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#rockbox log for 2021-06-15

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02:58:52desowinbraewoods: I am pretty sure that loading firmware lowers the power consumption. However, with Marvell you have to have huge annual volumes to get the datasheets under NDA so obviously I don't have the datasheet
02:59:16desowinbraewoods: the most important command is help
03:00:05desowinbasically, let's assume you name the interface ROCKCOM, then you have struct ROCKCOM that contains all relevant information
03:00:29desowineach command handler receives pointer to ROCKCOM as its only parameter
03:01:06desowinand have functions like int rockcom_get_int_parameter(instance) or rockcom_printf(instance, fmt, ...)
03:01:49desowininstance holds array of command groups, each command group contains title and pointers to commands array
03:02:05desowincommands array contains command structure like e.g.
03:03:06desowin{ .command = "HELP", min_params = 0, .max_params = 1, .description = "Prints information about commands", .syntax = "HELP [COMMAND]",
03:03:38desowin.long_descriptions = "When called without parameters lists all available commands.\r\nWhen called with COMMAND parameter, prints detailed information about command.",
03:03:52desowin.examples = "HELP\r\n" "HELP HELP\r\n" }
03:04:16desowin(obviously I forgot .handler = cmd_help_handler)
03:05:23desowinthe structure makes it easy for users to use the interface (never have to look up interface specification, command list, etc. as it is all there once you connect)
03:05:41desowinand also for reviewers, as these make it clear what the command is supposed to do :-)
03:06:55desowinabstracting it into functions that take ROCKCOM instance as parameter makes it easy to change access medium, be it USB Serial, real serial port, or even application
03:08:16desowinthe min/max is automatically used by main parser, and displays syntax if the number of parameters is out of range
03:08:53desowinrockcom_get_int_parameter() and others detect e.g. overflows, so the burden is taken off the command handlers
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03:14:32braewoodsdesowin: ok. i was partly wanting to support a binary protocol for greater efficiency for scripts or so.
03:14:50braewoodsin any case
03:14:56braewoodsi'll take a look later
03:15:17desowinmy experience with these type of interfaces is that it is sufficently good for automated tests
03:15:36desowinthat is, testers didn't comaplain about the interface and the test logs were really clear
03:15:51braewoodsonly problem i see at all is if you have stuff that expects...
03:16:13braewoodsstrings that expect to include whitespace
03:16:23desowinalso debugging was simple as you don't have to write dissector (like you have to do with binary protocols, otherwise you are just wasting a lot of time)
03:16:31desowinjust put them in quotemarks
03:16:43braewoodsok i'll try pascal style strings
03:17:05braewoodswhere '' escapes a single quote
03:17:46braewoodsdesowin: everything will be line oriented i assume?
03:17:54braewoodsif we fail to get a complete line we do nothing
03:18:13desowinyes, the commands end with \r\n (or \r or \n)
03:18:16braewoodsi expect this will be command-response style
03:18:30braewoodsmeaning no output except in response to a command
03:18:33desowinand echo back the received characters when in "line entry"
03:18:46braewoods... so we need terminal emulation?
03:18:54desowinso when you connect with PuTTY you get to see what you type
03:19:13braewoodsi thought that was more a thing for the remote side to do
03:19:17braewoodsmeaning client side
03:19:27braewoodsi thought we were going to do a dumb line parser
03:19:38braewoodslike plain text file or so
03:19:39desowinno need for full terminal emulation (setting window sizes and so on), just a very simple handling
03:20:26braewoodsanything that can be done on the host side is probably best left there
03:20:30desowinjust handle ESC to abort whatever was in the entry buffer and show prompt on new line, backspace to delete characters from buffer (don't echo backspace if already at first character)
03:20:32braewoodse.g., command history
03:20:54desowinand newline, or rather \r as in PuTTY to get \n it was like ctrl+J I think
03:20:58braewoodsthey do make programs to handle all this
03:21:06braewoodsrlwrap for example
03:21:15braewoodsruns on the host not the device
03:21:19desowincommand history not on the rockcom but on the PC side
03:21:43braewoodsso do we really need all this in the serial driver?
03:21:49braewoodsother than the command parser
03:22:21desowinthe real idea behind abstracting it into ROCKCOM is to have serial driver only have to send and receive characters
03:22:29desowineverything else is on the ROCKCOM shoulders
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03:23:26braewoodsreminds me of telnet where the entire data stream is a mixture of text and control streams
03:23:42braewoodsand to get the whole line you need to scan it to omit the control streams
03:24:16desowinwell, I prefer without the control stream, just make it simple interface like e.g U-Boot console
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03:31:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f6c7407cc3, 297 builds, 9 clients.
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06:00:40jaypopbox17hello, is anyone from rockbox team in this IRC?
06:02:39jaypopbox17I ran the scsitool "dest_tool get" on my walkman and got this response:
06:02:40jaypopbox17Model: NWZ-S615F
06:02:40jaypopbox17Series: NWZ-S610 Series
06:02:41DBUGEnqueued KICK jaypopbox17
06:02:41jaypopbox17Cannot read node 'shp'
06:04:36jaypopbox17here is the information from the walkman:
06:04:41jaypopbox17Model ID: 0x1020000
06:04:42jaypopbox17Raw device info:
06:04:42jaypopbox17 44 45 56 49 4e 46 4f 80 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 DEVINFO.........
