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#rockbox log for 2021-05-10

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07:39:21desowinI have managed today to successfully exploit Sansa Connect bootloader bug!
07:39:47desowinBasically it means arbitrary code execution without much hassle
07:40:30desowinall that is needed is just recovery tool (e.g. zsitool on my github) and crafted images
07:41:05desowinI will update rockbox bootloader and then write up about the bug on zsitool (and add exploit option)
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08:00:25desowinI actually found the bug many years ago (as it is listed on Rockbox wiki), but only now, thank to Ghidra I understood bootloader well enough to exploit it
08:06:56braewoodsdesowin: not sure the point of that one is relative to the other sansa ports other than it having wifi which we currently can't use?
08:07:17gevaertsThe point is that it's *there* :)
08:08:30braewoodsoh wow. no usb connectivity?
08:09:19braewoodsor does that just mean its MTP only?
08:09:30speachyit means the USB driver isn't written
08:09:53braewoodsoh i meant the OF
08:11:20braewoodsis this 802.11b only?
08:11:27braewoodsgiven the age i wonder
08:12:49braewoodswe'd probably just disable the wifi chip due to how outdated it is
08:17:14speachyand that whole lack of a stack thing
08:18:05speachy(well, I suppose I could be convinced to write the fourth wifi stack of my career...)
08:18:25braewoodsthough with few ports to use it
08:18:29braewoodswhy bother for now?
08:18:35braewoodsplus we'd need a use case for it
08:18:54braewoodsor what?
08:18:57braewoodswhat would be the benefit?
08:19:05speachystreaming audio, of course.
08:19:27braewoodsfair enough.
08:19:32gevaertsOr even pre-downloading audio, think podcasts
08:19:33speachybut that would also need a tcp/ip stack, TLS, and http clients too. :)
08:19:47braewoodsthere's plenty of TLS/http stuff we can borow
08:19:54braewoodsthe tricky part is the whole stack
08:20:01gevaertsI know someone who can help with a http library :)
08:20:47speachynot my first rodeo on those fronts either... :D
08:21:57speachybut there aint' a lot of oomph on this TMS320 to begin with.
08:29:27braewoodsself-updating rockbox would be cool but again
08:29:37braewoodsnot much point w/o a target
08:29:57braewoodsor even just the ability to update over wifi
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11:31:05desowinbraewoods: Sansa Connect Rockbox port was my B.Sc.Eng. project. I graduated in January 2012 with the hardware modification and initial port (what's current state)
11:31:51desowinBasically I always felt that it must be possible to run unsigned code without resorting to hardware modifications, so that topic kept bugging me from time to time
11:33:00desowinspeachy: AFAIK the Marvell chip does run the WiFi stack. You just need generic handling of things like connect to network, provide password but the chip does the low level stuff. LWIP with mbedTLS should be enough.
11:33:38speachyyep, I figured when I saw it was the libertas stuff.
11:34:02desowinAt work I have used Marvell 8787 (802.11g) which even had Marvell OS independent driver available
11:34:13speachythough 802.11b-only makes it not likely to actually _work_ with a typical hotspot these days
11:34:36desowinand as I remember, the power consumption was lower when the 8787 firmware was loaded as opposed to keeping the chip in reset
11:34:45speachyhah, that's funny
11:35:07desowinit imght be the case with 8686 as well, as Rockbox drains battery faster than OF
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12:14:47amachronic_bilgus: (since I figure you might know) is there any reason to allow softlock only on the WPS? I'm trying to fix a bug see g#3409
12:14:49fs-bluebotGerrit review #3409 at : Always allow screen to be unlocked when it is locked by Aidan MacDonald
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12:27:06speachyamachronic: how does that compare to g#3229 ?
12:27:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #3229 at : Allow Softlock to happen in most contexts by Dana Conrad
12:31:52amachronicDidn't test that... it appears it would fix the problem though.
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12:55:54amachronicokay, I did some digging in the git history, and afaict having keylock only on WPS has been a thing since the earliest days of Rockbox. Even predating the existence of button_hold.
12:59:30amachronicperhaps we can simply allow softlock everywhere, except plugins. Just ignore input at the level of action.c emulating the hold switch behavior more closely.
13:00:06speachyseems sane, yep
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14:24:54_bilgusonly reason it wasn't used in other contexts is because it was originally only active in the WPS and I kept it that way for performance reasons
14:25:04_bilgus@ amachronic
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14:36:03braewoodsdesowin: makes sense; it's probably more energy efficient to put a chip into its proper sleep state.
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