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#rockbox log for 2021-04-12

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02:36:25braewoodsspeachy: i see. well it'd help if we had one...
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02:49:02braewoodsi suspect we're not going to be testing either mpio port
02:54:13braewoodsgevaerts: you got any of the harder to find targets in your collection? mpio hd200, hd300? iriver H110 or H115?
02:54:37braewoodsif you do, repairing those may be our best option for testing them
02:54:53braewoodsor for that matter either of the m:robe ports, 100 or 500
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04:10:58gevaertsbraewoods: I have the m:robes (assuming their batteries haven't effectively killed them). What exactly do we need tested?
04:17:15braewoodsgevaerts: speachy wanted to test that our builds are working basically
04:17:25braewoodsit appears someone tested the 100 already
04:17:38braewoodsthe 500 is having issues they say
04:17:57braewoodsso we'd need a unit to find out what the issue is
04:19:43gevaertsSomeone else has a working 500 still? :)
04:20:13braewoodsthey are available on ebay
04:20:21braewoodswhy do we want to pay $80 just to test this?
04:20:37braewoodsespecially one that doesn't appear to have many users
04:20:57gevaertsI mean, I have one here. I'll start by seeing if it still boots before thinking about testing
04:21:09braewoodsyou live in Europe if I recall?
04:21:34braewoodsit'd be nice if we had someone with time in Europe to troubleshoot it
04:21:46braewoodsassuming it even still works well enough to test
04:22:11braewoodsbut i was surprised to see how big the m:robe 500 is
04:22:18braewoodsit looks like a modern tablet
04:22:20gevaertsIt's a weird device
04:23:02braewoodsis it touch screen only?
04:23:26gevaertsIt is
04:23:31braewoodsi thought so
04:23:47braewoodshow'd we ever manage to support it? i thought we didn't work well with TS
04:24:11gevaertsIt never got out of "unstable"
04:24:30braewoodsi see
04:24:35braewoodsweird in any case
04:26:28braewoodsi guess speachy mainly wants to ensure no serious regressions
04:26:36gevaertsok, the build that's on there still works
04:26:44gevaertsThat's a start
04:27:09braewoodsok i'd get in touch with speachy then, since i think he's in a better position to debug it
04:27:43braewoodsi just wish we could find the rare H110 or H115
04:27:51braewoodsto test the new bootloader and such
04:27:55braewoodsit should work since it works in the H120+
04:28:06gevaertsYes, those are the dangerous ones...
04:28:18braewoodsthe rare units?
04:28:44gevaertsWell, those flashed bootloader ones without easy recovery
04:29:02braewoodsi actually found one but maybe just luck
04:29:26braewoodsit only works if the OF is still present and you have an original HDD installed
04:29:41braewoodsi used it to save my bacon when i was debuggin the H320 bootloader
04:29:58braewoodsthank you whoever wrote the reset cookie to try to boot the OF if boot hang occurred
04:31:49braewoodsgevaerts: you can update your H120s and H320s if you want. the latest bootloader has been out for awhile and works.
04:32:04braewoodsit fixes CF compatibility.
04:34:04gevaertsok, I can confirm that the current build doesn't boot on mr500
04:34:51braewoodsspeachy can troubleshoot the rest
04:35:04braewoodsfirst thing we should check is if the problem is similar to the gigabeat S one we patched
04:35:09gevaertsI'll try to bisect soon
04:35:21braewoodstry from before the toolchain last year
04:35:29braewoodsthen if it boots check the stack usage of threads
04:35:46braewoodsthe gigabeat S failed to boot because of stack overflow
04:35:54braewoodsmay as well check it here just to be sure
04:35:57braewoodsit's easy to check if you can boot
04:35:59 Join vmx [0] (
04:36:47braewoodsit's likely either a toolchain issue, lcd issue, or both
04:39:52gevaertsOh, right... toolchains were bumped "recently", right?
04:41:04braewoodsbilgus also redid LCDs which broke some stuff
04:41:16braewoodshard to say which is at fault here
04:41:39braewoodsaround october is when these hit
04:41:43braewoodsof last year
04:41:48gevaertsI think I'll try the current revision with old gcc to start witj
04:41:56braewoodsthat's not advisable
04:42:05braewoodswe started using new GCC features
04:42:11gevaertsI'll see :)
04:42:20braewoodsi presume it'll fail
04:42:24braewoodsbut ok
04:42:38gevaertsI mean, it depends on where the failures are
04:42:41braewoodsyou can also try dialing back optimizations
04:42:51braewoodsthe gigabeat S worked on -O1 but not -Os
04:43:05gevaertsWell, I don't have the new gcc yet, so might as well try this first before upgrading that
04:43:08braewoodsindeed it does
04:43:17braewoodsi'd start from a revision before GCC bump
04:43:22braewoodsjust to be sure that works
04:43:31braewoodsthe build you had is probably really old
04:43:57gevaertsthe gigabeat S fix is in a device-specific thread stack, so that fix isn't copyable
04:44:03braewoodsi know
04:44:08braewoodsbut it could be a similar problem here
04:44:21braewoodsbut no way to know until you start finding out where it first broke
04:45:16gevaertsoh, right, the reset pin on this thing needs opening the case...
