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#rockbox log for 2021-05-20

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04:16:26desowinI don't understand what's exactly happening, but I got the recoverzap working
04:17:20desowinfor some reason calling udelay (that I moved to .icode) did result in pc going nuts and essentially ending in undefined instruciton handler
04:17:58desowinwhat I *think* is happening is that for some reason, the code with udelay() in between results in some exception
04:18:43desowinas the flash is during erase and code executes from the same bank, the flash simply returns status on data lines
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04:19:30desowinthat continues until erase finishes and it eventually ends with undefined instruction as it goes with pc to erased flash region
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04:20:15desowinit would all make sense, *but* when I placed all bootloader code in DRAM, everything works fine
04:20:48desowinand I was expecting it to behave the same as when executing from flash
04:21:53desowinI will try to place the execption handlers in icode and somehow flash framebuffer to indicate which one hit (I don't want to connect jtag as my setup for that is sooo fragile)
04:22:41desowinand if I fail to understand it better, I will probably just upload the version without any udelay() calls (and thus no timeout)
04:23:05desowinthe no timeout doesn't seem too bad, as essentially there is no code to return to if flash operation didn't end
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06:41:03speachyFYI, early this morning the webserver wedged itself due to the wiki getting slammed by russian bots.
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06:41:38speachynot just the wiki, wtf. 5x the usual bandwidth on d.r.o
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06:43:19speachyand that's just in the first 6 hours of today.
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06:53:34speachyand that's just what got through. over 90% of requests are now denied outright.
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06:55:02braewoodsspeachy: they're desperate for our precious rock collection.
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07:01:25speachyhere's a user-agent that claims to be.. NT 10.0, Webkit 537, Chrome 89, Safari 537
07:09:44speachyandroid 9 & mobile safari here..
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07:42:31speachyHere's a bunch of requests claiming to be from Firefox 78 on NetBSD i386
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08:15:14speachyblocked another 30-odd IP ranges. finally found another heuristic.
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08:21:39speachyI wonder if I should turn off directory browsing on
08:23:17Romsteri hate bots that go around doing DDoS :/
08:23:24Romsteralso hi
08:23:45speachywell, the site could handle the load okay... except for the wiki.
08:24:11Romsterput it behind a reverse cache proxy?
08:24:33Romsterso all the wiki is cached then
08:25:41Romsterlike varnish
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08:29:22speachywon't do any good when the bots hit pages that are deliberately dynamic. the wiki has its own overly complex caching layer, and that's what keels over.
08:39:17braewoodsspeachy: does the old wiki have some kind of archive mode? i think we need a more sustainable solution. this keeps happening.
08:40:05speachynot really. there's an export plugin that does work, but I haven't hacked a usable template together yet.
08:40:38braewoodsok... and the existing content can't be dropped into another wiki without editting?
08:41:25speachynot without a ton of preprocessing. I've made a few attempts on that front tool
08:41:48speachyeven moving to a newer version of foswiki is a PITA.
08:42:26braewoodshow many pages does the old wiki have?
08:42:32braewoods< 1k?
08:42:53braewoodsnot counting binary assets
08:45:32speachy2266 pages.
08:45:47speachygranted a huge number are the auto-created user topics
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08:48:17braewoodsspeachy: ok, that's like forums?
08:48:36braewoodsso those can in theory be dropped but might have info that's not in the main pages.
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09:00:11speachythis was a considerably larger spike than previous ones.
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09:49:28kirvesAxeAre there plans to move this channel to libera?
09:50:25speachystill wrangling logistics
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09:55:01kirvesAxebtw, do the agtek rocker (and similar players) still have issues with usb cable connecting on rockbox?
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10:06:49speachynot that I'm aware of. assuming they're using the newer bootloader build.
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11:29:50braewoodsmy lcd mod kit finally arrivd
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15:52:30desowinthe clearzap patch is now in gerrit. Not sure if I'll find time to port the USB driver...
15:53:54desowinbtw. can you do gdbstub over USB or can it only work via real serial port? If USB alone is not enough, would USB together with GPIO that can act as external interrupt be enough?
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16:15:18desowinShould Sansa Connect be listed in the Unstable ports section as now there is the arbitrary code execution exploit?
16:16:22 Join Barlow [0] (~barlow@unaffiliated/barlow)
16:17:56speachyas long as there's a "reasonable" documented installation method.
16:18:48desowinDoes "./zsitool -e /path/to/rockbox/build/bootloader.bin" qualify?
16:19:27speachyI'd think so. having a windows binary and pre-build bootloader binaries available is also a good idea.
