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#rockbox log for 2021-04-24

00:02:52fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 557ff6a981, 298 builds, 9 clients.
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00:27:33shuteye1Bilgus: aaBilgus: if I'm interpreting your words correctly, there's a bug that needs to be resolved? Can you give me any pointers on what to look for in changelogs etc to know when its fixed?
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01:44:07_bilgusspeachy migh be able to tell you
01:44:23_bilgusprobably check back in a day or two
02:00:29shuteye1Bilgus: thanks much!
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06:11:42speachyshuteye1: the headphone detection switch sometimes thinks something is plugged in
06:11:58speachyhappens with me occasionally too
06:13:35speachythe volume drop is because the LO and HP jacks are tied to the same DAC output −− the LO level is "max volume" but that would blow out eardrums on the HP jack so the latter is _always_ prioritized.
06:14:29speachy(ie when HP is not inserted, we ignore the set volume, but if HP is inserted at any time, we drop down to the set volume)
06:15:24speachyI'm not sure why it doesn't recover cleanly afterwards, but it's gone from a couple-times-a-day thing to maybe once-every-two-weeks on my player so I haven't been motivated to dig into that vs other bugs.
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09:39:04speachyThe Zishan T1 has a rockbox port, apparently done by the manufacturer.
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09:41:38speachyit's a variation of that STM32-based player platform, except using a resitive touchscreen for UI.
09:41:51speachySTM32 + FPGA + high-ish-end DAC.
09:43:44speachywell, CPLD. I wonder if the CPLD is running the codec?
09:46:33speachyno source code.
09:52:02speachyNo build-info, but the config file claims to have been generated 2019-08-02. Bundles the 'rayboradio_ypr0' theme
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09:56:53speachybelay that; zishan only put out one release, dated 20190802, everything since then has been folks repacking it with better defaults and themes.
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10:00:10braewoodsspeachy: doesn't really help us unless there's a fair number available for purchase AND we can integrate their port somehow
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10:00:41speachythere's a lot of stuff out there based on that same basic hardware design.
10:00:46_bilguslooks like cheap plastic too and TS :/
10:01:18speachybut regardless of the utility of the player, the source code is an obligation, not an option.
10:01:28braewoodsyea, but who would you contact?
10:01:38speachyin practical terms there's f-all we can do about it.
10:02:10_bilgusobligation implies shunfun shing can be found
10:02:23speachyI've wanted to do an experimental port to an STM32-based devel board. Why reinvent the wheel unnecessarily?
10:02:36johnb7 has some low res pictures of the boards
10:02:52braewoodsknowing the chinese they've probably already moved to a new alias
10:02:53speachybut. I do have a mind to contact any US-based resellers and inform them this device is infringing my copyright.
10:02:57_bilgusthey were open in this province Q6 but his cousin owns it now sorry they do enema machines
10:03:13braewoodsspeachy: i thought that was only if they ship with rockbox firmware.
10:03:25braewoodsif they only provide it as a download after sale
10:03:29braewoodsnot much to do there?
10:03:58_bilgustrue and if so then thats the same grey area we play in
10:04:27speachytrue, but if they claim rockbox support that's another matter.
10:06:25amachronichey speachy, do you have any objections to me using UCL compression for the M3K bootloader?
10:06:30speachyI'm actually surprised this hasn't popped up on our forums earlier.
10:06:45speachyamachronic: nope; IIRC we do compressed BL payloads for a lot of other targets
10:07:12amachronicokay, afaict it seemed like archos was the only user so I wasn't sure if you planned on axing it.
10:07:20amachronic(and archos is dead now of course)
10:08:25speachyamachronic: it's used in the AMS targets too
10:09:42speachyback to the Zishan stuff −− we're the ones whose reputation suffers due to zishan's buggy port.
10:11:25speachypretty sure there were never any RB trademark registered.
10:12:13speachymaybe it's time.
10:12:17*speachy sighs.
10:13:47_bilgusamachronic, <3 UCL
10:14:27_bilgusdid you read his writeup on it?
10:16:01amachronicnope, but I experimented with UCL early on and it produces _very_ good results for such a small decompression routine.
10:16:16amachronic(as in: early in my adventures with the m3k port)
10:18:22_bilgusI didn't make the original self expanding bootloader for the AMS but I really like it
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10:19:26_bilgusmy intro was from the pc side UPX
10:20:09_bilgusactually GPS stuff on wince
10:20:32_bilgusI guess thats hoiw I started doing this hacking magellans and egos
10:20:44braewoods so why UCL instead of deflate?
10:21:03_bilgusthe ram footprint
10:21:04braewoodscode size
10:22:11_bilgusmortscript sound familar to anyone?
10:23:05_bilgusoh miopocket
10:26:46_bilgusspeachy the whole not having the player on our site makes it kinda apparent its not our port similar to how it started with xvortex i suppose
10:29:57johnb7amachronic, I also got me a m3k. Initially, I didn't like the handling at all: too slim for my hands, the buttons hardly can be felt. Only if you have the silicone cover, it gets much better. I haven't installed RB yet.
10:30:26johnb7*have the cover on
10:30:38amachronicyeah I feel the same way about it. Without the cover it feels really cheap.
10:31:29amachronicI also don't like the fact it's basically unserviceable. Unlike ipods nobody will be fixing these up for 10+ years
10:31:35johnb7have you run a batterybench yet?
10:31:53amachronicNope, I just copied from the m3k linux port.
10:32:15amachronicI've been plugging mine in & out a lot so I don't have time, but the current numbers aren't very good.
10:33:25speachy_bilgus: honestly all I ultimately want is that these 3rd party builds make it clear it's not provided/supported by us, and adhere to the GPL source requirements.
10:33:55speachyand if I had to pick just one, it would be the latter.
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13:21:31chris_sIs there an easy way to not have Rockbox turn on the display backlight when shutting down (automatically)?
13:21:35chris_s(on iPods, if that makes a difference)
13:21:39chris_sGetting rid of line 967 in firmware/powermgmt.c doesn't seem to do it.
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13:39:42shuteye1Speachy: thanks for your answer this morning re: XDuoo x3 line out volume dropping. I totally get that there are other bugs that can be replicated reliably that are far more worth your time, but since this is occurring on my newer model player (2000 MAH variant), is there any output logs etc that I can provide should other instances of the bug
13:39:43shuteye1start surfacing in future?
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13:42:38chris_sFound a previous commit:  apparently this was reverted a few hours later
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14:41:06chris_sok, found it. I think...seems to fall through to backlight_update_state() when shutting don:
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16:31:25speachyshuteye1: What's _probably_ happening is that the "hp insert" and "hp removed" events are overlapping, with the latter getting lost while we're still deailing with the former.
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16:55:51speachythere is debounce logic in there but I haven't figured out the exact failure sequence yet
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21:07:33mendel_munkisspeachy: I don't have enough knowledge/opinions (and am not involved enough with the project) to have an answer to most of the points raised in your email, however I will say that if we do go the trademark route I am willing to help defray the costs of obtaining said trademark.
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