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#rockbox log for 2021-04-11

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11:05:13ZephLittleHi, regarding to I've got an iPod Nano fith generation A1320: September 2009 but the rockbox manual only lists 1st and second generation. Does it still work for my model?
11:05:45speachyif it's not explicitly listed as supported, it's not supported.
11:06:20speachyMore specifically:
11:08:15ZephLittleToo bad. Thanks a lot.
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13:58:29cereal_eaterHello. I want to report, that on a iAudio X5 a current dev build mostly works, but pictureflow hangs the player, when launching the plugin from the plugin menu. Altough it worked on first launch it hangs with empty sildes after displaying "updatimng album art cache in background".
13:59:20cereal_eaterHaas surraound seems to work better now (without lags)
14:03:18speachythe pictureflow plugin is known to have some issues that are still eluding us.
14:04:04speachybut I'm glad the X5 is generally working!
14:04:51cereal_eaterI see. Yes, that's nice. But what is the open plugin in the wps context menu. Selecting it gives "could not open"
14:05:27cereal_eatercouldn't find it in the manual, or some information on the website.
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14:09:53cereal_eaterI think I found out, what it does, but the same error tough I added some plugins to the open_pligins.opx
14:13:10speachythat's somethign that bilgus has been working on
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14:19:20cereal_eaterOK, I'll report this and other tests on the forum
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14:59:15speachyok, the dx50/dx90 stuff works, but the code has no way of knowing the initial card state.
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15:12:05bluebrotherspeachy: was there recently a change to the forum software? I get wrongly escaped html stuff with my rss reader.
15:12:48bluebrotherlooking at the rss I can see stuff like this: I don'#039t know
15:15:02bluebrothernot a big issue, but kinda annoying :)
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15:24:26jschwarthi all, I was always download music in flac & converting that to vorbis for my iPod mini, is that indeed the best format to pick or is there a different format now that might be more optimal?
15:26:31bluebrotherdepends on what your optimization target is
15:33:45jschwartsize with reasonable quality
15:33:50jschwartthe ipod has only 4GB
15:34:22bluebrotherwell, for me vorbis is the best compromise between size, quality and cpu usage.
15:34:32bluebrotheryou can easily mod the Ipod with a CF card btw.
15:34:42jschwartyeah I read about that
15:34:50jschwarthow much would I gain in space then?
15:35:01bluebrotherwell, as much as you put a CF card in :)
15:35:10bluebrotherI have one with a 64G CF.
15:35:11jschwartyeah but I have no clue how big those generally are :)
15:35:16jschwartah wow
15:37:07jschwartI have also thought about buying another device from time to time, but it seems this would be better
15:37:28bluebrotherthe nice thing is that you can simply replace the microdrive with a cf card. No need for any adapter to msd or similar.
15:38:04jschwartah yeah maybe other devices cannot be upgraded like that?
15:38:16jschwartI presume there are no known size restrictions?
15:38:20bluebrotherquick search on amazon showed they have 128g cf cards. More expensive than msd, but well ...
15:38:49jschwartI don't think I've ever held either msd or cf cards
15:38:53jschwartin my hands
15:38:57bluebrothernone that I'm aware of. With modding theres often a limit at 128g, but I never tried anything that size
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15:39:36jschwartso far I was just using it as a basic user, I never really dove much into things
15:41:10_bilgusre the open plugins thing you need to set wps open plugin in the settings menu
15:42:48copperOpus has the best quality / size ratio right now
15:43:11jschwartyeah but my ipod mini barely responds when I play that it seems
15:44:25coppertry Musepack then
15:44:52copperit's the fastest codec in decoding speeds
15:45:49jschwartbut is musepack better than vorbis quality/size wise?
15:46:07copperdepends on bitrate
15:46:25copperthe lower you go, the better Vorbis will be relative to other codecs
15:46:53jschwartnormally I just pick whatever defaults the converter gives me
15:46:57copperpast 160-180 kbps, it matters less and less
15:47:44jschwartyeah I guess 192 kbps is usual
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15:49:39jschwartbluebrother: thanks, I see the latest apple firmware is needed
15:49:42copperI have my eye on a modified iPod Classic with a 512 GB SSD, so that I can just put my entire FLAC collection on it
15:50:23jschwartI guess it might be a challenge to arrange that
15:50:54copperobviously that would get me uncompromised quality even with marginal tracks, but FLAC is also the fastest to decode
15:51:04jschwartI remember out of the box, that ipod didn't do anything, my brother had a windows pc with itunes and initialized it back in 2005
15:51:26jschwartafterwards I put Rockbox on straight
15:51:34jschwartand never touched anything Apple with it since
15:52:36bluebrotherI consider opus too slow on the mini. It works, but the ipod really gets sluggish. So for me the best compromise is vorbis.
