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#rockbox log for 2021-05-22

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01:57:23desowincrude and simple way to reproduce the randomly occurring build failure is to add "sleep 600" in lib/rbcodec/codecs/lib/libcodec.make just before "$(call PRINTS,AR $(@F))$(AR) rcs $@ $^ >/dev/null"
01:57:31desowinthen make -j10 does the trick every time
01:58:21desowinbut how to fix it properly requires better codec source layout understanding than I have
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06:50:49desowinthere are more missing dependencies, like bootloader/common.c not depending on sysfont.h
06:51:49desowinthat manifested only when I tried to build in msys, repeating "make -j10 -k" few times works around that and eventually sysfont.h gets generated
06:53:34desowindoing repeated make calls unfortunately doesn't lead to working build as rbversion.h doesn't get generated (most likely another dependency issue that simply doesn't occur when building on Linux)
06:55:16desowinjust randomly appending "$(BUILDDIR)/rbversion.h" to $(FIRMLIB) dependecies did eventually lead to working build on mingw
06:55:47desowinI just don't know how to properly setup the dependencies (enforce the order)
06:56:40desowinbut I would guess eventually these might show up as "transient hiccups"
06:56:49braewoodsit's a race condition
06:57:14braewoodsproper dependencies would cause it to block or prioritize them first
06:57:30desowinit's a race condition exactly because the dependencies are not there
06:58:06braewoodsand where does this occur? i don't notice anything when compiling under Linux. even with parallel jobs.
06:58:22desowinand the sleep in libcodec simply makes the race condition more apparent by slowing one of the racers :-)
06:59:16desowinthe sysfont.h and rbversion.h issues occur on Windows 10 when building in MSYS2 MINGW64
06:59:57desowinor should I say, happen with much higher probability than on Linux (the problem is still there just it doesn't manifest itself)
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07:57:03speachydesowin: thanks for digging into that. I'll hopefully pick it up this evening
08:10:28speachythe thing about missing _source_ dependencies is that they shouldn't matter unless a header is included on the cmdline.
08:10:41speachy(or there's no rule to generate it..)
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08:26:58braewoodsspeachy: we could address it by forcing all the generated headers and such to be processed first
08:35:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5cbeb88541, 297 builds, 10 clients.
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10:04:26_bilgus_anyone interested in lua input methods here is the start of a cell based table display g#3433
10:04:28fs-bluebotGerrit review #3433 at : lua add a way to display spreadsheet data WIP by William Wilgus
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11:59:10amachronicbilgus, looking at your lua "spreadsheet" looks pretty good now only if we could theme it ;)
11:59:55*braewoods dubs amachronic the "feature creep".
12:02:19*amachronic shrugs
12:03:06amachronicwhat can I say I have 64 megs of RAM to waste on my player
12:03:57braewoodsnot many units have that much
12:04:03braewoodswhat are you using?
12:04:15amachroniconly M3K right now
12:04:32amachronichad sansas and ipods in the past though
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12:24:19Bilgus_phAmachronic we can theme it it keys off the user theme colors but all of it can be hooked and expanded pretty esay
12:24:47Bilgus_phThat one isn't due to a bug but I'll get it
12:25:25Bilgus_phIt defaults to black n green like an old terminal
12:26:35amachronictheming isn't really a serious suggestion on my part but of course it'd be cool.
12:26:42Bilgus_phThe text uses the same put line routine as rb so there are a few opts there also Lua can display vector art letters and nums
12:27:00Bilgus_phThe vectors allow for easy resize
12:27:48Bilgus_phCould parse rb fonts directly too
12:28:33Bilgus_phJust saying lua is pretty flexible
12:29:28amachronicI was playing around with the other lua scripts it seems you've implemented quite a lot.
12:30:00amachroniclast time I tried it was like 2014 or so on a clip zip
12:30:09Bilgus_phYeah a year of lua
12:30:57Bilgus_phI figure it's easier for end users to expand
12:31:21Bilgus_phNot too fond of lua but it's grown on me
12:32:05amachronicit's MUCH easier to work with lua instead of doing everything in C. despite lua's few annoying quirks like 1-based arrays etc
12:34:15Bilgus_phOmg yes lol that is my biggest thing
12:34:42amachronicoh and you can't do += either. must do x = x+1 for sake of "simplicity" lol
12:35:01Bilgus_phI almost patched that in
12:36:44amachroniccurious is memory usage still the limiting factor? when I used lua on the clipzip it was really easy to eat up all memory
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13:10:26_Bilgus_phIt's a lot better
13:10:39_Bilgus_phAnd doesn't take over the PB buffer till it has to
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