04:45:36braewoods... wow that's stupid
04:45:47braewoodsdepending on where it was
04:45:54braewoodsi might just drill a hole in the case to acces it
04:46:55gevaertsworth considering :)
04:47:51braewoodsyea if i was developing fori t
04:48:03braewoodsi'd consider it if the reset thing was easy to access
04:48:17braewoodsmight install a button just to short the pins when i need to reset
04:49:15gevaertsOr didn't it have one? Oh well, it's open, I can disconnect the battery :)
04:51:12gevaertsYes, running 7f4c696-120226... That's not a new build exactly :)
04:58:14braewoods_bilgus: it seems like the fixes you applied boosted the H10's write speed by about 50%
04:59:31 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
04:59:49braewoodsi was getting like 5MB/s
04:59:52braewoodsnow it's like 7.5MB
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05:57:40_bilgusbraewoods, thats a pretty good boost
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06:32:54gevaertsLooking for boot-breaking bugs does have the advantage that testing doesn't take too much time :)
06:42:37speachygevaerts: it's the only tms320 target that even made it to the "unstable" list, with daily builds and everything.
06:44:25speachyIt's debatable whether or not it's worth even trying to fix this but if not, there's a pile of other targets that are equally undeserving
06:44:41gevaertsI should have a breaking revision soon. It's definitely from before the gcc update
06:45:21gevaertsIt's probably worth having a look at, but given its unstable status it shouldn't be a factor for a release decision
06:45:59speachywell, it's obviously been the first report of anyone using a build less than a year old on this thing.
06:48:59speachyall known issues so far are on unstable targets, or aren't regressions (eg the SSD issues on the ipods)
06:49:46speachyspeaking of which, seems the ipod6g still has SSD issues. probably because it has its own ATA driver and also powers down the ATA hardware/interface.
06:54:01gevaertsOh, bah. I wish we'd looked earlier...
06:54:05gevaertsI found again :)
06:55:17gevaertsThat concludes that the new toolchain doesn't have the problem I think?
06:56:08gevaertsspeachy: you may remember that better. I'm a bit confused after reading those logs
06:56:13speachyI suppose so. But I obviously completely forgot about that too
06:56:32speachymust have been from when I still had both toolchains sitting around
06:56:59gevaertsBut the report is that the current build doesn't work, so it presumably broke again after that?
06:57:22speachyso that seems like some sort of linking problem
06:58:01gevaertsWell, time to upgrade toolchains then :)
06:58:39speachythe problematic commit was never reverted.
06:59:25speachy(and that also explains the provenence of that build cereal_eater was using. it's something I built for him..)
06:59:46gevaertsNo, but the toolchain was upgraded, so if that fixed it the first time either something was shuffled again to break things the annoying way, or something else broke
07:02:27*speachy nods.
07:03:46speachyre-reading this log makes me wonder if the -1 build I supplied (new toolchain, then-git master) was actually booted up.
07:04:49braewoodsit may seem weird but i build my test builds on a server with ECC RAM
07:04:57braewoodsi'm a bit paranoid about consistency
07:05:00braewoodswith this kind of stuff
07:12:03speachyon my systems with ECC, I average less than one detected error a year
07:13:19speachyI suspect most of our builders aren't equipped with ECC. Though 2 of my 3 are.
07:13:25speachy(and the main server)
07:13:58speachyI take that back, all 3 are; the third is unbuffered ECC.
07:16:27braewoodsunlikely but i like it
07:16:55braewoodsi personally don't want to chase a phantom issue that was due to a flipped bit or something
07:18:08braewoodsspeachy: you know what i find funny on ebay?
07:18:26braewoodspeople selling stuff at inflated prices and then seeing that for the most part only the modestly priced ones sell
07:18:40braewoodsdo they not care about holding inventory indefinitely?
07:18:51*braewoods boggles
07:19:34speachydepends on how much they paid for it. and, especially after a certian point, if you need something specific, you're going to NEED it at any price.
07:20:54braewoodsi see these old Dell mp3 players
07:21:07braewoodsprobably some PP derivative
07:23:26 Part edhelas
07:23:40braewoodsthey still provide the OF
07:23:43braewoodslet's check the firmware
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07:27:30braewoodsnot a set of files...
07:27:34braewoodssome flash program?
07:33:28braewoodsseems someone already did research on it
07:35:24braewoodspossible port here but probably not worth it at this point
07:53:42gevaertsspeachy: if I revert b0de98ad and build current master it boots, so still the same issue. I have no idea why there was a working build in that debug session last year...
