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#rockbox log for 2021-06-13

00:00:29speachyanyway, the new-new code now tracks the prior header's offset, so when we have two-in-a-row matches it can return the first header and seek back to the correct position before ejecting from the loop.
00:06:04Bilguslooks like less churn
00:14:49speachyyeah, instead of reading bytewise forward, then seeknig forward and back, then resuming the bytewise search
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01:26:52desowinbraewoods: the chip is marked TNETV105PAP, I believe in digikey it is listed as XTNETV105PAP - atleast the description pretty much matches
01:28:08desowinspeachy: yes, the wiki is updated
01:28:54desowinI am thinking about "fast boot" exploit. Basically now, the bootloader payload is limited to 2095088 bytes, in the "fast" option it would be limited to 901104 bytes
01:29:20desowinthe change would be where in flash it goes (and thus the binary will be incompatible)
01:29:41desowinthe current exploit basically calculates SHA1 over 16 + bootloader length bytes
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01:30:25desowinthe fast boot would result in calculating SHA1 over 24 bytes (16 bytes mandatory header, 4 bytes ldr instruction, 4 bytes value for ldr instruction)
01:36:54desowinhmm, 20 bytes should be possible as I think I could stuff the value somewhere in the signature itself
02:09:14braewoodsdesowin: that should be more than enough for a bootloader.
02:09:25braewoodsa lot of older targets have far less space than that
02:20:33braewoodsdesowin: sheesh. it's some mystery chip.
02:20:47braewoodsthere's no datasheet that i can tell.
02:21:16braewoodsi wonder what it does that would make them do that
02:24:09braewoodsdesowin: i see you expanded the serial driver?
02:24:26braewoodsdesowin: i was going to look into adding some kind of binary protocol to it at a later time
03:06:32desowinthe expansion is just to make it appear as COM port in Windows and ttyACM0 in Linux, the data travelling is unaffected
03:07:29desowinI would prefer a text protocol with simple human readable commands, adding some target specific commands would make it easy to just try some things (like toggling gpio) without loading new binary
03:08:36desowinand well, it shouldn't be too hard to multiplex logf there... as long as commands are human readable, the user will be able to distinguish between logf and command if these happen to be merged
03:17:03desowinhmm, maybe even 16 bytes in fast boot should be possible, as the immutable signature bytes seem to form valid and harmless instructions
03:18:15desowinas "moveq r0, #137" followed by "andeq r0, r0, r5" does not really make any difference
03:19:23desowinif needed you can stuff quite some payload into the signature itself (e.g. copying the flash to ram at some address), but for Rockbox just a jump is enough
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04:54:58desowinI need help with the linker script. For fast boot exploit I would have to build Rockbox Sansa Connect bootloader in a way that it would occupy flash starting at 0x00424010, with limit up to 0x000DBFF0 bytes
04:55:36desowinSo I opened firmware/target/arm/tms320dm320/ and modified Sansa Connect FLASHMEMORIG to 0x00424010 and FLASHMEMSIZE to 0x000DBFF0
04:56:06desowinbootloader binary is just 114 KiB so there's plenty room left
04:56:20desowinhowever, the linking fails with "Not enough room for program headers, try linking with -N"
04:56:46desowinif I add -N option to linker, then the resulting elf does not contain the startup code that's supposed to go at 0x00424010
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07:06:39desowinchanging FLASHMEMORIG to 0x00430010 resulted in working binary
07:07:07desowinhowever, the "fast" is not as fast as I anticipated, it is in tens of milliseconds range
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07:21:09desowinconsidering the boot takes around 5 seconds before the execution passes to Rockbox bootloader, the less than 100 ms save seems negligible
07:22:00desowinI wonder what takes so long, my guess would be the bignum operations on garbled data
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12:19:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 756c0d2ac8, 297 builds, 9 clients.
12:27:20jschwartwhat is the largest flash drive that works with an iPod mini?
12:28:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 519 seconds.
12:28:38speachyin theoy anything up to 2TB.
12:28:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 756c0d2ac8 result: All green
12:28:54speachyat least from rockbox's perspective. no idea what sort of upper limit the Apple firmware has
12:29:17jschwartspeachy: interesting
12:29:39jschwartI have a CF to SD adapter now, that someone claimed worked for their ipod
12:30:53speachymake sure you're using current nightly/dev builds rather than the 3.15 release.
12:31:33jschwartah why is that?
12:32:01speachymasty bugs due to the iflash adapters not being quite compliant with the ATA spec.
12:32:44speachy(ie data corruption)
12:33:18jschwartah I see, I was already struggling lately to put stuff on it, but another cable solved that
12:36:56jschwartas for the brand here, I really have no clue, Patriot, Kingston, Team Group, ADATA, Transcend, Goodram, Samsung, Lexar, Silicon Power, Kioxia, Intenso
12:37:03jschwartthey all seem in the same price range
12:37:58jschwartfew euro more it's Toshiba, Sandisk
12:38:09jschwartEmtec, Verbatim
12:38:16jschwartcrazy market it seems
12:39:59jschwartsimply buying a compact flash card is also way more expensive than an sd card plus adapter
13:17:21speachyyeah, classid CF cards are mostly gone now, save for industrial use
13:20:47jschwartI'll just get the Samsung one at 256GB as the brand is known and it is the cheapest
13:21:16jschwartif it doesn't work I think I can probably swap it with a Sandisk that's 128GB that I use for my Tinker Board
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