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#rockbox log for 2021-06-14

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12:04:44desowinSansa Connect RTC is pretty weird. The AVR has monotime which is simply a 32-bit counter incremented every second, the problem is that there's no way to change this value
12:05:13desowinso OF creates a timestamp file in which it saves the counter value and corresponding real world time
12:05:32desowinthen based on this file and current monotime, it calculates what is the real time
12:06:22desowinso in Rockbox I would just create a file with unix time offset which I would just add to the monotime value - and setting RTC would be adjusting this value
12:07:12desowinthat's ugly but probably the only possibility (unless someone is brave enough to find out how AVR firmware works and implement alternative one...)
12:14:34desowinthat's pretty bad, especially that there is ST RTC on the pcb, only I couldn't find any trace that would connect to it
12:15:05desowineither my desolder all chips pcb broke some traces due to mishandling or it is simply not connected
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13:29:17speachyblind via maybe?
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13:36:15SammysHPThat reminds me of old HP calculators that are turned on periodically by an alarm to handle the clock timer overflow
13:36:38desowinblind via shouldn't matter, as I just check if the SDA/SCL is connected to any processor pads
13:37:01desowinas long as there is continuity it doesn't matter if it goes through blind vias or not
13:37:11desowinthis is how I found the JTAG and serial port
13:38:15*speachy nods.
13:40:35desowinthere's plenty of BGA in there, so I only can trace if there's low impedance on the path
13:40:55desowinif there's some current limiting resistor on the path, well, that's making things harder
13:41:13desowinthere's always the sanding method, but I am not that interested anymore ;-)
15:07:00speachyanything else on i2c? (audio codec?)
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15:11:39braewoodsdesowin: so what else is your port missing?
15:12:01braewoodsthis'll technically be the first RB hardware with wifi but it's useless to us due to how old it is
15:12:14braewoodseven if we could get the chip working
15:12:19braewoodsbest to just send it to sleep
15:12:32braewoodsplus no TCP/IP stack
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15:35:50desowininstaller, RTC, SDIO to load firmware to wifi chip
15:37:03desowinwith the USB driver, charging started working correctly (not a suprise as the code is quite clear about it ;-) )
15:37:36desowin with this it no longer feels slow to load audio files
15:37:47desowinthe speed from clicking on a file to playback is like on e280
15:40:17desowinspeachy: audio codec and power management on the internal i2c, there's also i2c available at the dock
15:41:00desowinit's interesting how much OF has code for dock that is not used at all, I doubt the dock was ever released
15:41:32desowinthe ST chip seems to be used only to generate clock
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15:50:42braewoodsdesowin: do you have to load firmware to the wifi chip to make it go into power saving mode?
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17:00:36amachronicspeachy: the M3K bootloader now supports dual-boot :) Link to new version...
17:03:00amachronicLemme know when you've got it uploaded. Thanks.
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18:00:57speachyamachronic: uploaded.
18:01:48amachroniccool, thanks.
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19:57:23braewoodsdesowin: when you said you wanted a text interface to the serial driver, did you mean something that supported dumb things like cat? or something else?
19:57:55braewoodsi was reviewing ASCII again and realized it could be used to allow mixing binary and textprotocols
19:58:03braewoodsif you repurpose the normally unused control codes
20:03:32braewoodsspeachy: it would be simpler to use binary :D
20:03:45braewoodseasier to parse than text
20:04:07braewoodsthough binary requires more effort to design
20:23:32speachybut it's not terribly useful for human interaction, ie its main purpose.
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23:20:27braewoodsspeachy: guess what? freenode just committed suicide
23:21:12mendel_munkisbraewoods: -offtopic?
23:21:24braewoodsthat's all i was going to say.
23:21:30mendel_munkisah nvm
23:21:44mendel_munkisoh and woops it -community not -offtopic
23:21:47braewoodsbut it looks like the decision to move was for the best
23:21:58braewoodsthey just wiped out 20 years of old data says well according to freenode freenode is dead
23:22:41braewoodsthat happened a few hours ago
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