15:53:02bluebrotherwell, if you have a linux or macos box you can restore the disk manually. Did that a couple of times (basically whenever I modded the ipod :)
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15:53:42bluebrotheroh, and to clarify my statement about a 128g limit: there's a limit with some ATA bridges. No idea if the ipod is affected by this.
15:53:43copperis the Rockbox utility compatible with the new M1 Macs?
15:53:47jschwartonly gnu/linux basically
15:53:47daemonspudguyIs work on the Android port dead?
15:54:22bluebrothercopper: no / maybe.
15:54:33copperbluebrother: drives larger than that have been known to work
15:55:22bluebrotherRockbox Utility is a Qt5 application, so if you have Qt5 on the M1 it should work. Afaik only Qt6 supports the M1. There is work in progress to make Rockbox Utility compile with Qt6.
15:55:29daemonspudguybluebrother: that is the answer to "Do I have a YouTube schedule."
15:55:32daemonspudguyNo / mabe
15:55:33bluebrothermostly working, some issues left.
15:56:16jschwartwhen I originally saw the page, I thought I might do it when the drive breaks
15:56:28daemonspudguyI really need to get an iPod classic. Which model is best for Rockbox?
15:56:32jschwartit seems surprisingly strong, I can even hear it's moving sometimes
15:56:33bluebrotherdaemonspudguy: huh? I was replying to copper's question ...
15:56:37copperthe latest one
15:57:35copperI have the very latest version of the iPod Classic, it works fine with Rockbox
15:57:49copperI bought it one month before it got discontinued
15:57:58daemonspudguyI've heard good things about the iPod Video, but the last time I saw one in person was when my baby brother threw my Dad's in the toilet over 10 years ago.
15:58:09daemonspudguyMy dad wasn't happy.
15:58:10copperthe iPod Video has a bass roll off
15:58:38bluebrotheripods aren't intended to be thrown in the toilet :)
15:58:42daemonspudguyI'm not knowledgeable enough to know what that is but it doesn't sound very good.
15:59:03bluebrotherdaemonspudguy: as for the Android port, afaik nobody is working on it and it's kinda stuck for veeery old Android.
15:59:23copperbass roll off? It means it is slightly lacking in bass, it doesn't quite output the very lowest frequencies
15:59:32bluebrotherthough I wouldn't mind Rockbox on Android. Ended up using foobar2k ...
15:59:34daemonspudguyI know the Chinese Rockbox Community got a good port working for modern-ish Android builds.
16:00:02daemonspudguyFoobar2k is nice, shame I can't fucking get it to work very well in Wine.
16:00:24daemonspudguyThe Android version is good.
16:00:30copperQuod Libet on Linux and macOS is a really good alternative to foobar2000
16:00:31bluebrotherwell, on Linux audacious is good enough for my needs.
16:00:56bluebrothergiven that I mostly use an Android device these days, or a Rockbox one.
16:01:03daemonspudguyI know Foobar2k is the only Android app that plays ALAC files that I know of.
16:02:00daemonspudguyI know DeaDBeeF is well loved, but I can't get the folder library plugin to compile.
16:02:05daemonspudguyOn Linux
16:02:27daemonspudguyI don't use Windows anymore.
16:02:46copperALAC is still a thing?
16:03:12daemonspudguyThe only lossless codec iTunes and Apple Music want to deal with.
16:03:32coppersure, but I haven't heard Apple communicate about ALAC in years
16:03:41daemonspudguyAPE is better supported on Android. And I had never heard of it until recently.
16:03:48copperAPE is ooold
16:04:06coppereven older than FLAC IIRC
16:04:36daemonspudguyAt least ALAC is supported on my Android apps than SHN.
16:04:51copperand Shorten is even older haha
16:05:28daemonspudguyOver on Yeeshkul!, that is a common format to see the bootlegs distributed in.
16:05:35daemonspudguyWhich is fun. /s
16:05:39copperstill? amazing.
16:05:57daemonspudguyApparently because it's smaller than FLAC.
16:06:20speachybluebrother: I did upgrade it to teh latest point release due to another (inevitable) pile of security holes
16:06:24copperIf you want the best performance, try TAK
16:06:35daemonspudguyI still have yet to see people give lossless audio a lot of FLAC. Heh heh.
