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#rockbox log for 2021-06-10

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00:16:05braewoodsok, some minor changes pushed to gerrit for sendfirm / beastpatcher
00:16:34braewoodsi'm pondering removing vs2005 support for beastpatcher since i don't think we're going to need that if beastpatcher remains a standalone program
00:16:47braewoodswe can just upload a prebuilt copy to the http site
00:17:00braewoodsbut hm
00:17:09braewoodsi'll need to investigate that
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00:34:21braewoodsbluebrother: i'm working on gigabeat S patchwork but first i'm inspecting the bootloader.
00:34:44braewoodsi noticed the bootloader has an allowance for extracting a TAR file?
00:34:56*braewoods boggles.
00:35:04braewoodsi can only see one reason why this exists.
00:35:37braewoodsto allow you to upload a tar archive over MTP for the rockbox payload to find and extract
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00:36:25braewoodsbut for first boot, there's only two options... wait for rockbox bootloader to launch so you can use normal USB access
00:36:39braewoodsor try to install the archive prior to this
00:36:43braewoodsi wonder if that'd actually work
00:36:45braewoodslet me find out
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01:06:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 163e3507f8, 297 builds, 8 clients.
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01:22:02mendel_munkisnone of the isalpha famil functions either
01:27:27braewoodsmendel_munkis: you need to use ctype.h?
01:27:58braewoodsyou can easily implement a simple set that only works with ASCII
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01:34:22mendel_munkissure, I can I just don't like re-implementing libc
02:04:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f26499bd67, 297 builds, 9 clients.
02:08:00mendel_munkisAm I stupid for writing a mostly standards compliant atoll instead of taking advantage of the usecase I need it for?
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02:13:02rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 527 seconds.
02:13:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f26499bd67 result: All green
02:56:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 551c74da55, 297 builds, 9 clients.
03:06:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 581 seconds.
03:06:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 551c74da55 result: All green
03:18:07sporkwould be nice if rb-bluebot showed the commit title
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03:35:10markunhi :)
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05:56:14kutubyebyeHi, i'm helpme from before
05:56:47kutubyebyeI posted the file on the tasklist tracker
05:57:07kutubyebyeRockbox doesn''t play some of my music
05:57:32kutubyebyehope someone can help me find the problem
05:58:57kutubyebyeThank You.
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07:23:31speachysaratoga: I'm really wondering if these recent removed forum posts are due to some vulnerability/exploit/sniffed credentials/malicious browser plugin rather than the user/poster intending to spam.
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10:21:37saratogaspeachy: most of the ones I deleted the other day had spammy email addresses that looked like the same people generated them
10:21:52saratogaso i think probably not real users having their posts edited, at least for the most part
10:22:14saratogaa lot were also posting from IPs at web hosts
10:22:15speachyI was referring to the ones from teh last few days, ie since I purged the older removed stuff.
10:23:41saratogathe Kabutoo one in there now is similar to what i was deleting before
10:24:12saratogaemail long, random phrase with 3 numeric digits at the end at gmail
10:24:16speachyI mean, there's not really anyything we can do differently, just seems ... off to me.
10:24:46speachyyeah, I purged something like 2/3rds of the forum accounts when I first took over due to clear bogosity.
10:25:00speachyseeing an uptick again, alas.
10:25:46speachy"this is why we can't have nice things"
10:26:37speachybtw, I couldn't find any obvious way to partially restrict folks from editing their own posts; either they can, or they can't.
10:26:56speachyI suppose there may be some extension/plugin to add that. worth a look I guess.
10:28:46saratogafor a long time those [FirstName]L[astName][number] spammers were just copying and pasting threads between here and reddit, but these newer ones seem to actually be coming up with unique support questions
10:28:57saratogawhich is just bizarre, that must be so much work for so little gain
10:29:25speachyexactly. either that or we're looking at a new level of AI-driven turing test attempts..
10:30:25saratogasomeone training a neural network to ask battery life questions about obscure mp3 players would be awesome if true
10:54:56speachyI installed a "Spam links" module that allows creating post thresholds for folks putting in links to their posts, but I can't seem to figure out how to actually enable it.
11:12:38speachyhad to uninstall it due to other brokenness. sigh.
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13:09:19braewoodsspeachy: it's interesting how most of the old flash based targets we support (and lack sd cards) are effectively pointless today due to no upgradeability
13:09:39braewoodssa9200 for example
13:09:48braewoodsno sd card slot, just the 4GB it came with
13:10:16braewoodshdd targets though still have a fair amount of utility because of the high upgrade ceiling
13:11:19braewoodsin any case, i'll be working on MTP again after my server upgrade is finished
13:11:24braewoodssheesh is this taking a long time
13:11:35braewoodsi'm just glad i can still get parts though
13:11:36braewoodsjust slower
13:14:20braewoodsupgrading from an ancient xeon to a modern ryzen motherboard
13:14:33braewoodsthose support ECC RAM
13:14:44braewoodsoddly enough
13:14:52braewoodsmake good home server boards
13:19:42speachythe only advantage to a newer system for me is marginally lower power consumption
13:20:45speachyI'm already awash in more compute power than I can meaningfully leverage, and unless I spent a large pile of money, I'd actually end up with _less_ oomph.
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16:25:10braewoodsspeachy: i'm doubling my core count and quadrupling my RAM
16:25:13braewoodsso that's helpful
16:25:48braewoodsit'd been like 5 year since i last upgraded this
16:25:55braewoodsand i was at the limits of the platform
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