06:04:43jaypopbox17 53 4f 4e 59 20 20 20 20 4e 57 5a 2d 53 36 31 35 SONY NWZ-S615
06:04:43***Alert Mode level 1
06:04:43jaypopbox17 46 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 31 2e 30 30 35 31 20 20 F 1.0051
06:04:44***Alert Mode level 2
06:04:44jaypopbox17 20 20 32 47 35 35 38 36 35 31 34 00 00 00 00 00 2G5586514.....
06:04:44***Alert Mode level 3
06:04:44jaypopbox17 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
06:04:45***Alert Mode level 4
06:04:45jaypopbox17 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
06:04:45***Alert Mode level 5
06:04:45***Alert Mode level 6
06:04:45jaypopbox17 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
06:04:46***Alert Mode level 7
06:04:46***Alert Mode level 8
06:04:46jaypopbox17 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
06:04:46***Alert Mode level 9
06:04:46jaypopbox17Vendor identification: SONY
06:04:47***Alert Mode level 10
06:04:47jaypopbox17Product identification: NWZ-S615F
06:04:47***Alert Mode level 11
06:04:47jaypopbox17Product revision: 1.00
06:04:48***Alert Mode level 12
06:04:48jaypopbox17Product sub revision: 51
06:04:48***Alert Mode level 13
06:04:48jaypopbox17Storage size: 2G
06:04:49***Alert Mode level 14
06:04:49jaypopbox17Serial number: 5586514
06:04:49***Alert Mode level 15
06:04:49jaypopbox17Vendor specific:
06:04:50***Alert Mode level 16
06:04:50jaypopbox17An error occured during request
06:04:59braewoodsjaypopbox17: PASTE BIN
06:05:09braewoodsso much spam
06:05:17jaypopbox17sorry about that
06:06:08jaypopbox17data extracted from the walkman:
06:07:55braewoodsand what do you expect us to do with this?
06:12:00jaypopbox17I'm just reporting an unsupported device to the devs, in hopes to add compatibility
06:12:04speachyresumably for nwztool
06:13:04jaypopbox17yes, sorry I forgot to mention, this is for the SonyNWDestTool
06:13:31braewoodsNo sd card?
06:13:56jaypopbox17nope. no SD card
06:14:20braewoodsOk... limited benefit to supporting this then...
06:14:51***Alert Mode OFF
06:15:13braewoodsthe older rockbox ports are mainly HDD units since flash players were of limited utility in that era...
06:16:03braewoodswe do sometimes support flash based units but this one doesn't have any upgradeable storage...
06:16:07jaypopbox17i actually just want to change the destination from "E" to "J", as apparently the japan destination had extra features
06:17:07speachyjaypopbox17: pamaury is the keeper of most things Sony NWZ
06:18:14braewoodsjaypopbox17: though if you're looking for something to use as an actual player... this wouldn't be a recommendation.
06:19:41jaypopbox17speachy: I will try sending an email, thanks
06:21:16jaypopbox17braewoods: okay, appreciate the help guys
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06:51:23braewoodsspeachy: apparently reporting messages on the forums doesn't work
06:51:25braewoodsit times out
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07:10:17speachybraewoods: it works; the timeouts are due to how smf sends out emails to the moderators.
07:10:50speachy(with a _lot_ of bounces I might add..)
07:11:10speachygtg for a while.
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10:00 seems reasonably portable
10:03:16desowinhowever I know that for 8787 there is even better driver directly from Marvell (OS independent)
10:03:27desowinI wonder if there's also one for 8686
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14:42:49braewoodsdesowin: so what do you intend to do with the marvell driver?
14:42:58braewoodsjust enough to enable power management?
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15:35:13amachronicso, I was playing around with themes and discovered you can draw on the backdrop layer.
15:37:08amachronicunfortunately it doesn't work well and misses updates. does anyone still maintain / know about the skin code?
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15:46:04amachronichmm, it seems that I have to dirty the foreground viewport to get the backdrop to redraw fully.
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16:03:02sporkskins seem mostly magic to me
16:03:13sporkhad a go at making a 360x400 skin last night
16:03:35sporkdid not look too bad but the bitmaps got a bit large
16:04:08sporknothing even close to that resolution for other supported players
16:05:35amachronicme too, also trying to make a 360x400 theme for the shanling.
16:06:17sporkthat was my idea too
16:06:46sporkwas a journey and half to compile a simulator first
16:06:50amachronicincidentally, I discovered there's ARGB bitmap support... I always thought Rockbox only did magenta transparency. I wonder why nobody seems to have taken advantage of a proper alpha channel?
16:07:41sporkdoes the q1 have the same 'pop' as the m3k at the start ?
16:08:02amachronicnope, the q1's DAC is better at auto-muting.
