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#rockbox log for 2021-05-31

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09:41:33desowinEither the USB stack seems to handle control transfers status stage somewhat clunky or I am missing something very important
09:42:20desowinBasically what I see is that the code does "usb_drv_recv(EP_CONTROL, NULL, 0);" and "usb_drv_send(EP_CONTROL, response_data, length);" for all device to host control transfers (with data stage)
09:42:53desowinand it seems that the "usb_drv_recv(EP_CONTROL, NULL, 0);" is simply arming the control endpoint OUT direction for a status stage
09:43:24desowinwhich is ok if the underlying driver does not care about the order
09:46:06desowinThere seems to be some old idea of acking the control transfers, but "void usb_drv_ack(struct usb_ctrlrequest* req);" is not called nor implemented anywhere
09:46:47desowinAlso I don't quite understand why there's firmware\export\usb_drv.h and utils\hwstub\stub\usb_drv.h
09:47:07desowinespecially that the hwstub USB seems to behave differently from the firmware one in some cases
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10:53:28neotenyhello. is there a way to skip to the next track when you are on a repeat 1?
10:55:01neotenywhen i'm working or otherwise distracted, i like to listen to books one chapter at a time on a loop. when it feels like i've listened to it enough to 'get' the chapter, i want a 1 button way to skip to the next track.
10:56:34neotenyvlc has this functionality, but i can't find it in rockbox. does rockbox have the capability?
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12:55:26neotenycurrently the best i can manage is a long press to bring up the current play list, another long press to bring up a context menu which includes 'remove' this removes it from the playlist and the next track plays.
12:55:51neotenythat is the functionality i want, just would like it with one button
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14:32:12blbro[m]Not sure if that does it but have you tried double-clicking Next?
14:33:31blbro[m]There's a short Next, long Next sequence that moves to the next folder (when playing from the file browser obviously.) Not sure but that might do it.
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16:04:40cereal_eaterThere is a talk about the Roboto font pack from [Saint] on the forums, which can't be found in the repository anymore:
16:05:45cereal_eaterI still have this pack and an other anti aliased font pack (consisting of e.g. Ubuntu, DroidSans...)
16:06:33cereal_eaterSo I ask here before I get active: can I upload them to the wiki, or are there any objections?
16:26:08cereal_eaterntg, I'll read the logs
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