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#rockbox log for 2021-04-19

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08:56:56amachronicspeachy: I managed to get usb working on the fiio m3k, sort of
08:57:24amachronicit doesn't seem to respond properly though and never enumerates
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09:20:02speachy"sort of" eh?
09:22:15amachronicit appears that packets are recieved but idk if they're being recieved correctly,
09:22:28amachronicand wireshark shows the packets from the device are malformed
09:22:39amachronicthey've just got random lengths and no data.
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10:25:28braewoodssounds like corruption or something
10:26:09braewoodsi wonder if lowering the USB standard would help
10:29:33speachythe real question is what's getting sent on the wire; we can't trust a sw-based sniffer in this context.
10:30:36braewoodssounds like we need a special usb cable that has wires partially exposed
10:30:48braewoodsmaybe connected to a breakout board
10:31:20braewoodsor some usb monitor in the middle
10:31:33speachyI have a proper HW USB sniffer, but that doesn't do amachronic any good. :)
10:31:52braewoodswhat do they cost?
10:32:18amachronicturns out the setup data recieved on the m3k are just zeros
10:32:28speachyUSB 2.0 capable is on the order of $1K, give or take
10:32:37speachyUSB 3+ is a lot more
10:32:51braewoodsit doesn't sound like it should cost that much
10:33:40amachronicI don't think a hw sniffer should be needed.. it's more likely a simple hw configuration problem
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10:34:02braewoodshaving one would help but yea
10:34:33speachyDMA issue, most likely
10:34:51braewoodscan we bypass DMA for testing purposes?
10:35:22braewoodsafaik DMA is usually optional
10:36:36braewoodsspeachy: did you see the new post on the forums? they were trying to source a new player. i offered what little i could think of.
10:36:53speachy... given that the USB uses its own mastering DMA controller, I wonder if we might have to play games to enable it to work
10:37:25amachronicdo you know if the dwc2 core can use slave mode if it was built for DMA?
10:38:09braewoodsdoes fiio provide kernel source? can we use that to help us out?
10:38:16amachronicyeah but it's a mess
10:38:29braewoodsbetter than nothing
10:39:07braewoodsi've spent time digging through kernel source before
10:39:12braewoodsyou want me to look sometime?
10:39:21amachronicsure, always helps to have a 2nd pair of eyes
10:39:34braewoodsi've mostly written userspace C though
10:39:48amachronicI already checked the config in fiio's kernel, but not sure it's the right one
10:40:08braewoodsand it might be partially done from userspace
10:40:18braewoodsdo we have the userspace source as well?
10:40:30braewoodsbut all the hardware initialization should be done by the kernel
10:40:31speachyI'm pretty sure you can always use PIO, though the DWC2 driver might not be set up for that.
10:41:27amachronicwe don't have userspace source but the fiio player app is built with debugging symbols
10:41:36amachronicafaik there's not much else running on the OF
10:41:43braewoodsi see
10:41:50braewoodsso a bit blind
10:42:08braewoodsok, so we'll also need to monitor any userspace access points
10:42:21braewoodsioctl is a prime candidate for that
10:42:26braewoodsso is /sys
10:42:47braewoodsi can't think of any others of relevance
10:43:00amachronicgiven that the vortex port just does insmod dwc2 (and it works), it seems unlikely there's any userspace magic
10:43:12braewoodsthose are the main two ways to interact with hardware from userspace
10:43:24braewoodsthat isn't block device anyways
10:43:37amachronicoh, looks like it's a DMA problem
10:43:42amachronicI built with USB_DW_ARCH_SLAVE and it works
10:43:49amachronic(or at least something happened)
10:44:00braewoodswe'll want DMA if we can get it working
10:44:07braewoodsbut progress is progress
10:44:24braewoodsthe m3k is more powerful than many of our ports
10:44:33braewoodsmaybe we don't need DMA per say
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10:44:54amachronicI'm getting like 10 MiB/sec read speeds
10:45:02braewoodsso like 1.2 megabytes?
10:45:15amachronicno 10 megabytes = 10 * 1024 * 1024 bytes
10:45:15braewoodshow does that compare to stock FW?
10:45:39braewoodsit's possible the OF doesn't even use DMA
10:45:59braewoodsthat's still pretty respectable
10:46:15braewoodsthe best our older targets dcan do is around 13
10:46:58braewoodsif an unmodified m3k produces around the same
10:47:07braewoodsthat would be good to know
10:47:22braewoodsif it's much faster then we probably know it's using DMA
10:47:27amachronicwell, my OF won't boot right now, so I can't check
10:47:34braewoodsjust an idea
10:48:01braewoodsspeachy: i wonder if this will allow for dual booting later on.
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11:06:58amachronicthe OF can do 17-18 MiB/second
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17:12:50braewoodswhat do you make of what it says under 40 pin ZIF about gigabeat S?
17:13:05braewoodsi get the impression it's saying that the typical cheap adapters won't work
17:13:30braewoodsmakes me wonder if an iFlash would work
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19:27:39speachybraewoods: I can't comment beyond whatever it says..
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20:51:09se7enI have just installed Rockbox onto an iPod Nano g2
20:51:19se7enAttempting to open the game Doom has resulted in a kernel panic
20:51:29se7enI do not know how to turn off the device, or restart it
20:58:48se7enI believe I will have to wait for the recently charged battery to die
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21:37:20speachyse7en: there's a hard reset button combo. don't recall it offhand, but google will tell you what it is.
21:39:49se7enIt was Toggle Hold, then hold Menu + Center
21:41:32se7enIs there a way to configure one of those earbuds that have the controller on them to work with Rockbox?
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23:35:54_bilgusjeez that was a rabbit hole but luas do_menu −−analogue now has a way to pull in user colors and the buttons should be a bit better too
23:36:57_bilgusoh and icons!

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