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#rockbox log for 2021-05-19

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08:48:37gevaertsspeachy: thoughts on the freenode thing? Should #rockbox move to or oftc?
08:49:40ArsenArsenmy 2 cents is that a bit of waiting is in order, since we haven't heard the other side of the story yet, if we ever do (and a +1 for oftc in case that never happens), and that's what I'm doing with the projects I'm involved in
08:51:04speachyif we need to move, we can. OFTC seems to be a good choice if we elect to stay on IRC
08:53:39speachybut I don't see any particular reason to do so. I mean, the "account data" freenode has on me isn't anything not trivially scrapable from plenty of public places.
08:54:08gevaertsWe'll see
08:54:41gevaertsI'm not too worried about data, but if "everyone" left, service quality may well go
08:54:56braewoodswho was this jess?
08:55:03braewoodsthey're in #learnprogramming but i know nothing else.
08:55:55speachybut I'm not aware of any particular behind-the-scenes drama either
08:56:21braewoodsit says under new management soon in #freenode
08:56:52braewoodsis this something being pulled by PIA?
08:57:26gevaertsThe things I'm aware of are and
08:57:43mendel_munkiswell a significant number of staffers just published (actual unleaked) resignation letters
09:01:41speachyNothing lasts forever
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09:02:39speachyanother option (that's worth considering independelty of freenode drama) is ditching IRC altogether in favor of something like matrix
09:04:33braewoodsa lot of places run their own networks.
09:04:45braewoodsbut rockbox is hardly large enough to justify that?
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09:05:45speachy(StdDisclaimer: I'm already running a matrix homeserver)
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09:06:54mendel_munkiscounterpoint; many people involved with rockbox prefer older systems (I think)
09:07:16braewoodswe could move to our own IRC. it's not particularly resource intensive.
09:07:24speachynot "older" so much as "not controlled by a central entity"
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09:09:05speachythat's why I host my own stuff, including email, www, and IM (matrix and xmpp)
09:09:27mendel_munkisyou are a braver man then I
09:14:14speachywell, I can easily spin up an IRC server just for us, but jumping over to OFTC seems to be a saner option.
09:15:05speachyI'm already running a matrix homeserver, but to extend that to I'd need DNS changes first.
09:16:38speachy(due to its federated nature there's no need to have actual '' accounts..)
09:16:45ArsenArsenxmpp and matrix are quite nice
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09:17:44ArsenArsenI'm leaning more towards oftc right now with channels I manage
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09:18:33speachyAnd it's also worth considering moving to OFTC regardless of whatever drama freenode is going through.
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09:18:57ArsenArsenany particular reason for that or just it being a better fit for rockbox topically?
09:21:55speachyexplicit "public interest" governance
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09:27:10speachymeanwhile. Anyone know the last the time mkrk27boot even compiled?
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09:42:42ArsenArsenah, fair enough
10:12:10RafiX /msg nickserv info RafiX
10:12:13RafiXoh shit
10:12:33gevaertsWell, no password there, so no harm done :)
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10:14:41RafiXabout freenode drama, if you want to move, stay with IRC please
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10:39:24_bilgusis there still a web front end available might be harder to get users in here if they need to install something
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10:40:31braewoods_bilgus: we can always run our own if we have to
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10:47:29RafiXI'd suggest OFTC
10:50:53prg3OFTC has less drama yeah
10:51:37prg3_bilgus: mibbit is a pretty decent Free web IRC frontend
10:53:22braewoodsit's also the source of a lot of spam.
10:54:21prg3people can connect freenode/#rockbox with mibbit today though
10:55:10braewoodsi thought they were still banned
10:55:11braewoodsguess not
10:55:38prg3Actually you're right - freenode bans mibbit users. I thought it was just unlisted, but I was wrong
10:56:57prg3To be honest, I don't think the ability to use an IRC client is much of a barrier to entry. If a user can't spend 5 minutes learning how to use an IRC client then it's very unlikely they will take the time to have anything productive to add to a channel
11:23:52speachy(back on teh subject of freenode)
11:47:12speachyI have a hard time seeing a positive (or even neutral) outcome from this.
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12:18:49speachywow, it hasn't compiled since 2013.
12:19:03braewoodsspeachy: is it trivial to fix?
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12:19:21braewoodsi can't see how it wouldn't be. C doesn't change that much.
12:20:50speachyit's not a C issue. mkrk27xxboot relies on our FAT filesystem code, and that was rewritten in '13
12:21:28speachyas in one of teh referenced file _went away entirely_. on top of a large pile of #ifdef-ish issues.
12:22:20speachyjust 8 years of bitrot
12:22:46speachymade worse by the fact that the FAT (etc) code wasn't intended to be used by "hosted" type targets.
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13:34:40desowinSansa Connect exploit is available at desowin/zsitool/blob/master/">
13:35:17desowinI tried to get the "recoverzap" clear code, but for some reason I keep hitting undefined instructions
13:35:39desowinI suspect some cache issues, but even if I tried to disable cache it still did the same
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13:36:12desowinif I give up, I'll probably put WIP change in gerrit and hope someone will find an issue
13:39:20desowinI do run the flashing code from IRAM as it cannot run from flash
13:44:23desowinimplementing the exploit in Rockbox Utility is IMHO not necessary until TNETV105PAP USB driver is implemented. For the time being developers can run bootloader using zsitool
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16:08:58_bilgusdesowin, I think the main barrier is people with one interested in hacking on it but please do post the WIP
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17:05:29speachyok... no explanation for the build fail; it worked when I ran it manually.
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