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#rockbox log for 2021-05-06

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13:46:06mendel_munkisdoes the sim automatically throttle itself to run at the same speed as the target?
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14:45:08mendel_munkisis there any good way to test speed differences in a port I don't own?
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15:08:46_bilgusmendel_munkis, not really I mean you can compare between two runs and say its slower
15:08:58_bilgusbut its usually different code on the target
15:09:09_bilgusso different sizes different asm
15:10:23mendel_munkisI have two approaches to g3385 I know the one on gerrit is smaller but I would like to see which is faster.
15:10:37_bilgusIN theory apple to apples
15:10:44_bilgusso that should be fine
15:11:20mendel_munkiswhat's apples to apples?
15:11:49_bilgusdo code1 on sim do code 2 on sim code 2
15:11:58_bilgusis slower?
15:12:07mendel_munkisoh I see.
15:12:50_bilgusbut to quantify that in regards to the target?? eh its still slower but how mnuch no idea
15:13:18_bilgusat least in my experience thus far slow code is just even slower
15:13:37mendel_munkisbut I just realized that it won't help. the function is never called in the sim.
15:14:09_bilgusforce it
15:14:19_bilgusliek run it in a loop
15:15:06mendel_munkisgiven that the sim doesn't have the same rtc as say a nano 2g that would probably just crash.
15:15:45_bilgusyeah in that case break it out to a plugin and have a user run it
15:16:19_bilgusdo 50x and just check current_tick at the ends
15:17:33mendel_munkisthanks for the help.
15:18:15_bilgusnp :)
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15:50:56saratogaperformance is often a lot different on various embedded CPUs
15:51:07saratogaso its best to benchmark on the real device or something with similar cpu
15:51:16saratogaits why i have like 15 different players
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16:03:44speachyif all we're talking about is 3385, there's nothing remotely performance-critical going on there, just a bit of extra work done on every RTC read?
16:07:09mendel_munkisI just don't know how performance critical RTC reads are.
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17:16:56speachymendel_munkis: we read the RTC at most once per second.
17:18:34speachynot queried in any hot code; probably the only place where it might matter even a little is in the skin rendering code.
17:19:27speachy...and draw_statusbar()
17:20:17speachyso yeah, no performance impact beyond the slight bump in overall code size.
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