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#rockbox log for 2021-06-09

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06:06:50speachy__builtin: yes, we have the project namespace.
06:09:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 7f3d0ce814, 297 builds, 9 clients.
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11:38:48eminguezhi folks, trying to give my ipod video a second chance with rockbox but the installation fails trying to install duke3d... it seems somehow the url doesn't work... it complains about:
11:38:51eminguez[httpget.cpp:230 INFO] Get URI ""
11:38:52eminguez[httpget.cpp:200 INFO] Request started
11:38:52eminguez[httpget.cpp:215 ERROR] NetworkError occured: QNetworkReply::NetworkError(HostNotFoundError) "Host not found" doesn't seem to exist, but (without the www)
11:45:49eminguezactually it didn't work with the AppImage, but it does work with the single binary... /shrug
11:46:16speachythe ini file for rbutil doesn't have the 'www.' in it so ... dunno
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13:13:16speachy__builtin: I don't know how to go about setting up cloaks etc. I know nearly nothing about the fineries of IRC administration.
13:17:30braewoodsspeachy: you first need to file for a Libera project or group to get access to project/group cloaks.
13:17:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a11c88e0df, 297 builds, 8 clients.
13:17:43speachybraewoods: we have the namespace
13:17:55braewoodsso you have the project already?
13:18:07speachyyep, as of a week ago I think
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13:19:23braewoodsit probably works how it did on freenode
13:19:38braewoodsa group contact arranges it with staff
13:20:07braewoodsyou could probably try it on yourself first
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14:55:57desowinWith USB Mass Storage seems to work just fine on Sansa Connect
14:56:27desowinwith that, I am tempted to get rid of the (not so great) dual-boot functionality
14:57:19desowinthe biggest issue is to get dual-boot you have to obtain the OF kernel and initrd yourself as you cannot download them from device
14:57:46desowinwell, you could in theory, but that's a way too complicated to be viable IMO
14:58:39desowinfirst option would be to design and program hardware dongle connected to the dock connected, implement slave I2C serial connection and use that to load exploit into RAM and execute code from there to dump the OF
14:59:14desowinanother option would be to try to find vulnerability in the Linux OF merely to run piece of code that would extract the flash contents
15:00:02desowinas the gain is so insignificant, I am not going to do either :-)
15:01:08desowinalso dual booting is complicated if you want to use internal storage, as OF uses full disk for ext2
15:01:39speachydesowin: can you restore/re-install booting to the OF from within rockbox?
15:02:00speachyor is it effectively one-way only?
15:02:19desowinnah, you cannot brick the player because OF bootloader is set in stone (hardware write protection)
15:02:29desowinyou can always just enter recovery mode and upload OF
15:02:49desowinthe only problem with that is obtaining OF files
15:03:15desowinI have few versions, but these are not redistributable AFAIK
15:03:45desowinofficially you can get the no-wifi from SanDisk website
15:05:19desowinyou would have to decrypt them (there's code to do that somewhere on the forums) and then load them using my zsitool as the official zsi_fw does not work with anything newer than XP
15:06:24desowinwhen loading rockbox, the way arbitrary code execution works it that it triggers on every single boot
15:07:56desowinwhich is way better than the 10-years-ago solution of soldering jtag connector, breaking the traces on PCB and applying 9V to patch OF bootloader signature check
15:12:19desowinspeaking of installation, does any other target that's supported in Rockbox Utility use raw USB access (libusb)?
15:13:35desowinthe only installation method is to: 1. get device into recovery mode by pressing buttons 2. (on Windows install driver with Zadig) use zsitool to load Rockbox bootloader 3. access mass storage and put rockbox app there
15:14:09desowinonly during the 3rd step there is mass storage available, OF is MTP only (and that MTP implementation is not so good)
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15:46:12amachronicdesowin: the fiio m3k has a similar libusb-based installation. The Rockbox utility doesn't seem to be set up to handle that at all.
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15:55:20braewoodsdesowin: gigabeats has the same basic problem.
15:55:29braewoodsit's also MTP only until RB is installed.
