10 clients.
10:48:05_bilguswhat if we had a viewport generator then converted the code to work on a principal you ask for your viewport you get a handle you release your handle it gets returned to the pool
10:48:51_bilgusyou forget to release your handle its in a list and gets an error
10:49:47speachy_bilgus: g#3299 is my naive fix for two of the remaining issues
10:49:50fs-bluebotGerrit review #3299 at : RFC: Fix a couple more dangling stack-allocated viewports by Solomon Peachy
10:50:53speachybraewoods: did you actually test the changes you made in g#3296 ?
10:50:55fs-bluebotGerrit review #3296 at : ipodpatcher: fix warning for apple stop sign constant by James Buren
10:51:18speachy(ie make sure it successfully patches a random ipod firmware file or two)
10:52:25speachyIn the immortal words of Donald Knuth, "Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it."
10:54:43speachyalso any further comments on g#3229 would be appreciated..
10:54:44fs-bluebotGerrit review #3229 at : Allow Softlock to happen in most contexts by Dana Conrad
10:54:48fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 727 seconds.
10:54:50fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision da542020c4 result: All green
10:54:55speachy(and preferably, testing..)
10:55:29_bilgusthere is probably at least one more in the skin engine −− though I did focus on that area pretty heavily
10:56:57amachronicI might've spoke too soon. I still get a hang on native M3K, but it seems to be a soft hang of the main thread only.
10:57:29_bilgusthe only reason I limnited the scope in the first place was to match the code it was replacing, originally the concern was the extra processing in other contexts would drain battery for something most people didn't use
10:57:31amachronicSimulator is OK when I tried with 3 albums, but when I loaded up my whole collection I managed to get valgrind to complain after a bit, but it's different this time
10:58:24_bilgusre 3229
11:01:24_bilgusamachronic, ha I've been trying to get that to work since like a year ago
11:01:31_bilgusvalgrind on the sim
11:02:19speachygcc/clang's AddressSanitizer is also quite useful, and a lot lighter weight than valgrind
11:02:46speachyit's what found that viewport problem in the list scrollbar code
11:03:45amachronicposted details in my comment on #FS13283.
11:04:30speachyit too has issues with the sigal threads
11:10:45_bilgusany reason it couldn't be enabled in all sim builds?
11:11:16speachyyou mean force SDL threads on and also addresssanitizer?
11:11:52_bilgusmake the sim a much more useful dev item
11:11:53speachyit requires GCC 4.8+
11:12:04speachybut we already use 4.9+ for the targets so..
11:12:16speachyI guess I can force it on and see what the fallout is like.
11:12:22_bilgusmaybe even catch that damn theme bug
11:14:51_bilgusha I was looking for it and there we go FS #12639
11:15:08_bilguswith the −−sdl-threads and valgrind lol
11:26:18_bilgusI went ahead and made a forum post for when I forget again
11:31:38_bilgusamachronic, that looks like someone blew the allocation table
11:32:15_bilgusbuflib stores data about blocks within the allocations I bet thats a stackovfl in pf
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12:17:46_bilgus g#3300 pretty sure thats a long standing bug
12:17:47fs-bluebotGerrit review #3300 at : menu.c submenu items should be limited to MAX_MENU_SUBITEMS by William Wilgus
12:19:51_bilgus64 menu items should be enough for anyone but I just ran into it yesterday trying to load the list of actions in a menu
12:22:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c5cf15ed02, 298 builds, 10 clients.
12:22:19speachyseens sane.
12:32:44fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 633 seconds.
12:32:46fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c5cf15ed02 result: All green
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16:25:15braewoodsspeachy: how could I? I don't own an ipod unit
16:26:55braewoodshuh. why is it marked tested?
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