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#rockbox log for 2021-06-19

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06:02:07vitt13speachy: thanks
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07:54:08braewoodsspeachy: i should have this ZIP code finished in a week or so
07:54:21braewoodstrying to reuse parts of RB where i can
07:55:11braewoodsi ended up deciding to write my own logic for handling the ZIP file since it was easier to tune that to RB than a third party library for this part
07:55:49braewoodstrying to design for low memory use to the extent i can without a lot of pain
07:56:05braewoodslearning a lot about ZIP that i didn't know before
07:56:29braewoodslike i didn't know the central directory headers were locaed separately from the file data
07:56:41braewoodsthey're in entirely different regions in the ZIP file
07:57:10braewoodsi guess that was to facilitate the appendage setup
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08:41:05speachyoh wow.
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14:15:37saratogathe changelog in the wiki hadn't been updated since the end of last year so I added some of the ATA improvements
14:15:44saratogaprobably a lot of other stuff people have done that could be listed
14:21:14speachyyeah.. I go back every few months and backfill it, but havne't done it for a little while
14:21:42speachybut the only thing that's going to end the "ipod iflash" woes is to actually generate a new release.
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23:07:35CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
23:07:35*__builtin digs through the quake code once again
23:07:49__builtin... I've been meaning to fix this "always move forward" bug
23:09:37__builtinalthough, now that I come to think of it, this "bug" might actually be a nice feature in disguise
23:09:46__builtinI can now repurpose the forward button to do something else :)
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23:53:01__builtinhmm, what is wrong with taking −−prefix=..?
23:53:08__builtinit seems to just die immediately
23:54:22__builtinah, it's a problem with using tilde for $HOME

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