16:08:48amachronicalthough I didn't try frequency changing on the fly, which is an issue for the M3K.
16:09:06sporkm3k only does it for me at start up
16:09:44amachronicyeah I also get a static hiss at startup. Funny thing is, it goes away after playing a song and pausing it.
16:13:23sporki am using the m3k continously and it works great. i cannot think of anything but that pop that is not great
16:19:27amachronicit's probably a simple thing to fix... tbh I have just got used to ignoring the pop :P
16:21:05sporki put my earbuds in after turning it on
16:21:27sporkwith rockbox it starts so fast, it makes the of look silly
16:23:29sporkare there any instructions on how to start rockbox using jztool ?
16:23:43sporki think you called that 'usb boot'
16:24:07amachronicyou mean the actual rockbox.m3k image, not the bootloader?
16:24:32sporki suppose, run rockbox on the q1 without having a bootloader yet
16:25:06amachronicah, that will require some special hacks... I think I cleaned those out of the current gerrit patchset.
16:25:39amachronicand jztool doesn't support that anyway. You need to use ingenic_tools usbboot.
16:25:55sporkno worries, then i will entertain myself with the simulator and my theme
16:26:09sporkyes, i mixed up jztool and the ingenic one
16:26:25amachronicThe early boot stuff is a huge mess. I do have a flashable bootloader if you want.
16:26:44amachronicI mean, I can post patches to gerrit, but it's a quick'n'dirty copy+paste of the M3K bootloader.
16:26:52amachronicnot something I want to release or support 'officially'.
16:27:03sporki read you bricked yours for a bit
16:27:20sporki can wait until you are comfortable posting a cleaner version
16:28:03amachroniceh, that was due to my horrendously buggy flash code :)
16:28:20amachronicit's a miracle that it didn't brick all the M3Ks!
16:29:43amachronicif you just want to load Rockbox, look at the 1st q1 patchset in gerrit
16:30:00amachronicthere's a change to system-x1000.c which you should apply
16:30:16amachronicthen you can load rockbox using usbboot
16:30:21sporki rather break my m3k than my q1, the latter feels much nicer. guess it is the weight or something
16:31:13amachronicThe touchscreen is a bit janky though. It's much unloved in rockbox.
16:31:14sporkheh, 1 line makes all the difference
16:31:45spork2 lines with the include
16:32:00amachronicyeah if you apply that you can usbboot rockbox, and it won't harm your flash ;)
16:32:07amachronicrockbox doesn't touch it
16:32:27amachronic./usbboot -c x1000 -1 spl.q1 −−wait 1 -2 rockbox.bin
16:32:56sporkwould you suggest adding those lines to the state of patch set 2 or just use entire patch set 1 ?
16:33:04amachronicjust pull those two lines.
16:33:20amachronicDAC's not working in patchset 1
16:33:22sporkyou fixed quite a lot between those 2 patches
16:33:27sporklike sound :)
16:33:36amachronicyep :D
16:34:31amachronicincase you don't know how touchscreen works on rockbox, it starts up in a weird "3x3 button" mode by default
16:34:44amachroniclike a fake directional pad
16:36:41sporkprobably good to try it in a non-destructive way
16:36:50sporkmight play a bit with the keymap
16:36:59amachronicChanges *very* welcome there
16:37:55spork3 buttons and a clickable wheel will allready be a good start
16:38:50sporkgetting it on the m0 would be awesome too, but with only the wheel that might be tricky
16:39:18sporkm0 is such a cute little machine
16:39:24amachronicI don't have an m0, but I'm told it's only got one button. Without a usb boot mode we'd have to patch its firmware to even try rockbox.
16:39:48amachronicnot very friendly for development
16:40:02sporkif you make it to a bootable q1 i would be willing to gamble a version of it on my m0
16:41:03amachronicneat thing is that all the X1000 players are nearly clones
16:41:29amachronicdconrad took apart an eros q and it even has the same NAND flash and AXP PMU as the M3K and Q1.
16:41:48sporkyeah, good development platform it seems
16:42:15sporkand nice to not have minimal hardware like many daps these days
16:43:42amachronicyeah it's a beast compared to the sansas.
16:44:30sporki bought the m0 and q1 in anticipation of my sansa's dying
16:44:40sporkand the m3k because of your port
16:45:20sporkthink i have sansa fuze, clip zip and 2 clip+'s that still work though
16:46:26amachronicI had a clip zip years ago, but the headphone jack and buttons busted and I just threw it away
16:46:30sporkon sansa's you can at least realistically replace the battery
16:47:47sporki hope dconrad got his eros back together. i saw the pics and it looked properly disassembled
16:48:31amachronicm3k and q1 do not seem very serviceable. IIRC the eros looks like it has screws.
16:50:21sporki have seen pics of an m0, q1 might be similar. i think you can pull the screen out with a suction cup.
16:50:56amachronicthe m3k is the same apparently
16:51:19amachronicof course it can be done if you are determined enough
16:52:49spork looks surprisingly easy
16:53:05sporkm0 though, not q1
16:55:14sporkgotta run, thanks for your efforts and your help
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