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#rockbox log for 2021-06-11

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03:10:06braewoodsspeachy: question. what does rockbox's UMS use specifically? i was just reading about UAS which might be more efficient.
03:10:51braewoodsif so it might be interesting to write a UAS driver
03:11:02braewoodsbut no idea if rockbox has enough resources for that
03:14:59braewoodsappears all the major desktop OS have supported UAS for 7+ years
03:15:32braewoodsnot sure if there'd be any benefit for rockbox
03:15:41braewoodsbut it could be interesting to have another storage driver
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11:51:25braewoodsscratch that idea; UAS doesn't work here. requires 5 endpoints with usb 2.0
11:51:45braewoodsnot sure it'd help anyway as i suspect the hardware is a more limiting factor
11:55:19speachyUAS's advantage is higher theoretical performance. which we'd not be able to take advantage of anyway.
11:55:56speachy(mainly by allowing multiple outstanding requests)
11:59:12braewoodsspeachy: because the older ATA we use doesn't support NCQ?
11:59:40speachynot just ATA, but also SD
11:59:59braewoodsyea, it's not SATA.
12:00:40braewoodsspeachy: btw, i got some read errors from a badblocks run but only during a single read pass. makes me think it's transient and that it's probably a bad cable. your thoughts?
12:01:07speachyor sunspot activity
12:01:33braewoodsthe drive itself doesn't seem to report any issues
12:01:41speachyor the illuminati programming the backchannel to the 5G microchip in your COVID "vaccine"
12:01:43braewoodsi'll replace the cables and try again later.
12:03:00braewoodsbut if i really had problems i'd get something more consistent.
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13:01:44p9why is there a script coverage difference between 15-Adobe-Helvetica and 18-Adobe-Helevetica?">
13:02:20p9is there a way to get font with size 18 but with same coverage as size 15?
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13:24:40braewoodsp9: probably an oversight in the original font
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13:34:05p9from what I understand each font size comes from seperate source file and is independent of others:
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15:34:17braewoodsspeachy: what's it take to get patches reviewed now? the gerrit UI is different and confusing now.
15:34:47braewoodslike i can't seem to vote on my own patches as "tested" anymore
15:36:10amachronicI was just taking a look at those, are they good to merge? I'm unfamiliar with any of that stuff but looks safe to me.
15:36:48braewoodsamachronic: it should be, trivial changes to fix some utilities.
15:36:52amachronicand fwiw I read somewhere that you can't vote your own patches as tested because it's assumed you test your own code anyway.
15:37:31braewoodsi plan to do more with them but that was something simple to start off with
15:38:09braewoodsah, right. there was some option to mark them as tested.
15:38:29braewoodskeep in mind i'm tweaking some stuff that was last worked on like 10 years ago
15:39:18braewoodsso hm
15:40:28amachronicalright, I'll merge those two things then
15:40:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fe9bcd0468, 297 builds, 9 clients.
15:41:59braewoodsi'm trying to figure out how i'm going to do the initial install with gigabeats
15:42:17braewoodsrockbox utility only works with UMS model currently
15:42:41braewoodskinda makes sense...
15:43:15amachronicyeah... only if you are patching OF files and piggybacking off the OF's recovery mode. :/
15:43:16braewoodsif i ever finish MTP support, i'll see what i can do to integrate that into rockbox
15:43:49braewoodsin theory we could send update payloads over MTP and rockbox could extract them on the device
15:43:57braewoodsproblem is, not sure how practical or resource intensive that is
15:44:28braewoodsbut gigabeats bootloader is setup to look for a tar archive containing the RB firmware files
15:44:39braewoodsand extract them if found
15:44:53braewoodsso i'm assuming they were planning to have the bootloader do that for first install
15:45:09braewoodsso it appears they expected to do this...
15:45:19braewoodssend the archive over MTP then the patched bootloader
15:45:27braewoodsand wait for the device to reset
15:46:04braewoodstrouble is rbutil uses ZIP for everything else
15:46:26braewoodswould it make sense to strip out the tar and switch to zip?
15:46:29amachronicI added a tar library for the m3k bootloader which you might be able to use.
15:46:45braewoodsdoes it support compressed archives?
