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#rockbox log for 2021-06-07

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01:27:03braewoodswell this is good news
01:27:15braewoodsthe bootloader for gigabeats builds and works from current master
01:27:31braewoodsi did a manual install to find out how the process works
01:28:24braewoodsas i suspected though, beastpatcher works just fine with the 1.3 FW
01:28:42braewoodsjust wanted to confirm that it's compatible
01:33:37braewoodsdual boot actually works
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01:55:08braewoodsspeachy: i think i found a port specific minor bug. the rockbox UI appears to show a battery charging icon if USB connected... one problem though...
01:55:23braewoodsthe gigabeat S cannot charge from USB; it uses a separate barrel jack for that.
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14:03:45mendel_munkisare there any decimal points I need to consider besides "," and "."?
15:05:53desowinI have working USB mass storage in Sansa Connect bootloader but not quite in the app
15:06:12desowinwith the app however, I have trouble getting debugf/logf working
15:06:46desowinhow am I supposed to enable it? when I select advanced in ../tools/configure it doesn't quite many any difference
15:07:11desowinHW should be capable of getting USB serial alongside MSC as it has enough bulk endpoints
15:07:31desowinbut it looks like some issue with the build system that I cannot grasp
15:07:41desowinis the USB serial working on any other target with latest master?
15:13:06desowinhmm, I think I know what's going on... while I can read MSC, any write I do does not seem to make it to the disk, so I was just booting the same app
15:16:15braewoodsmendel_munkis: no, there's no others used. you can read about libc localization to know more.
15:17:59braewoodsmendel_munkis: but when it comes to number formatting i've only ever seen , and . used for separating thousands and decimal points
15:18:09braewoodsbut if you're talking about parsing...
15:18:19braewoodsyou'll have to figure out some way to distinguish it.
15:18:48braewoodsin every parsed language though, i've only ever seen . supported for number decimal points.
15:19:35braewoodskinda makes sense though. if it varies with locale you're going to run into compiler problems.
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15:20:31braewoodsdesowin: i believe speachy told me that logf has to be enabled on a per file basis via a macro.
15:20:44speachy#define LOGF_ENABLE
15:20:57speachy*before* logf.h is included
15:21:12speachy(which usually means at the very start of the file, as it can get picked up by another header)
15:21:17braewoodsspeachy: any insights into why rockbox still uses block comments where a C99 line comment will do?
15:21:28braewoodsold code or?
15:21:58speachylots of different authors and a lack of strict code style enforcement
15:21:58braewoodsi find it easier to uncomment line comments and block comments :|
15:22:04amachronicdesowin: to get USB serial working on Linux, I had to manually bind the USB IDs to a serial driver. But that prevented the mass storage from working so idk how you'd debug the mass storage that way.
15:22:06braewoodsthan block
15:22:27braewoodsamachronic: well they can use logf memory buffer
15:22:44braewoodsbut you gotta enable that first
15:22:47speachyalso if you trigger a panic it'll show the most recent logf contents
15:23:19braewoodsmaybe the usb serial thing could be improved though
15:23:29braewoodsideally it'd show up as com port
15:23:56braewoodsor a tty serial port
15:24:11braewoodsi'll see if there's any generic thing we can emulate
15:24:27braewoodshaving it work OOB with hosts would be nice
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15:29:32amachronicwell I managed to get the shanling q1's audio working, but I discovered something odd about the clock frequency.
15:29:42amachronicit appears they connected a 24.576 MHz oscillator to the DAC
15:29:56amachronichowever the SoC works with a 24 MHz oscillator
15:30:17amachronicand I am wondering if the two are close enough that they are just using the 24.576 Mhz oscillator to drive the SoC.
15:30:27speachywhat, a second xtal? not a clock driven by the SoC itself?
15:30:48amachronicno, I expect for cheapness they are using the 24.576 Mhz to drive the DAC and SoC.