15:55:46braewoodswhich rockbox utility still lacks
15:55:54braewoodsfortunately libmtp is all you need to upload the new firmware
15:56:01braewoodsfor bootloader install
15:56:57braewoodswhen i get more situated i plan to work on trying to get rbutil to have basic MTP support for simple uploads
15:57:12braewoodsor via some external utility
15:57:15braewoodsnot sure which as of yet
15:57:26desowinexcept for Sansa Connect you cannot upload firmware with MTP
16:00:35braewoodsdesowin: gigabeat S does.
16:00:46braewoodsyou upload a firmware file and the unit resets and processes it
16:01:05braewoodsi've done the installation recently to learn how the process works
16:01:26braewoodsthe only reason it's not a stable port is lack of RB util support
16:01:52braewoodsi may as well cut a new bootloader release for the gigabeat S while i'm at it too since it still works
16:15:24bluebrotherbraewoods: I don't think Rockbox Utility should get MTP support.
16:15:43braewoodsbluebrother: so how should it be handled? the payload has to be delivered via MTP.
16:15:56bluebrotherinstead (and what I've already started to look into, but then this RL thingy came around) bootloader installation should be external executables
16:16:28braewoodsone problem i saw in the source of beastpatcher is there's a problem if there's more than one MTP device connected
16:16:35bluebrotherthat would also solve the issue with having to elevate all of Rockbox Utility on Windows (as of now) / sudo
16:16:38braewoodsit uses whatever the first device is that i can see
16:17:02bluebrotheryes, back then the assumpation was you'd only have one device connected :)
16:17:38braewoodsso if we keep that limitation it needs to be disclosed in the UI
16:18:12braewoodsbluebrother: btw though, i found out the OF 1.3 version works fine with beastpatcher
16:18:20bluebrotherthe main thing with having bootloader installation separate is the communication −− f.e. ipodpatcher can be instructed just fine via command line but we need to be able to communicate things back. Not a technical problem, but kinda needs to be done :)
16:18:57braewoods1.2 is hard to find now but 1.3 is available on the legacy toshiba site
16:19:01bluebrotherand right now Rockbox Utility can do some intermediate stuff during installation (can't remember the details, but I remember there were some)
16:19:18bluebrotherbeastpatcher did work fine with 1.2 and 1.3, the problem was installing dual-boot
16:19:30bluebrotherI should have 1.2 somewhere around.
16:19:32braewoodsreally? i installed dual boot OF
16:19:42braewoodsit works
16:19:54braewoodsthe only problem is getting the NK.bin from the OF
16:20:14bluebrotheror was it dualboot not working with 1.2? Can't remember, it's been too long.
16:20:28braewoodseither way, having them upgrade to 1.3 is acceptable
16:20:37braewoodsor something like that
16:20:39bluebrotherthough I remember running into that "need restore" all the time with dualboot and one specific version.
16:26:56braewoodsseems the gigabeat S has the same problem as the iriver h10
16:27:10braewoodsit doesn't power off, you have to use the HW reset
16:27:22braewoodsto get back into rockbox from the OF
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16:44:36sans4hi, is there someone who tried to unbrick the sansa clip+? mine been sitting for a few years bricked and want to try it. this is the guide im gonna follow. Looking for tips or advices u_u
16:45:12braewoodssans4: how do you know it's truly bricked?
16:45:25braewoodssometimes i've had to hold the power button for a long period to reset it
16:48:12sans4Yes, i've tried that and didn't work. I installed rockbox at that time and suddenly stopped working. I didn't found guidance in that time but a few days back I decided to look back. The device won't show anything on the display. Also tried to press Power + Left, i've read that it was for boot the OG firmware that sandisk provides yet no result.
16:49:54sans4Now, when connected, the device show as M200Plus with a size of 31mb.
16:52:11sans4 there's a link to a image host site showing how windows 10 detects my sansa
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17:26:09mendel_munkisamachronic: I would appreciate if you can tell me which obvious test I missed this time.
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17:39:59amachronicmendel_munkis: can't see any issues in your code :) −− but I haven't yet tested floating point printf on real hardware
17:42:04amachronicI think the define here is probably out of date. Enabling it adds about ~7 kb of code so I am not sure which targets should remain blacklisted.