15:46:55amachronicnope. it's extremely minimal
15:47:04amachronicsince I needed it to fit in a small bootloader
15:47:04braewoodsso on par with the gigabeats thing
15:47:18amachronicyeah, I originally got the idea after looking at the gigabeats code :)
15:47:30braewoodsmay make sense to switch the code to use that
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16:14:42desowinso I have been trying to figure out why Sansa Connect mass storage does not seem to work on Windows 10 and SVNr16750 raises my suspicions
16:15:49desowinsending ZLP before CSW does result in Windows issuing reset to the device
16:16:15desowinatleast this is what Windows 10 does with Sansa Connect
16:18:06desowinthe failed command is "scsi mode_sense_6 0 1C", Rockbox supports only page code 3F (does not support 1C)
16:19:43desowinI don't know why Windows sends this page code and how ot properly fix it, but this "Windows expects an empty command result before the csw" is way too suspicious
16:23:55braewoodsdesowin: yet no such problem exists for other ports, so what gives?
16:26:31desowinare you sure it does not exist and not that the reset fix some transient issue? and that this code path executes on other targets?
16:27:01desowincan you send usb capture (USBPcap would be sufficient) for other targets on Windows?
16:27:25speachyUSB has been pretty heavily beat upon on our other targets, though I've never personally tried it with Win10.
16:27:46braewoodsdesowin: well, i'm assuming it works fine since we'd be deluged in complaints if it weren't
16:28:28braewoodsit sounds most likely to be a device specific quirk
16:28:43braewoodsbut if you want I can try UMS from windows 10
16:28:48braewoodsfrom another rockbox target
16:29:03braewoodsjust let me know what exactly you'd need tested
16:29:05desowinlinux doesn't send this mode sense and everything works fine
16:29:24braewoodsdo you have other rockbox ports you can use to compare?
16:29:39desowinjust connect the device, ideally if it has sd card slot that's empty
16:30:27braewoodsi'll try it later, i don't have windows 10 available atm
16:30:41braewoodsi'll use my iriver h10 which has a different software USB stack
16:31:35desowinI don't know where my Sansa e280 is... all I have at my immediate disposal is packet level USB sniffer (OpenVizsla), URB level sniffer (USBPcap), analyzer (Wireshark) and Sansa Connect
16:32:04speachyHa! I have one of the OpenVizsla boards, never could get it working reliably
16:32:35desowinjust grab ovextcap from
16:33:08desowinput it in Wireshark extcap folder and start capture from Wireshark main window
16:33:24desowinon Windows install driver with Zadig, on Linux just get permissions right
16:33:37speachyit's moot now, I don't have a Win10 system anywhere.
16:33:55braewoodsi'm going to review the HID driver later to see what else I can do with it.
16:34:10braewoodsi want to see if i can write custom HID software to interact with rockbox in reverse
16:34:52braewoodswindows won't support any of this OOB so may as well use some kind of vendor extensions
16:35:42desowinwhat for? why not write good terminal for USB serial?
16:36:14braewoodsdesowin: remote control.
16:36:36desowinfrom PC to Rockbox?
16:36:55braewoodsi thought about coupling this to MTP since it has a lot of features for this
16:37:08braewoodsthat presents a different problem
16:37:41braewoodsrockbox's targets pretty much need to be locked into MTP mode so remote control should be a separate mode
16:37:41desowinwell, it would be good to have on USB serial, paired with some commands to access OS information like queues and so on it would be helpful during debugging
16:38:04braewoodsi was thinking it could make a lot of things a lot easier though
16:38:11braewoodslike setting the RTC from host system time
16:38:18braewoodsfor supported targets of course
16:38:53braewoodsi just think it'd be nice to have a control driver
16:39:03braewoodsfor debugging and more
16:42:14desowinwell, I think just USB serial terminal (on Rockbox side), so connecting to it from host would make a lot of things possible
16:42:35desowinadd some commands and you can do automated testing
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17:44:25braewoodsbluebrother: it appears rbutil has the ability to extract cab archives. can it create TAR archives?
17:45:02braewoodsi need these two in some capacity
17:45:13braewoodscabextract to extract the OF
17:45:43braewoodsand create a tar archive for first boot after bootloader install
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