16:06:39copperReally fast, compresses really well
16:06:57daemonspudguyI apologize for that terrible pun up there.
16:06:58copperdaemonspudguy: hurr, durr
16:07:21bluebrotherspeachy: ok. Seems that added a bug in rss output.
16:07:54bluebrotherbut I can live with that.
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16:09:19speachydaemonspudguy: the android port hasn't been touched in a _long_ time. It won't work past 4.4 (kitkat). There was a "chinese rockbox" group that did a lot of work on the port but nobody has had the time/attention/motivation to try and bring it back into the mothership and proceed fromthere.
16:09:39edhelasthe mothership :D
16:09:55copperRockbox needs an iOS initiative
16:10:21daemonspudguyAnd then glorious leader Xi Jinping killed the Rockbox Chinese community.
16:10:21copperI would expect it to take a lot less work to support most iOS devices out there
16:10:43copperfoobar2000 on iOS works great
16:10:50copperit's all I use
16:10:57speachycopper: an iOS port will never happen.
16:10:59daemonspudguyI didn't even know Foobar2k existed on iOS.
16:11:40speachynot unless Epic succeeds in forcing Apple to open up their platform.
16:11:43daemonspudguyAn iOS port of Rockbox would be instantly killed by Apple one they see someone else updating classic iPods.
16:11:50copperits UI is a little unconventional, but once you get used to it, it's rock solid
16:12:13copperdon't they know by now?
16:12:16speachydaemonspudguy: no, it would have a very hard time passing the app guideline/requirements
16:12:28daemonspudguyI know fb2k is great, it's my main mobile local player.
16:12:35copperif fb2k can do it, why can't Rockbox?
16:12:35speachybut that's moot as rockbox's GPL license precludes Apple distributing it anyway.
16:13:12daemonspudguyExtensions and Apple devices don't go well. Also, GPL. If it was under the ISC license, then maybe.
16:13:58daemonspudguyOr the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, the best license.
16:14:02speachybut hey, if somoene is motivated enough to try, more power to them.
16:15:03coppera good EQ is the only thing I'm missing from foobar2000 on iOS
16:15:43_bilgusthats the real issue isn't it who is gonna put in the work?
16:15:51speachysame goes for updating the android port. I peronally have zero interest in a touchscreen-only port.
16:16:11copperAndroid is any developer's nightmare
16:16:34_bilgusonly worth it if you are gonna monetize it
16:16:34copperdozens of different devices with dozens of different quirks
16:17:20_bilgusnot that we don't work on devices with their own quirks though
16:17:45copperI guess that's true :-D
16:22:02speachy_bilgus: so we have a report of the mrobe500 hanging on boot.
16:22:48_bilgusnever gets to the second boot scrren?
16:24:34speachyall I have to go on is the forum post
16:24:52speachy"hangs on boot like other builds, only c710ab65bd-200512 works"
16:25:05speachyc710ab65bd doesn't seem to exist in our repo
16:25:28_bilgusI was just trying to find it
16:26:59_bilgus05 12 2020 right
16:27:32speachyseems so but I wonder if that was a random build someone made with non-public changes.
16:28:48speachyit has a TI tms320dm320
16:28:55speachywhich also means IRAM @ 0x0
16:30:00speachyshared with zen vision, zen vision m, sansa connect
16:31:32_bilgusI guess if they are broken too that might help point towards that direction
16:31:45speachythey aren't even on the list in the forum post. :)
16:32:03_bilgusneither is the go gear
16:32:22_bilgusI grabbed the list from the page
16:32:50speachythe mrobe500 is the only tms320 target on the dev build page
16:34:41speachyso who knows.
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17:04:34jschwartblk_update_request: I/O error, dev sdb, sector 7999464 op 0x0:(READ) flags 0x80700 phys_seg 1 prio class 0
17:04:44jschwartmaybe my ipod mini drive is actually damaged...
17:08:32jschwartcould also be a bad cable...
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17:20:55oEncyclopediacan't stay for long but the patchset on the page
17:20:59oEncyclopediadoes not work
17:24:43oEncyclopediaI have made an page with that file
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18:30:32speachyhmm, cheapest mrobe500 I can find on ebay is about $79 shipped.
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19:17:57braewoodsspeachy: why would we need one?
19:19:33braewoodswow wth that's one weird port
19:19:53braewoodstouch screen
19:19:57braewoodsit looks like
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19:49:16speachyanother non-booting target. only one considered usable with that speciffic SoC.
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20:23:20braewoodsspeachy: we got a user report of that?
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22:47:49speachybraewoods: yep

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