15:30:57amachronicbut I am ignorant of these things, so maybe that can't be done?
15:31:13amachronic(ie. can you wire one oscillator to two things like that?)
15:31:24speachyusually the DAC works with the clock derived from the audio data..
15:31:55speachyit's possible to do that, but would be quite unusual without goign through a clock buffer first
15:32:00amachronicyeah I managed to make it work properly in i2s slave mode but it also works in i2s master mode, but with distorted frequencies.
15:32:25amachronicthe DAC does have some internal PLLs or something.
15:32:26speachywhat's teh DAC in that thing?
15:33:08amachroniceasy to find datasheets online but I'm unsure of their provenance, or I would've linked them on the wiki
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15:35:44speachymost likely the same clock is driving both, or alternatively the SoC is driving a derived clock out.
15:36:57speachythat .56 difference is only 2.3%, so wouldn't be particularly noticable if the SoC is running slightly fast.
15:37:47amachronicyeah but I had some artifacts on the LCD due to a 5% clocking difference (48 mhz vs 50.4 mhz), so it appears it _can_ make a difference
15:38:04speachythere doesn't seem to be any particular requirement that the codec uses any given frequency though.
15:38:16amachronicanyhow I was just wondering if this was possible and if it is worth accounting for the difference base clock.
15:40:32speachyyeah, there's nothing special from the codec's perspective. up to the SoC to drive MCLK and set the divisor appropriately
15:41:47speachyI'd just find it quite odd if it was hard-wired to a 24.56MHz external XTAL, as that would likely limit the max frequency output of the codec
15:42:53speachybut similarly I don't think there's anything special about the X1000 with rspect to 24MHz input either, though it'll mess up the nice integer divisors typically used for (eg) USB.
15:43:32speachyhow'd you derive that 24.576 MHz value?
15:43:55amachronicthere's a way to read back the DPLL setting from the DAC
15:44:06amachronicit's related to the incoming audio clock
15:44:12amachronicand it's also related to the CLK input on the DAC
15:44:24amachronicso plugging in the numbers I got something close to 24.576 MHz...
15:45:23amachronicyeah it's called DPLL number on the datasheet.
15:57:17mendel_munkisbraewoods: I know for sure that C uses , and . I seem to recall maybe having seen ' somewhere
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16:00:06braewoodsmendel_munkis: really... i've only ever seen '.' used for actual numbers.
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16:00:35braewoodsno mentions of ,
16:01:03braewoodsbut ' can be used as a separator
16:01:09speachyah, I see, the DPLL sort of locks onto the MCLK.
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16:54:04amachronicalright the mystery is solved, turns out I made a combination of foolish mistakes.
16:54:35amachronicsomehow I got confused and use the bit clock instead of sample rate and that gives a result of 24.576 Mhz * 10, so I missed a 0.
16:56:25amachronicit appears the actual xtal input to the DAC is 38.4 Mhz.
16:57:43amachronicit sounds right when I base the calculations on 38.4 Mhz and put the DAC into i2s master mode.
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19:25:47mendel_munkisI just realized that ignoring trailing zeros while accounting for length is a bad thing
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22:13:43dconradso I may have got brave/stupid and opened up my Hifiwalker H2/erosq
22:14:31dconradinteresting things: the DAC is a 5102A! So it's got all the modern bells and whistles
22:18:46dconradAnd I only slightly broke the back plastic piece, but I can glue it back together I think
22:22:23dconradAnd really the PCB design seems pretty well done
22:26:21dconradprocessor is X1000 9016111602303-E
22:33:05dconradwhat else can I look at/take pics of while it's apart?
22:34:01dconrad to download the zip
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23:34:40dconradI think I got all the markings of all ICs, though bummer the pins on the processor aren't accessible, I can't ohm anything out to it
23:38:04braewoodsdconrad: isn't that usually the case today?
23:38:31dconradwell, yeah, but some part of me hoped
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