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#rockbox log for 2021-04-15

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07:02:12braewoodsthe main 2 regulars around here are bilgus and speachy
07:03:27tomeaton17hello :)
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07:03:56braewoodsspeachy: someone studying electronics stuff came to #learnprogramming so i thought i'd refer them here
07:04:03braewoodscould be mutually beneficial
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07:05:42braewoodstomeaton17: we have simulators or so for regular Linux or so hosts
07:05:57braewoodsbut if you want to develop for specific hardware you'll need it of course
07:06:18braewoodsi'm currently working on a few different ideas i've had
07:06:41braewoodsmostly extending old stable ports a bit or adding new USB driver functionality like MTP responder
07:07:28braewoodsspeachy would like to eventually have a BT stack but we haven't found any existing code we could use. usually licensing issues or so.
07:07:46braewoodswe primarily want classic BT stack not the newer LE kind
07:08:01braewoodsi think audio streaming was the intended use case
07:08:21tomeaton17I have worked with embedded BT before but never audio I don't suppose its too different
07:08:38tomeaton17just bytes at the end of the day
07:08:39speachysure, it's ultimately just another set of profiles.
07:08:40braewoodswell just getting a basic working stack we could use serial or something for testing would be a start
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07:09:20braewoodswe have a USB device software stack
07:09:22braewoods2.0 only
07:09:31braewoodsno point in 3.0 if we have no hardware with it
07:09:50speachythere are only three "viable" approaches for a BT stack; port bluez, port bluedroid, or effectively write our own.
07:10:17speachynone of the other stacks out there with the necessary functionality have compatible licensing.
07:12:04tomeaton17I see. well I have written my own bluetooth stuff before but nothing near a compliant BT stack.
07:12:25tomeaton17just enough for my applications
07:12:42braewoodswhich may be enough... we don't need everything in BT.
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07:13:41speachyunfortunately, implementing BT audio requires implementing nearly everything, getting that right, and implementing a ton of unofficial quriks.
07:14:06braewoodsi mostly work on our older ports like the iriver H120, H10...
07:14:31braewoodsipods are pretty popular still.
07:14:38braewoodsi suspect they're our most used ports.
07:14:41speachyaudio also touches on many areas that are "implementation defined" −− ie the process of actually setting up the audio parameters and shoveling around the audio data
07:15:19braewoodsmeaning it'd need to stick its tentacles in a lot of port specific code?
07:16:09speachyLots of stuff that doesn't have "standard" interfaces.
07:16:34braewoodsi see.
07:16:50speachy(standard from the BT perspective, that is. I suspect that, say, any remotely recent CSR bluetooth module works the same way)
07:17:21braewoodsalmost makes me think it'd be easier just to support some kind of indirection over USB
07:18:01braewoodswould be interesting if we could emulate the IAP over USB and get audio streaming over BT indirectly
07:18:05speachythere's a standard USB class for BT devices. Pretty much JustWorks(tm) but you still need a stack!
07:18:21braewoodsand pretty worthless for us since we don't have a host USB stack
07:18:38speachyQualcomm has bought up so many BT stacks and killed 'em.
07:19:00braewoodsso speachy, why can't we use BT LE?
07:19:05braewoodsit has no audio stuff?
07:19:17braewoodsor most of the third party stuff needs the other stack?
07:19:26speachybraewoods: because LE audio wasn't standardized until a couple of years ago.
07:19:32braewoodsi see.
07:19:42speachyso nothing outside of a handful of modern phones and very overpriced headsets implement it.
07:20:12braewoodsso it's too bleeding edge still
07:20:49speachyGranted, we could hook up an LE stack to the hardware that's in these hiby-based players, and use it to interact with LE stuff.
07:21:12braewoodsbut we still need regular BT
07:21:14speachyarguably more useful than a gameboy emulator. :)
07:21:25braewoodsor some kind of bridge
07:21:50braewoodswould be interesting if we could interface non-ipods with those BT accessory modules
07:21:52speachya "bridge" is a BT transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack.
07:22:00braewoodsor that lol
07:22:18mendel_munkisspeachy I use the gb emu on occasion, I don't have a bt capable device therefore it's less useful (to me)
07:22:54tomeaton17I will have time to look later this month once I have submitted my dissertation
07:23:04braewoodstomeaton17: sure, feel free to come back.
07:23:31braewoodsi'm mostly focused on cleaning up odds and ends.
07:23:46braewoodswe do have some outstanding issues that have kept some hardware from being fully supported
07:23:57braewoodsthose werid hybrid usb stack devices for one
07:24:23braewoodsa few ports have hardware and software USB and rockbox is only really setup for one or the other
07:24:48braewoodsfrom a weird transition period where Cypress ATA bridges were common to moving to CPU based USB.
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08:56:17speachy_bilgus: that big assortment of players went for $532 in the end. :)
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08:57:25_bilgusb little pricy for our intent
08:59:25_bilgusthose ipods went for like 360
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09:14:08speachyoh, FYI, since blacklisting those IP ranges the overall traffic has done down by over ~50%.
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09:16:13_bilgushmm so is this to be a shifty problem then?
09:18:11speachyit's been a growing issue; widely-distributed IP addresses crawling the site while using randomized user-agents. Can't see how that's legit.
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10:09:45speachyblbro[m]: random aside, rbutil isn't building for me; a linking error finding 'encode_file' from rbspeex
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10:16:04speachyand it's not immedately obvious why
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12:39:20ceuxis there a partition table avaialbe for the 160Gb classic ipods?
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14:19:55speachyceux: not that I'm aware of.
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14:45:52_bilguslooks like he found the bug in pictureflow I think I thought that buffer went in reverse like the other one? it might still
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15:09:06ceuxspeachy: so is, sorry, ipod 160gb not supported by rockbox?
15:09:51speachyno, it just means that there's no pre-made partition table for folks wanting to restore an ipod without using itunes.
15:10:12speachy(or at least there's not one hosted on the rockbox wiki..)
15:10:48speachyAfAIK none of the [semi-]active rockbox developers have access to a 6g/7g ipod of any sort.
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16:23:02copperceux: the last gen iPod Classic is definitely supported, I use one myself
16:23:57copperIt's been a while, so I don't remember how the installation goes, but I do remember it got a lot easier in the past couple of years.
16:24:46copperOne of the newer features is dual boot with Rockbox and the Apple OS
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20:32:22speachyhmm. the radio remote on the mini2g works... tunes okay, remote buttons work.. but no audio.
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