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#rockbox log for 2021-06-08

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10:30:42saratogaspeachy: i just deleted a dozen support threads in the forums where someone asked a real question, got it answered and then came back a month later to edit it to be spam
10:31:27saratogato discourage that could we make editing only kick in at 10 posts, or maybe make edits show up in the list of new posts? these look like they're composed by hand, so shouldn't take too much effort on our part to discourage people from doing it
10:50:04desowin this is how you get serial working together with mass storage
10:50:20desowinworks for me on Sansa Connect on Linux and Windows 10
10:50:53desowinwould be nice if someone could test it with different player, the only requirement is spare interrupt IN endpoint
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10:53:28desowinwith that, Sansa Connect has only 2 interrupt OUT endpoints left when running main app (Mass storage takes 2 bulk, serial takes 2 bulk + interrupt IN, HID takes interrupt IN)
10:53:38desowinand well, interrupt OUT is not really useful
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11:07:41saratogajust removed 7 more from the last few months
11:08:11saratogasomeone has been surprisingly motivated to type up coherent questions, get them answered, and then come back a month or two later to add porn spam
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11:28:57saratogaspeachy: google is also indexing our deleted posts (which are not normally visible to users), which is probably also encouraging spammers
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12:39:58braewoodsTheLemonMan: i demand a refund. you sold me a lemon. :(
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17:43:29speachysaratoga: I assume smf supports that sort of limitation? and.. if regular users can't see deleted posts, I'm having a hard time seeing how we can keep google from indexing them. :/
17:43:39speachywell, besides nuking them altogether.
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18:20:42speachysaratoga: Unless the search engine is hitting a specific post directly
18:22:17speachycan't seem to figure out how to just delete everything in that board.
18:24:17speachyok, it's purged of all but one post. no more search engine problem. :D
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22:53:54__builtinspeachy: do we have a libera project set up?
22:54:02__builtinfor cloaks, etc.?
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