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#rockbox log for 2021-04-20

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05:33:46braewoodsspeachy: in any case thanks for your answer. I bought the iflash adapter. i'm going to amend the wiki once I find out the truth.
05:33:57braewoodsif it don't work i'll use it in any player project later
05:34:17braewoodsif the gigabeat S won't work with any of the adapters then it should be noted as such.
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08:12:48speachygerrit's going down for a few, gotta do a security-related update.
08:29:50speachyfinal reindexing..
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08:36:18speachyshould be up now.
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08:37:24speachygitlab authentication still doesn't work right. sigh.
08:50:59*speachy pokes bluebot with a stick.
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09:17:19speachyok, dusted off g#2243, now with a proper manual entry.
09:22:58_bilgusI wonder just how much ram is occupied by the settings menus and such
09:23:27_bilguslike is it 250k?
09:25:09_bilgusI suppose I really need to wire voice in lua before that
09:25:26speachythe main settings struct is 6188 on the x3
09:25:51_bilgusso 6k
09:26:21_bilgusyeah thats a lonnnngggways from 250
09:26:44_bilgusalthough I need to see once I dump the lcd workarounds
09:27:10speachyeach menu has its own struct..
09:27:56speachywhich add up
09:28:00_bilgusoh so potentially more savings
09:28:44speachyand there's and each menuitem also is defined separaely.
09:29:46speachyoh, this is just for the menu/settings code; the actual runtime settings are in a different struct.
09:30:18speachyjust shy of 1.3K on the X3.
09:32:04_bilgusfigure the interpreter runs in 25k full loaded but the binary is in ram too and thats like 150 -300 k depending on target
09:32:30speachyif I had to guess, I'd say on the order of 25K for the settings definition structs. plus more code to manipulate 'em.
09:32:30_bilgusthats why I figured ram overlay would work here
09:33:11_bilguswe can load off the main binary and then have a slimmed down version with just the interpreter
09:34:43speachyseems to be a lot of additional complexity
09:36:27_bilgusit'd allow some pretty easy to configure menus
09:36:42_bilgusbut not at the current memory footprint
09:37:30_bilgusI'm more interested in the them side though
09:38:06speachyyou mean redo the theme engine in lua or whaenot?
09:38:28speachythat seems like a pretty good idea IMO
09:38:33_bilgusthats where it would be especially welcome
09:38:55speachyperformance isn't so critical in that context and ... the theme code frightens me.
09:39:21_bilgusin that scenario I could load a plugin an set up the engine in-situ
09:39:45speachyditching that for lua is probably better-suited for tiny RAM targets too
09:40:17_bilgusif I could stand it up in *not the plugin* buffer itwould be win win
09:40:48speachythere's a good case to be made to doing our entire UI within lua.
09:40:59_bilgusya know that way it wasn't stopping you from using plugins
09:41:21speachyhow large is the lua interpreter?
09:41:40speachy(if we pulled it directly into the core)
09:41:42_bilguswell thats why I was exploring this I would like to have lua in core I justdon't know if its a good fit in the ram we have available
09:41:56_bilgusright now 150-350 k
09:42:07_bilgusbut theres 100k of modules
09:42:17_bilguscompiled in
09:42:42_bilgusissue being that theres no mmap
09:42:54_bilgusoverlays get around that
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09:43:18speachyon most targets it's not likley to be an issue. on oru handful of 2MB targets it probably is, and on the new crop of the likes of atj2127 or rknano even 250K total is far too large.
09:43:47speachy(those things make _very_ heavy use of overlays)
09:44:03_bilgus8 mb < less == no go probably
09:44:35speachy(but other than an exercise in masochism I really don't see the point in trying to make something-called-rockbox fit on one of those things..)
09:44:57speachy(even _if_ we had full hw docs)
09:45:24_bilgusdepends on just how many parsing engines we rip out I count 2 off the top themes, settings but i'm forgetting at least one more
09:46:33_bilgusmaybe the better bet is to use lua for generating the themes
09:46:59_bilgusidk I really thing the theme engine would still need rewritten
09:48:57_bilgusI think the core of lua is pretty small I wonder how much can be pushed out after setup
09:50:24speachymake the themes themselves lua code?
