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#rockbox log for 2021-05-27

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03:06:05scorchespeachy: I don't see the point of shutting it down, really. Leaving it open with notice in the topic as it is should suffice, I'd think. I assume you or someone else did the group registration here though?
03:08:37scorcheah - i see you have by your messages in -community
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06:27:09speachyscorche: the main argument against shutting it down is to prevent it from getting hijacked, but there are still more folks in the old channels. I wouldn't want genuine inquiries/etc to end up in a place where nobody's paying attention any more.
06:28:07speachyI did put in a registration request but no positive acknowledgement from that yet. But I understand there's still a bit backlog, so it's nbd.
06:29:14speachyoh, yuck.
06:31:26speachythey came back overnight, but want to verify "ownership" via a DNS record.
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07:33:44mendel_munkisdoes anyone here have any strong opinions on the answer to 0^0?
07:36:43speachythere is only one correct answer to that.
07:38:13speachyanything ^0 is 1. though my old TI86 kicks back a 'domain error'
07:38:21mendel_munkisnot according to ##math and wikipedia
07:38:32mendel_munkis0^ anything is 0
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07:55:51speachyperl returns 1 fwiw
07:58:37braewoodsone rule says 1. but 0 times anything is also 0. so.
07:58:47braewoodsit may be undefined due to this contradiction.
08:00:04speachybraewoods: hence my TI Calculator tossing an exception
08:00:29braewoodsspeachy: yea but oddly enough no PL seems to mind and just returns 1
08:00:40braewoodsbc does this, php, ...
08:00:58_bilgusmy TI-86 is my most favorite possession
08:01:02mendel_munkisnot wolfram alpha however
08:01:13speachyNCalc+ throws an "inderminate" exception too.
08:01:39braewoodsi can't see this mattering most of the time honetly
08:01:44braewoodsunlike division by 0
08:01:55mendel_munkis##math basically said you can use div by 0, undefined, 0, or 1 whichever is best for the use case.
08:01:58braewoodsmost people don't use 0 as a base
08:02:27braewoodsor use 0 as an exponent
08:02:37braewoodsso them both occurring at the same time is unlikely
08:03:01braewoodsseems mostly a thought experiment
08:03:08mendel_munkisyes, but I need to special case it regardless to avoid a crash, one I am ddoing so I may as well do it right
08:03:08speachy0 as the exponent has legit uses, but 0^0 is, mathematically, nonsense.
08:03:47braewoodsi'm sure it does speachy but i've never seen it used like this since it wouldn't produce anything useful
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08:35:36_bilgusseems like it pretty much fits in the '<undefined>' category
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09:14:20Arsenmendel_munkis: I'm pretty sure that it's undefined, if you look at the graphs of 0^n and n^0, they converge differently as they both approach zero, but I'm not an expert
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10:32:39bluebrotherspeachy: we could run a bot in the old channel that responds with the topic whenever someone writes to the channel :)
10:36:44speachybluebrother: sounds like a marvelous idea. are you volunteering? :D
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11:26:22speachyFYI, I'm probably going to be out of touch from tonight->mon night
11:26:40speachy(naturally this means everyting's going to go belly-up)
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18:25:35hombrelaserHello! I'm planning on installing an iFlash Quad on my iPod video. I read on the forums that rockbox's support of the iflash adapters wasn't really the best. Has this changed? How's your experience with using rockbox on a modded ipod?
18:27:45braewoodshombrelaser: supposedly it's been fixed in current builds
18:32:11hombrelaserSo do you recommend me to install nightly builds?
18:32:48hombrelaserI'll try it out, iflash is still on shipping, and it'll arrive presumely between june 20th and july something.
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18:40:48speachyhombrelaser: don't bother with 3.15, use the latest nightly and you should be fine.
18:42:41hombrelaserWill do. How "unstable" can it really be?
18:43:19speachyit's not like we have a formal QA cycle besides "nobody's reported any major issues with it"
18:44:36hombrelaserthat's good to hear
18:45:09hombrelaserI can't wait, really enjoyed my iPod with rockbox when I used it, but then the battery died and the hard drive isn't cutting it anymore.
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18:59:56braewoodshombrelaser: and if those don't work there's also the option for CF mod.
19:03:25hombrelaserOh I hope it works then. 50 punds more don't come cheap
19:03:34hombrelaserNot in my country anyway
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19:42:20braewoodsnor the CF cards for that matter
19:48:47dconrad_bilgus, did you ever get a chance to investigate the USB/get_action() stuff?
19:49:20dconradI uploaded a compromise workaround to g#3425 if not
19:49:22rb-bluebot_Gerrit review #3425 at : Yes/No Screen: Allow accept to be button release by Dana Conrad
19:57:21dconradalso, g#3436
19:57:23rb-bluebot_Gerrit review #3436 at : Make Softlock-anywhere define-based feature by Dana Conrad
20:16:48dconradI should have include 3436 as part of the main patch, but I didn't even think of it until today
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20:47:26_bilgusdconrad, no I haven't yet I've barely worked on my other things TBH
20:48:44_bilgusnow why isn't the better workaround to use the previous behavior what does the release event get us ATM if you'd refresh my memory
20:49:41_bilguspersonally I'd rather you wrap up he good stuff out of that and leave the remap and work around in another patch
20:50:34dconradthe release event is honestly just because I think it's nicer to use
20:50:53dconradI thought it would be an easy change when I started
20:51:13_bilgusfor sure rabbit holes
20:51:38_bilguswe know some of the patch is good code that we shouldn't need to fix
20:51:40dconradbut I ran into the bug where usb causes it to just ignore events for some reason
20:51:53dconradyeah I can break it into two if that's better
20:52:14_bilgusbut I really hate findingand reverting workarounds rather than fixing the underlying problem
20:52:35dconradit just seemed like it was going to be a really nuanced issue to find
20:52:57dconradand it's like... well it's this one condition of a feature few people probably use anywya...
20:53:15_bilgusplease do I'll push the first part today and get to the other as I have time or feel free to investigate further
20:55:27dconradhm, if I remove it from the current patch and then make a new commit to the same branch and push, will that do what I want?
20:55:38dconradeasy enough to try, I suppose
20:57:46_bilgussometimes I get an error about squash vs merge or something
20:58:04_bilgusbut I think that was before I started using git-review
21:00:53dconradok, I'm going to push and we'll see what happens
21:01:41dconradyeah, that worked ok
21:02:12dconrad g#3437 is the workaround
21:02:14rb-bluebot_Gerrit review #3437 at : Yes/No Screen: timeout workaround by Dana Conrad
21:05:04rb-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision 8056b7fd1a, 297 builds, 9 clients.
21:05:28_bilgusstick around long enough to make sure its green
21:05:35dconradyou got it
21:15:14rb-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 611 seconds.
21:15:17rb-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision 8056b7fd1a result: All green
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