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#rockbox log for 2021-05-17

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08:18:08_bilgus if (timeout >= TIMEOUT_BLOCK && cycles < 2 ) // Might need to be timeout > TIMEOUT_BLOCK??
08:18:09_bilgus cycles++
08:18:09_bilgus continue
08:18:35_bilgusdconrad (logs) I found it /* get action timeout returns immediately on first call */
08:18:36_bilgus<_bilgus> the bug in I found in lua but I think its probably the same deal in the code discussed LN
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08:52:14OctaneHow do you upload an update to a theme on the theme site?
09:05:04speachyamachronic: finally updated the m3kboot stuff.
09:05:06_bilgusare you the original author?
09:07:32OctaneWell, it's a mod of an existing theme, but it's allowed by the license, I've uploaded it before but then I realized that I have an update.
09:07:38_bilgusthen you should b able to use the same creds and reupload it
09:07:46_bilgus*if you remember* that being the hard part
09:07:53OctaneSo I just reupload it, and it will replace the old version?
09:08:04_bilgusit used to?
09:08:11speachywhat ^^ said
09:08:24OctaneI mean, there's no credentials you enter, just credits. So it would have to be done manually I assume.
09:08:33speachyas far as I'm aware it still works; at least other themes have been updated since I took over hosting
09:08:47OctaneAlright, great. I'll take some new screenshots one of these days and upload the new version.
09:10:23_bilgusi think it keys on the author email i meant credentials not credits sorry
09:10:43speachyover the past year I've fixed a few issues with the themesite but for the most part it JustWorks(tm).
09:10:54OctaneAlright, fantastic.
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09:11:18speachy(I do need to finish porting it off of sqlite though... would make it a bit more resilient under bot-induced load..)
09:12:14_bilgusits snappy as hell already minus the occasional hiccup
09:12:37_bilgusthats probably the blocking you did
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09:16:14speachyI cleaned out a large pile of obsolete themes and redid some of the DB indices.
09:16:56speachybasically the site grew well beyond its original intent. :)
09:18:51speachycome to think of it the wiki has been a lot more responsive too since I purged all of the old twiki compatibility stuff.
09:20:55speachywasn't just the big IP block bans
09:56:16_bilgusSo I've been posting, trying to get more information about RB and Sandisk clip players. I have a clip sport, but have actually seen that the clip zip patch works
09:56:37_bilgus'I have a clip sport, but have actually seen that the clip zip patch works'
09:57:00_bilgusis this the sam person or are there multiple people that claim this
09:57:07speachysame person, I think.
09:57:25_bilgusmaybe someone put zip guts into a sport?
09:57:25speachyclip sport is _not_ compatible in any way
09:57:42_bilgusI've personally verified this lol
09:57:49speachyI was helping that poster recover theirs with a fried internal sd card
09:58:22speachyI think the confusion is that rbutil let them pick "clip zip" when it really wan't.
09:59:14_bilgusstrange, that doesn't sound like 'seen it works'
09:59:45speachyyeah, it took a lot of back and forth to sort that out
10:01:43_bilgusah ok its since been sorted then
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10:56:13braewoods_bilgus: and it woulda been sorted faster if they'd just used radix sort :P
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15:37:32_bilgusbubbles all the way down?
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20:15:39dconrad_bilgus, sad news on the code you posted on g#3425 - no change in behavior
20:15:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #3425 at : Yes/No Screen: Ignore unknown actions by Dana Conrad
20:16:16dconradI'm going to stare at it a while longer and see if I can find any clues
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20:30:04_bilgusok how about ignoring SYS_TIMEOUT?
20:31:16_bilgusthat was clearly the original intent of the code by the comment
20:31:20dconradif the ticks are counting as they should, it should eventually time out and exit with NO, right?
20:31:32dconradexcept I never get it to cancel out on its own
20:31:48_bilgusno it should just repeat a voice prompt every 5 seconds and never actually timeout
20:32:34_bilgusif you are trying to auto exit too we need a setting bc as I said blind users probably rather need this to navigate
20:32:55dconrad?? wouldn't SYS_TIMEOUT end up as either default (the original code) or fail the TIME_BEFORE() check (resulting in default, your code)?
20:33:00dconradI can try it though
20:33:44_bilgusI think so but I'm not able to repro this so I'm trying stuff vicariously through you
20:34:15_bilgusyou did say it works in the sim right?
20:34:48dconradwell, I haven't tried it in the sim - is there a way to "plug usb" into the sim?
20:35:21_bilgusyes it soes it automatically every 2 mins or so
20:35:31dconradhuh, I had no idea
20:35:37_bilgusor maybe its alt u
20:35:45_bilgushold on let me make sure
20:35:57dconradyeah I suppose I can try it, that would certainly make debugging easier
20:36:36_bilgusyeah alt U
20:36:55dconradaight let me try that then
20:37:13_bilgusok if I can repro then I can be much more helpful lol
20:38:02dconradyeah and I think it is gonna need your help - I think it's an interaction with USB and this code somehow, seeing as that's the only time the issue is present
20:38:41_bilguscool I'll look and try to get to the bottom
20:39:23dconradany thoughts on my hack I suggested on gerrit?