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09:50:47_bilguswell generated lua machine code
09:51:09_bilgusthey call it the byte compiles source or something
09:51:33speachyah, so not native to the CPU you mean
09:51:37_bilgusits the code that runs in the main loop with the virtual op codes
09:52:02_bilgusyeah we have to compile on the native then run the bytecode
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09:53:49_bilgusI actually ripped the loader part of that out since we have no use currently
09:54:22_bilguscurrently we compile the bytecode on the fly
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11:20:19amachronici saw you're discussing lua −− I'm curious if luajit might be an option?
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12:18:37ceuxalright in my quest to rockbox this 160gig ipod classic
12:18:44ceuxi installed a virtualmachine for XP
12:18:50ceuxinstalled itunes 7.0.2 per the instructions
12:18:57ceuxto reformat it from HFS to FAT32 right
12:19:09ceuxofc itunes now complains it can't conenct to the update server (XP does have internet).
12:19:17ceuxso... still looking for ideas on how to reformat this thing to fat32
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12:25:46speachyonly suggestoin I have is to try a newer version of itunes.
12:26:06speachybut itunes shouldn't need to talk to the mothership to restore the ipod...
12:26:12speachyat least not by my recollection
12:27:27speachyanyone out there with a working sansa fuzev2? I'm curious if the harware can tell if the headphoes are inserted or not
12:27:33speachy(ie to a gpio)
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12:34:49ceuxYes, I tried itunes 12.X and it worked!
12:34:58ceuxgod i forgot how GOOD itunes 7 was compared to the shit today.
12:35:09ceuxk so it's fat 32. time to do this shit!
12:38:15ceux/dev/sdc1 on /media/ipod type vfat
12:38:18ceuxvery good.
12:41:09ceuxalright,now rockbox utilitiy says pick my mountpoint, but there's not a place to do so
12:41:35ceux"Select your device in the filesystem" gives me diddly squat and i can't pick a path by hand
12:47:55ceuxah got it, need to run as root, since that whole drive has root permissions.
12:48:13ceux-o rw,uid=xxx,gid=xxx next ti8me
12:53:02_bilgusamachronic I briefly looked into lua jit but it has a lot of machine specific code
12:53:21_bilgusread asm
12:54:18_bilgusI'm not familar enough with the processors it doesn't support to add it an dthe codebase in foreign enough that I wouldn't really know what to write if I did
12:54:54_bilgusand MikePall is no longer developing it either, also lua 5.2+ use sooooo much more ram
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12:55:46_bilgusnot saying its the same but thats why I choose to stay with 5.1
12:55:57_bilgusnot jit compatibility..
12:57:21_bilgusI actually pulled some stuff from 5.2 when I did my big year long push to make lua viable
13:00:29ceuxalright, this installation is just hanging at 10% without any useful output
13:00:34ceuxwhat's the way to debuginstallations?
13:01:29_bilgus speachy I gace a savsa Fuze v2
13:01:36_bilgushave a sansa*
13:02:09speachycan you see if inserting/removing the headpones shows up in the debug hwinfo gpio dump?
13:03:04ceuxoh, i need to hand eject it
13:03:26_bilgusnothing that is currently mapped chnages
13:03:39_bilgusill try playing a song jic
13:04:15speachyok. just trying to dust off some of my old gerrit patches, and that lineout toggle thing was one of them. It occurred to me that we could have LO toggle based on the inverse of headphone detection
13:04:28speachybut the port doesn't have that feature
13:05:19_bilgusnope I don't see anything doesn't mean its not a short pulse though
13:07:30speachynaw, I'd expect a level shift
13:07:44speachythe audio codec header doesn't seem to have any indications of HP detection either.
13:08:10speachythe PP targets (that integrated the as3514 codec) use a separate gpio for HP detect
13:09:13_bilgusI think the clip+ did
13:09:22_bilgusoh no nm thats the fuze+
13:10:15speachyyeah, this is specifically a fuzev2 thing
13:10:18_bilgusso yeah though the zip has the later as chip
13:10:33_bilgus3520 or something
13:11:42ceuxalright, got somewher sort of
13:11:47ceux"cant load rockbox.ipod"
13:11:51ceuxentering usb mode... bootloader usb mode...
13:11:57ceuxdo i need to reinstall the bootloader or the rockbox install ?
13:12:03speachythe latter
13:12:25_bilgushard part is done
13:12:47speachyjust need to unzip to the root of the ipod HDD
13:13:35ceuxback to installer -> check rockbox -> install?
