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#rockbox log for 2021-06-17

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11:32:16braewoods g#3487 for whoever
11:32:18rb-bluebotGerrit review #3487 at : mknkboot: optimize verifyfirm by James Buren
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11:36:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3831051c47, 297 builds, 9 clients.
11:40:42braewoodsspeachy: question. i notice all the rockbox ports give their files as a zip file but i need them as a tar archive for gigabeats initial bootup. how do you suggest I prepare that? i'm trying to conceive of how i should prepare that payload.
11:41:23braewoodsthe existing bootloader has code for extracting everything from a tar archive
11:41:33braewoodsassuming to make the first bootup less painful
11:44:34speachywell, take the makezip script and alter it to emit tarfiles?
11:45:52braewoodsanother idea i had was to just repack them on the util side since it's only needed during initial setup
11:46:08braewoodsbut that's a lot of code to write. lol
11:46:51braewoodsspeachy: ok, thanks
11:47:29speachybraewoods: 'make tar' already works. heh.
11:48:07braewoodsit's easy to just use CLI stuff for linux but i'd need something that works for windows too if we don't ship it pre-prepared
11:48:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 711 seconds.
11:48:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3831051c47 result: All green
11:48:29braewoodsi have an idea though.
11:49:09braewoodsi just don't know how practical ZIP file extraction is from within a bootloader
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11:50:54sporkrun rockbox as a bootloader
11:51:45braewoodsspeachy: i was considering a feature for MTP where rockbox itself does the zip extraction.
11:52:02braewoodsbut depends if we can find a suitable library to embed
11:52:08braewoodsand how big it is
11:52:31braewoodszip isn't that much of a monster; it was invented in the early 90s or so
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11:59:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0faf978c3d, 297 builds, 9 clients.
11:59:15speachyok, there's now an 'xz' target to go with the 'gzip' and 'bzip2' targets
11:59:50speachyand the 'tar' target now works the same way as 'zip' −− ie respects dependencies.
12:02:01braewoodsi'm going to see if i can find a way to introduce basic ZIP support, it'll have to be stripped down for embedded use but it may be viable
12:02:28braewoodsfor now just for gigabeats bootloader
12:03:44braewoodsif it works out it could be useful for MTP too to support some more advanced features
12:09:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 622 seconds.
12:09:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0faf978c3d result: All green
12:14:32braewoodswow i found a really small one
12:14:51braewoods~16K compiled
12:22:20braewoodsspeachy: i found a small library but part of it depends on setjmp/longjmp. does rockbox even support these?
12:23:17speachyrockbox uses both.
12:23:34speachy(in the plugin code)
12:23:41braewoodsbut not core?
12:24:23braewoodsthis mini deflate library relies on longjmp/setjmp
12:24:42braewoodsdo we have another deflate library we can use?
12:25:01braewoodsthe zip code doesn't care what deflate library we use...
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12:29:49braewoodsah found something
12:30:34braewoodscool, in any case.
12:31:17braewoodsi think i'm going to replace the TAR support in gigabeats bootloader with ZIP since that's what all the other ports use
12:32:07braewoodsalso make support with rbutil much easier to sort out
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17:39:12amachronichow does multiboot work in rockbox? I'm a bit confused with how multidrive/volume is handled.
17:39:48amachronicit seems there is some mixing up between volumes and drives...
17:40:54amachronic(asking this because I need to do a proper boot protocol for an X1000 bootloader now, and I don't want to be reinventing wheels or creating bigger problems with multiboot later on)
17:42:09mendel_munkisamachronic: you'd think that I would think to test on a small mem target before pushing
17:42:44amachronic...calculator bug?
17:43:10amachroniclemme guess, the sansa clip broke horribly?
17:43:20mendel_munkiswell you fixed it.
17:44:05amachronicthat was only an unused variable warning, nothing serious.
17:44:26mendel_munkistrue, I still should have caught it.
17:44:28amachronic(of course I have no idea if the code runs properly there but it looked reasonable)
17:51:04mendel_munkiswell it works in the sim
17:51:29mendel_munkis(I should get around to documenting that negative is an error.)
18:04:52amachronicit appears that if the target config does not define HAVE_MULTIVOLUME then effectively drives are equivalent to volumes...
18:05:41amachronicthis would explain why the multiboot code works
18:05:53amachronicnone of the targets with multiboot have multivolume defined
18:09:33amachronic...yet HAVE_MULTIVOLUME is defined anyway even if target doesn't define it
18:09:41amachronicwow this is confusing
18:17:16amachronicI think this is technically a bug
18:17:39amachroniciterates over volumes and writes volume number to boot data
18:17:58amachroniciterates over drives and treats boot volume like a drive number
18:22:02amachronicat least I think I understand how to make this work with my custom boot protocol now
18:22:40amachronicgot to call it a night now
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