17:44:07amachronicmaybe just say anything with >= 8 MB of RAM can afford that 'hit'
17:46:42speachyamachronic: over 8MB definitely. Which funnily enough will exclude most of our hosted targets. :D
17:47:18amachronicon hosted it's a non-issue because rockbox uses the libc printf, I think.
17:49:30amachronicactually, there's no 4 MB targets, just a handful of 2 MB ones, so 8 MB is probably right.
17:51:53mendel_munkisline 737 is a major issue
17:53:58amachronicin vuprintf? assumption of ieee754...?
17:54:38mendel_munkisof caclulator.c
17:56:14amachronicit may be, isn't the maximum representable double ~300 digits or so?
17:57:57mendel_munkisthat many?
17:58:32mendel_munkisI do know that the decimal seperator will nearly always be in the 2nd place when this is called here
17:58:37amachronicI am not 100% sure since I did it a while ago when i first saw your snprintfs.
17:58:58amachronichowever I figured the calculator doesn't create such numbers anyway so it's probably not an issue.
17:59:51mendel_munkisno one needs more then 25 digits −−rockbox devs 2021
18:00:20amachronichonestly it would be simpler in some ways if the calculator had just used decimal arithmetic all along.
18:01:24amachronici mean, it's at least portable and predictable even if it's more verbose.
18:01:36amachronicbut w/e
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18:02:25mendel_munkisA I really don't want to rearchitecht the whole plugin, B there must be a reason it was done the way it was
18:02:45helpmehi, I just installed rockbox on ipod 6th gen 120gb
18:02:50helpmesome mp3 doesn't play
18:02:50amachronicyeah... one issue... if the calculator's internal representation has powers going up to 10^999 is it possible that printf writes 999 digits?
18:02:52mendel_munkis(i assume to support rounded big numbers)
18:03:21amachronic'cause you're writing the precision dynamically
18:03:34helpmemp3 doesn't play through the files function, and not detected by the database function
18:03:48helpmeno artwork seen by mp3tag embedded
18:04:06helpmethe only difference is it is mpeg1-layer1
18:04:10helpmeinstead of mpeg1-layer3
18:04:37mendel_munkissnprintf vs sprintf
18:07:27speachysnprintf, always.
18:07:48mendel_munkisright and that's why I am not worried about that.
18:07:51helpmeok, i hope a dev sees this and can help to fix
18:07:56helpmegreat app. thanks
18:08:10mendel_munkisdo we not support mp1?
18:08:25amachronicI'm not certain but I don't think rockbox has an mpeg1 layer1 codec.
18:08:44helpmewhy so?
18:08:47helpmeit's also mp3 right?
18:08:55mendel_munkisnet project huh
18:09:19helpmeis there anyway i can add the codec manually?
18:09:31amachronicI stand corrected. libmad is supposed to support it.
18:09:57speachyIIRC layer3 is a supeset of layer1
18:10:35speachyhelpme: open a bug ticket on, and attach one of these problematic files so we can have a look at it.
18:11:26helpmehow do i create a task lisk?
18:15:13amachronicmendel_munkis, why not use 64 bit ints in strtod? just implement atoll() locally
18:16:09mendel_munkisI was trying to not implement the whole libc in the calculator
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18:19:30helpmeok good night
18:19:46helpmemaybe i'll open the task tomorrow
18:19:50mendel_munkisespecially not functions that actually need todo string parsing
18:21:12amachronicbut atoll is basically this: while(*str) x = (10 * x) + (*str++ - '0')
18:21:35amachronicyou don't need to parse signed integers even...
18:28:16mendel_munkisunless and untill (*str++ - '0') is >9 or <0
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18:29:40amachronicer, yes
18:30:03SaratogaWe do support mp1, there are benchmark results on the wiki
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21:05:47speachybraewoods: I've reached out to libera staff about how to actually set up / administer cloaks.
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21:56:20braewoodsspeachy: ok.
21:56:30braewoodsif i was the group contact i could try it but...
21:56:32braewoodsi doubt i am
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