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#rockbox log for 2021-06-18

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04:14:44braewoodsspeachy: does rockbox already have an API for file IO to a memory buffer?
04:14:55braewoodsif not i'll improvise one.
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07:51:31Bilgus_amachronic thats a 'stopgap' but it kinda became persistent.. originally we had a namespace patch and it never got finished and then I broke it horribly and forgot about it
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07:56:32Bilgus_change disk.c to you hearts content but don't increase the size of that multiboot code though unless you like headaches in small spaces
07:59:40Bilgus_braewoods, so like a memory mapped file?
08:01:00Bilgus_we have no virtual memory how would you pull it off? write your own file mem routines I suppose
08:02:23Bilgus_seems like getting a contiguous region of ram might be difficult depending on size and (when)
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09:17:41dbohdanSo I've looked at what Rockbox-compatible hardware I can buy on the local market
09:18:02dbohdanMy options are basically a first-gen iPod Nano or a second-gen iPod Nano
09:18:20dbohdanHow good are these for Rockbox?
09:18:34dbohdanMy primary use case is listening to audiobooks and podcasts in low-bitrate Opus
09:24:46speachythey work fine, but I'd recommend the mini instead, because the nanos are flash-only and that does wear out.
09:25:35sporki have a 2nd gen nano, it is quite good
09:26:09sporkwell, it used to be before the battery got bad
09:27:29sporki think it has an unusually fast processor
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09:36:21dbohdanspeachy: I'd prefer the Mini, too, but there are none for sale near me
09:37:10speachybut as spork said, the 1/2g nano work quite well.
09:38:27speachyamachronic: that MULTIVOLUME/MULTIDRIVE thing is a bit of a WTF. I had a patch that just made all MULTIDRIVE systems into MULTIVOLUME but in the end it used up extra RAM with no real benefit.
09:39:34dbohdanspork: The listings did not say anything like "battery in great condition", which I thought was a little suspicious
09:39:53dbohdanOTOH, I know a guy who replaces batteries in Apple stuff
09:40:40dbohdanIf I don't find a Clip Zip, a Fuse, or an iPod Mini, I'll go for a Nano
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09:43:51TelehubisOn the nano/mini. Nano is none repairable
09:44:57sporkclip's are very repairable, ipod nano 2g seems a nightmare
09:44:59TelehubisPlus you need to watch out for the black screen of death on the nano
09:45:44Telehubisthe black screen is due to battery pushing the screen (when getting close to dying)
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09:56:17sporknice, my nano 2g has a rockbox version from 2014
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18:05:22vitt13Can anybody identify which solvent did he use to disassemble M3K screen in this video?
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18:38:42speachyit might just be light machine oil. that dissolves many glues.
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