20:39:37dconradnot ideal obvs but... maybe it wouldn't be the worst thing?
20:40:05dconraduh, sim build didn't work for some reason...
20:46:47dconradah, the sim doesn't have the USB Mode option in the System settings
20:47:20dconradthat's probably a define, right?
20:51:44_bilgusno clue prob in the commit for it
21:02:08dconradoh, line 2182 in apps/settings_list.c
21:02:51dconradthe USB Mode setting is only present if HAVE_USB_POWER is defined, and USB_NONE isn't (makes sense), and SIMULATOR isn't
21:03:17dconradlet's just see what happens if I comment that out
21:07:35_bilgusyeah nothing easy
21:08:14dconradhmm that's a bummer
21:09:30_bilgussettings.h 835
21:11:14dconradeh still doesn't build, there must be more
21:13:19dconradsettings_menu.c, 272 and 455
21:14:15dconradnope, still doesn't build
21:14:39_bilgususb.h 143
21:15:56dconradwhere's that?
21:16:18_bilgusno 157
21:18:21dconradjust take out the #ifdef HAVE_USBSTACK you mean?
21:19:04_bilgusyeah but also 212 still following the rest
21:21:40_bilgusoh nd line 143
21:22:06_bilgusits compiling now ill check it in a bit
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21:39:59dconradeh I can't get it to compile
21:47:48dconradalternatively, do you have any hiby devices? Maybe a quick keymap change could tell if they exhibit the same symptom...?
21:48:22dconrador even a native device, I have no idea if this would show up there
21:54:12_bilgusit didn't on my clipzip
21:55:02dconradeven with a button release, it behaved fine on the usb prompt?
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21:55:42dconrad*with the accept set to a button release
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22:03:25_bilgusoh i didn't try that let me see
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22:09:23dconradmy m3k doesn't seem to like it either when I change the side button to a button release
22:11:01_bilgusno indeed it does exit
22:11:27_bilgusbut the one fixed by unknown action only shows up sometimes let me try it with that again
22:13:34_bilgusalso for FYI generally you can just copy the rb binary as long as its smallish chnages
22:14:21_bilguslike just make -j2 and grab the binary out of the build folder rather than make zip and all those files
22:15:52dconradhuh, thats good to know
22:16:44dconradjust so I understand the status, you've got my gerrit patch plus changing the ACCEPT action in the keymap?
22:18:32_bilgusatm I have chnaged the keymap and added action_unk
22:18:49_bilgusI still get the disappearing prompt every 3rd plug
22:19:03_bilgusso I think thats the sys timeout oine will see
22:19:15dconradso like the prompt just disappears on its own?
22:19:34dconradthat I did /not/ see on the eros
22:20:03dconraddoes it respond every time to pressing the accept button?
22:31:48dconradI'll be back in like 30 mins
22:34:29_bilgusok with SYS_TIMEOUT and ACTION_NONE .. continue; and the keymap change it kinda works it still disappears sometimes and its flaky AF picking up the keypress
22:34:50_bilgusi tjink i'll try getting the actions coming through the default statement
22:44:51_bilgusok also needs to continue on SYS_CHARGER_CONNECTED:
22:45:26_bilgusmy player had lots of reasons to make that prompt fail to display but its still missing the keypress
22:55:08dconradso... sounds like it's showing the same issue mine is, where it's just straight up missing it until it happens to work
22:55:59dconradI definitely expected the issue to be limited to the hosted targets
22:56:40dconradthough interesting that it self-cancels, mine doesn't do that... though now that I think about it the m3k did when I tested it
22:57:18dconrad(I ignored it to try to get to the bug I cared about at the time)
23:15:01_bilgusok so all that is sorted by the previous stuff but the key press isn't registering
23:16:09_bilgusmight try defining other actions tomorrow but i'm pretty much done with it for this eve
23:16:20dconradwhat if you try a non-usb prompt, like maybe the dynamic playlist erase prompt?
23:16:35_bilgusthey work fine
23:16:46_bilgusi tried the rolo and one other
23:16:49dconradalright, so that's definitely the behavior I've been seeing to a tee
23:17:03_bilgusi put a splash in so they show actions too
23:17:20dconradoh neat, that would def help
23:17:50_bilgusi wonder if there is some F-ed up bug fix in between us and the core
23:18:15_bilguslike when usb connected eat release events
23:18:28dconradhmm, maybe
23:19:00_bilgusidk i'll keep digging tomorrow tired of looking at it and plug un plug every compile lol
23:19:24dconradhaha yeah I get it
23:19:34dconradthanks for helping
23:20:01_bilgusoh anytime I enjoy kicking around the codebase
23:20:13_bilgusesp fixing shit
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