16:19:30desowin(and of course entering the device to recovery mode by holding right and volume up buttons)
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16:20:38desowinWindows is possible to be done if the user installs driver with Zadig
16:21:14desowinthe official recovery software doesn't work on anything newer than XP
16:22:21desowinlack of USB driver is the main limitation now
16:23:30speachysince booting into OF (or just ejecting the sd card) is an option, that's not a showstopper
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17:11:39desowinsd card is the only option as OF is MTP only (and uses ext2)
17:12:01desowinbasically now the only advantage OF has over Rockbox is the USB support
17:12:16desowinOF doesn't support WiFi anymore
17:12:37desowinand generally it is like the worst OF from all Rockbox compatible players I had
17:12:50speachywow, that's saying something
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17:23:03braewoodsdesowin: interesting. if we have a driver for the wifi it'd be just to put it to sleep
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18:47:48iloI have a new Sandisk Clip Zip and I can't access the database. I can access the files form the Files-> <microSD1> but when I try to access the Database it says "Database is not ready Initialize Now. If I select yes it says "Building database... 0 found. It never gets past this, what am I doing wrong?
18:49:22iloCan rockbox build the databas from file stored on the sd card?
18:53:26mendelmunkisyes. maybe check what is listed in which directories to scan (long press the database main menu option)
18:54:47iloI just tried that, I got *PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc
18:55:10ilothis is a new device, new sd card and new rockbox install today
18:55:54ilohow do I recover from this panic? Now when I press the power button, it does not turn on
18:56:00iloI have full battery
18:58:38ilookay I got it, I set it to the Music folder on the sd card and it looks like it is scanning now. Thanks mendelmunkis
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19:41:09mendelmunkiswhich C standard are we on?
19:43:29speachy( -std=c99 in GCCOPTS )
19:46:37mendelmunkisgreat my man pages are incorrect for both c99 and c17
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19:57:47iloHow stable is 3.15? Everytime I try to select a file and play it I get a panic: *PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc()
19:58:13iloIf I try to search a file under the database node I get the same panic
19:58:23iloI am using the Sandisk Clip Zip port
19:59:22iloIs there anything I can do to troubleshoot this?
20:01:57iloHow can I report this to the developers?
20:02:51iloI got a panic as well when I long pressed on the Database node
20:05:39iloIs this a typical experience? I can't use it at all if it crashes everytime I try to play a song.
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20:22:43ilookay I get *PANIC* audio_reset_buffer(): OOM! if I try to play a track from the internal storage or the sd card on my sandisk clip zip, I thought it might be a problem with the sd card but it doesn't look like that. Is anyone familiar with this bug? I can't see anyway to get around it
20:27:40ilois 3.15 unsable on the Clip Zip? Should I try to install a previous version?
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20:34:38iloUnder System->Rockbox Info I found that Buffer: 0KiB does anyone know what this means? Could it be related to my *PANIC* ?
20:35:30 Quit tomeaton17 (Quit: Connection closed)
20:36:46iloThis channel seems dead, does anyone know wher I can find support for these kernel panics?
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20:51:01iloI tried to reinstall and got this error: ROLO error: file too big what does this mean?
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20:59:39smithjdNew review:
20:59:51smithjd[Cabbiev2] If the 'Artist' tag is empty read the 'Album Artist' tag.
21:00:15smithjdIf anyone is able / would be so kind. :)
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22:10:00iloIs anyone familiar with Rockbox kernel panics?
22:11:06 Quit Stanley00 (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
22:17:22 Quit Stanley|00 ()
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22:28:01mendelmunkisilo, the devs watch this channel, some are probably asleep now however
22:29:22mendelmunkisit's been a while since I've dealt with panics on the zip but I'll see what we can figure out.
22:35:17mendelmunkisalso the 0kb buffer means that no music is currently playing
22:42:13mendelmunkisdoes the panic have any numbers after the parenthesis?
22:50:24 Quit J_Darnley (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
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22:53:30ilo*PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc() : EOM (575324 > 145296)
22:53:32ilopc: 300466e0 sp: 3
22:53:33iloA: 00023790
22:53:34iloA: 300cd544
22:53:36ilobt end
22:53:49iloand another one:
22:53:53ilo*PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc() : OOM
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23:18:25mendelmunkissorry I can't figure out how to display RAM usage maybe one of the other devs can help.
23:19:11mendelmunkisyou appear to be running out of ram and I am not sure why.
23:26:35iloYes I don't know why either
23:26:47ilohow is the best way to report this to the other dev's?
23:27:14mendelmunkiswait around for one of them to sya something
23:28:04mendelmunkisif you have to leave check the logs at
23:29:42ilookay thanks I will do that
23:34:13 Quit ilo (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
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23:39:55iloAnother question: I have my playlists well sorted into folders, does rockbox support playlist folders?
23:40:27iloI tried to make a folder but it doesn't look like they show up in "Playlist catalogue"
23:57:04 Quit smithjd (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)

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