07:53:56gevaerts(with a fresh toolchain)
07:54:59braewoodsthe gba sp of mp3 players
07:56:47braewoodsgevaerts: sounds like we need a port specific workaround
07:56:55braewoodssince nothing else seems to be bothered by it
07:57:30braewoodsreminds me of when i was debugging H320 bootloader
07:57:39braewoodsit was an LCD optimization that broke it
07:58:09braewoodssince i'm not an expert on the port i ended up reintroducing the original code but only enabled for bootloader builds
07:58:26braewoodssince i didn't know how else to fix it
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08:14:31gevaerts fixes the issue for me, while still having working thumb builds (which is what b0de98ad fixed). The effect is that -lfirmware is now in the link cmdline twice
08:14:53gevaertsOf course all of this is magic, so I don't know if it breaks anything else now...
08:15:11speachyhmm, I never did like that thumb-cc hack
08:16:13gevaertsMy worry isn't thumb so much as knowing that link order broke the mr500 so I'm not sure changing link order again won't break something else
08:16:44speachyas Isaid in that earlier log all of this is a canary.. the RealProblem(tm) is something else
08:17:13speachymaybe some sort of symbol collision
08:17:28speachyso the ordering of linked libraries matters
08:19:11braewoodsspeachy: is it time to move our python scripts to 3?
08:19:26braewoodspython2 is being phased out
08:19:29speachyeverything in the normal build path is python3 clean
08:19:48braewoodsi see
08:19:50speachyI retired server-side python2-specific stuff
08:20:21braewoodsseems my H10 got scratched somehow during shipment or w/e
08:20:31braewoodsi'll try buffing it out of the metal
08:26:58speachyhuh, we only use that thumb script on the original clip, m200v4 and c200v2. Ie onr remaining 2mb targets.
08:27:12speachyand all it ultimately does is try compiling with and without thumb, to see which is smaller.
08:32:14gevaertsA naive search (objdump -t and then look for g or F) finds one "duplicate" symbol between libfirmware and libunwarminder, data_abort_handler, which is weak in libfirmware.a so I would expect the later one to be used anyway?
08:33:20gevaertsAnd I'd hope we're not hitting a data abort anyway
08:34:24gevaertsSo my guess is it's something else again
08:47:21_bilgusbraewoods probably more likely its time on my desk
08:49:17_bilgusI vaguely remember doing it for the clip+ as well?
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08:53:15speachy_bilgus: hmm?
08:59:30braewoods_bilgus: it just looked like someone took a razor blade to it
08:59:59braewoodsoh well, the problem is solved so small price to pay
09:00:37braewoodshuh seems the PPs that load entirely from their drives...
09:00:45braewoodsdon't even need the OF the way we pack it up
09:00:52braewoodsonly the rom bootloader remains OF
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09:01:25braewoods_bilgus: i was just thinking though, if not for the iPod using PP so heavily, i doubt we'd have any support for it
09:01:48braewoodswe have no cpu datasheet
09:02:03braewoodsif not for the ipods being such a big deal back in the day
09:02:15braewoodswe probably would have been unable to progress with it
09:02:50braewoodswe've had to make guesses about how it works just to get what we have
09:03:06braewoodswhich makes it hard to support some targets fully depending on how they choose to use IO pins
09:08:53_bilgusno I didn't use any metal to open it up I assume it arrived sealed with packing tape on the box and duct tape on the player bubble wrap?
09:09:47braewoods_bilgus: yea
09:09:56braewoods_bilgus: in any case, don
09:09:59braewoodsdon't worry about it
09:10:03braewoodsi don't really know how it happened
09:10:53braewoodsthe issue is solved and that's what matters
09:11:09braewoodsi can always buy a better one if i cared that much
09:11:37_bilgusthe ipods are still a big deal for now
09:11:51_bilgusstill no data sheets
09:12:10braewoodswhich is funny considering the PPs we care about are no longer really used
09:12:20braewoodsso what does holding onto them datasheets do for them
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09:16:33chris_sMaybe it's just my filter bubble, but I feel like iPods (and possibly Rockbox) are having at least a little bit of a revival. It's all relative of course. Pretty much everybody is streaming...or listening to vinyl I guess ;)
09:17:09braewoodshahaha streaming...
09:17:14*braewoods goes into a tunnel
09:17:20braewoods"Why did my audio cut out!?"
09:17:39braewoodsrockbox still has a niche
09:17:46braewoodsstreaming isn't going to work everywhere
09:21:05braewoodsplus i don't want to waste my cellular data on audio streaming given how they price it in the US
09:21:54chris_stbf, you can download tracks using Wifi on Spotify/Apple Music for offline listening, but yeah, there's some advantages still to "owning" your music...
09:23:19braewoodssame reason chrome books aren't going to replace PCs for everyone
09:23:33braewoodsor similar
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09:30:18braewoodsvery interesting
09:30:34braewoodsthe iriver h100 remote also works in a CD/MP3 player hybrid
09:30:36braewoodsiriver slimx
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