13:14:15speachythat should do it
13:14:22speachygo for a nightly or dev build though
13:14:24ceuxdrwxr-xr-x 12 root root 16384 Apr 20 13:10 .rockbox
13:14:28ceuxsick !
13:14:48ceuxspeachy: do i need the dev rockbox bootloader a well?
13:15:01ceuxok... so
13:17:08speachy_bilgus: there's also the old g#1555
13:17:14ceuxgood shit, fsck is bitching
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13:18:41ceuxspeachy: WOWZAS
13:18:43ceuxi got it!
13:18:51ceuxnow how tf do i make this font bigger ^_^
13:20:27_bilgusI thought the vol step stuff had already been fixed for those targets?
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13:37:59ceuxis there a way that 'menu' can mean "go up a navigational level" on my ipod?
13:40:57_bilguswith a patch I haven't completed yet
13:41:29ceuxa second question
13:41:38ceuxcan i change it from "Database" to something like "Music?"
13:41:43_bilgusif you compile your own builds you can do it by changing keymaps
13:42:04_bilgussame for he latter you change the lang strings
13:42:07ceuxis that roughly trivial for someone who's familiar with compiling, programming etc?
13:42:22ceuxok next Q: everytime i click on my db, it loads
13:42:27ceuxor like, has to reload or something
13:42:49ceuxsays "Searching..."
13:43:04_bilgusonce the db is built (assuming you don't add more songs) then it just reloads the work it did before
13:43:42ceuxso what does the menu button do
13:43:46ceuxjust go to the top menu?
13:43:51_bilgusdoes it splash a message like bleh 1/9
13:44:12ceux_bilgus: it says "Searcihng... 0 found PLAY/PAUSE to abort"
13:44:28_bilgusoh then it hasn't even finished building it
13:44:36ceux ok
13:44:41ceuxcan i just do that forcibly
13:44:46_bilguseiter you need to set up folders for it
13:45:13_bilgusor if there is an issue on ipods build it in a sim
13:45:41ceux seems ok
13:45:47ceuxi fiddled with the settings and now its loading immedaitely
13:45:57_bilgusI don't ipod so IDK wht the current keymap is like but like I sai I have a patch that should allow you to set them if you don't want to compile
13:46:27ceux"back" goes "up"
13:46:44ceuxipods normam interface is "menu" is up, "hold menu" is main menu
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13:47:04_bilgustry plugins/demo/lua_scripts and see if how those menus act seems more like it
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13:47:54_bilgus I just have left and right mapped to exit/enter a menu and up/dn to go up and down
13:48:14_bilgusanyways bbl lunch is over
13:48:52ceuxcan i mono mix?
13:49:41amachronic_bilgus: luajit would probably need a lot of patching to get it to work on rockbox anyway
13:49:51amachronicit was just a thought... I've used in the past on x86
13:51:07amachronicbut I'm definitely a fan of using more lua for the UI stuff
13:54:46ceuxthis is very good, thnak you _bilgus for the help
13:54:48ceuxrockbox maybe
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13:55:40ceuxis there a decent torrent software the integrates with any type of search
13:55:54ceuxbeyond just provide a magnet link and search manually in my browser and move things over to the torrent software as i go
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17:06:46saratogaI don't think any of the ams devices had headphone detection
17:07:31saratogaIt also wasn't clear how they detected the pin that gets pulled up when you plugged into a dock since it wasn't gpio
17:07:38speachydidn't look like it, based on their config.h
17:09:11saratogaI always thought there was some undocumented pin they used, sandisk made a few changes to the silicon for storage, so entirely possible that added some random io as well
17:09:18saratogaFor line out
17:10:00saratogaWas never motivated enough to disassemble the firmware for the handful of dock devices out there
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20:58:11LaughingRav3n48I attempted to install Rockbox using the utility onto my Ipod Classic 7th Generation upon completing installation it had me reboot my Ipod Classic and came back with Rockbox.ipod not found however I can't use the utility to run it again and load rockbox onto it or even undo the install because once I plug it in Windows 10 comes back saying the USB
20:58:11LaughingRav3n48device has malfunctioned it won't detect the Ipod so I can't choose a mount point. Anyone have any fixes?
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21:10:27LaughingRav3n48After a bit of tinkering getting the bootloader to exit USB mode and prompt for the restart I held the MENU+SELECT for what seems like an eternity and it went into the bootloader for a second before dumping out and going into ipod recovery mode now I am able to restore back to factory defaults and attempt to reinstall rockbox.
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