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#rockbox log for 2021-05-03

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09:23:48calebccffRetr0id: on the ipod6g it's firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/crt0.S, i'd imagine it's similar for other ipods
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11:43:08Retr0id - is it just me, or is it a bit strange to do the copy-to-IRAM *before* the CPU/COP fork?
11:43:28Retr0idwon't the copy loop end up running in parallel on both cores, causing duplicate writes for no real reason?
11:45:15Retr0idcompared to ipodloader2, which sleeps the COP prior to the copy loop
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12:40:58speachyhmm. I vaguely recall the two CPUs having different IRAM banks, but that does seem unlikely.
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16:10:10RafiXHmm, I seem to have a problem. I was getting music on my clip+, but it showed a kernel panic, screen went black and nothing happens now
16:10:29fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 4f83e66cd4, 298 builds, 8 clients.
16:11:56RafiXOh, nevermind. Just came back to life
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16:14:53bertrikRafiX: if the power button no longer works, you can try just holding the power button for > 10 seconds to trigger a hard shutdown, then power on again
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17:58:54iloAre any of the new Sandisk clip (sport, jam etc) players going to be supported?
18:00:10iloI had a Sandisk Clip Zip however the battery died, I don't see any Clip, Clip+ or Clip Zip's for sale but tons of the new models
18:00:14bertrikat least highly unlikely
18:00:27ilowhat are the reasons why they will not be supported?
18:01:07bertriki think the clip sport had weird hardware, not as capable as the earlier clips
18:01:45ilothe Clip Jam looks even simpler, smaller screen and b/w
18:02:28iloAre there any other similar devices from other manufacturers that are supported (similar size with sd card support)?
18:04:53bertrikI don't know, mp3 players are not really being manufactured anymore
18:05:23bertrikmaybe you can find secondhand apple nano's
18:05:43bertrikbut not all models are supported, the older ones are
18:06:05iloI found an article on Linux Magazine that suggested a Sandisk Clip sport is just a rebranded clip zip
18:06:23iloIt seems to be suggesting it might work:
18:06:25iloHowever, if a music player is not listed as being supported on the project site’s home page, check the forums. Sometimes, a model may be a repackaging of an earlier device. For example, while the SanDisk Clip Sport is not listed as supported, it turns out to be merely a rebranded SanDisk Clip Zip.
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18:06:59iloDo those Nano's accept sd cards?
18:07:57 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
18:08:41bertrikI'm pretty sure that the clip sport is quite different from a clip zip
18:11:48iloI will go look in the forums to see if anyone else has tried it
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18:13:33ilo doesn't appear to have a search function
18:13:57ilonevermind found it
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18:25:29_bilgusclip zip and fuze+ were the last sandisk players capable of running rockbox no sports or later are
18:25:48_bilgusnot enough ram..
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18:41:24braewoodsilo: is that all you're looking for in a player?
18:41:38braewoodssmall size?
18:43:16braewoodsilo: I have some iRivers I could sell you if you don't mind their larger size.
18:43:38braewoodsAssuming you live in the US so shipping is reasonable.
18:44:05ilothanks for the offer but yeah I am specifically looking for small + sd card
18:44:37braewoodsI see. too bad. Try looking for some of the newer ports. Maybe the Xduoo x3
18:44:41braewoodsit uses SD card.
18:46:03braewoodsthe most recent ports are still under development
18:47:44braewoodsbut yea, most of the older ports are like smart phone size
18:48:11braewoodsthe only remotely tiny one is the ones that use CF cards
18:48:24braewoodsthe ipod mini and philips gogear HDD1630
18:48:28braewoodsfor example
18:48:48braewoodsno SD card but you can still upgrade the internal storage very high
18:49:06braewoodssd card only matters imho if you have to replace the storage often or so
18:50:56iloxduo looks interesting stil much larger than the clips its too bad Western Digital ruined them, ive owned several over the years all with rockbox it was a great combo
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18:56:34saratogaThe Sport, etc are rebrands of some generic Chinese MP3 players, not of the Zip
18:56:48saratogaeverything in them is made by a different company
18:57:22saratogaCPU doesn't even run the same instruction set and they have no DRAM, so zero chance the Zip port will work on them
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19:21:22FroggestSpiritHello, I'm trying to build the Fiio M3K native port, and get this error:
19:21:22FroggestSpiritfatal error: sysfont.h: No such file or directory
19:28:15saratogatry make clean and see if it goes away
19:29:43FroggestSpiritoh wow, that worked. I didn't think to try that since it was my first build. Thanks!
19:30:06FroggestSpiritmaybe because I tried building once before I had the mips toolchain set up
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19:32:05iloThanks saratoga for the details, that is sad news, I loved the rockbox + clip combo and there doesn't appear to be anything similar replacing it.
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19:34:14iloagptek looks to have a similar product does anyone know if a port has been tried for this model? Does it have any DRAM?
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20:14:43saratogasome of the apgtek players have ports
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20:24:04speachyThe Clip Jam, Clip Sport, Clip Sport Plus, and Clip Sport Go will never see a rockbox port.
20:25:43speachyI think that's even in the rockbox FAQ somewhere
20:26:53speachyilo: There are a _ton_ of players built on the same basic hw platform (Actions ATJ21x7) . Another popular low-end SoC is Rockchip's RKNano series.
20:27:41speachyneither can run rockbox, at least not without cutting out most of the features folks expect and completely redoing the internal architecure along the way
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21:47:14_bilgusso like not really worth it on our end but maybe someone else might
21:47:23_bilgusdoubtful though
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21:52:12fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 489a5f3ff7, 298 builds, 7 clients.
22:13:52fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 1300 seconds.
22:13:56fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 489a5f3ff7 result: 0 errors 62 warnings
22:17:48speachy_bilgus: we almost had a clean board. :/
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22:47:53_bilgusahh haha
22:48:15_bilgusI was looking at that code earlier like well its workjing so it must be right
22:48:42_bilgusI have another commit I'm gonna add to that I'll fix it too
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23:14:46fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 9b2f23319c, 298 builds, 7 clients.
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