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#rockbox log for 2021-06-22

00:43:00desowinif you have jtag with data watchpoints, then just set a write breakpoint
00:43:25__builtincan I do that on ipod6g?
00:43:43desowinif not, then look what's around this variable in map file
00:44:18__builtinI might just instrument key points in the code to log the value
00:44:24__builtinand bisect from there
00:44:30desowinyou can load up elf in Ghidra and look for clues there (navigate over the references)
00:46:02desowinif you how valid and invalid data values you can add tick hook checking that to try to detect the thread that causes corruption
00:48:50desowinbraewoods: xor with 0xffffffff is just one of many possibilities. If you look up how crcs are categorized then you'll find find xorout as one of the parameters
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01:09:32desowin("many" is extraggeration, as most crc are either xorout with 0 or crclength of ones)
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01:57:59braewoodsdesowin: i see. i just noted that XOR with all bits turned on is equivalent to logical NOT.
01:58:03braewoodserr bitwise not
01:58:59braewoodshm. new challenge.
01:59:19braewoodsmost inflate libraries assume all the compressed data is in RAM at once
01:59:46braewoodsso i need to find that isn't or modify one so it can take the datastream in partial chunks
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05:27:44braewoodsthis is challenging. finding an inflate library that supports gradual processing so i don't need to load the whole data stream into RAM first
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06:16:03amachronicbraewoods: surely zlib can work in low RAM... unzip doesn't consume all RAM due to a huge zipfile.
06:21:09braewoodsamachronic: no idea. i'm also trying to avoid adding too much code size for more RAM constrained targets.
06:21:22braewoodstrying to see what my options are
06:22:30braewoodsheh. the image viewer plugin uses a smaller library for png decompression.
06:23:00amachronicyeah that's deflate too isn't it?
06:23:20braewoodsyes... it usually uses zlib of course.
06:24:52braewoodsproblem with tinf is it lacks a streaming or resumeable inflate algorithm so not possible to use unless I modify it.
06:25:45braewoodszlib does have that but not sure how much i'd have to strip out just to have the part i need
06:26:14amachronicwell at some level there must be a "get the bytes from buffer" function and that should be an easy thing to modify to support streaming
06:26:23amachronicbut zlib is probably too big not worth hacking it apart
06:26:58braewoodsi already imported a space optimized version of the ZIP crc32 algorithm
06:27:06braewoodsthat's already in rockbox master
06:27:34braewoodsit also freed up some space on some space stared targets
06:27:47braewoodssince it was functionall identical to an alternative crc32 in use by mi4
06:28:11amachronichow constrained is that gigabeat bootloader anyhow?
06:28:25braewoodsit isn't. it's a side benefit for other ports.
06:29:04braewoodsi decided while i was at it to make a ZIP library we could use for other things in rockbox
06:29:16braewoodsso that means trying to keep the memory footprint low
06:29:57amachronichmm, so 2 MB is currently the minimum RAM for a couple targets but 8 MB+ is more usual
06:30:22braewoodsindeed. even that may be too low for this.
06:30:52braewoodsbut for now i intend just to get this sucker working; we can swap out these parts for more memory hungry parts if we find we can spare it after all.
06:31:22braewoodsi want to see how it performs in a space optimized version first
06:31:28amachronicI'd go the other way... use something big & easy and if it proves necessary reduce it
06:31:39amachronicdepending on what functions you call a lot of code may go away at link time
06:32:01amachronicso big library != big space consumption if you only call a few functions
06:32:29amachronicbut, if you've already got something working might as well start small
06:32:57braewoodswell.. maybe it ultimately doesn't matter.
06:33:39braewoodsi'm finding the most significant RAM consumption is all the buffers
06:33:48braewoodscode size is going to pale by comparison
06:34:11amachronicyeah I just wanted to point out like that float formatting thing was a biggest code size impact on targets with the most room to spare.
06:34:26amachronicie. on the targets with low RAM the code size was also smaller
06:34:49amachronicI guess they work that way for a reason :)
06:35:12braewoodsi'm considering introducing fast crc32 algorithms for non-bootloader targets
06:35:34braewoodsthey use a beefier lookup table to enhance the end result
06:35:50braewoods1024 bytes vs 64 bytes
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06:36:58amachronicnb. Rockbox has limited IO speeds around ~10 MB/s to begin with so anything faster than that is not really needed
06:37:44amachronicfrom a streaming perspective at least
06:37:54braewoodsamachronic: depends on the port. my gigabeat S hits 20 with an SSD drive.
06:38:49amachronicah, nvm then
06:39:22amachronicI wasted a lot of time myself trying to make things small and just had room to spare in the end
06:41:06amachronicunless you hit real cpu or size problems you might as well pick the low-complexity solutions at first
06:41:36speachy^^^ exactly.
06:41:46speachyonly add complexity when necessary
06:43:41braewoodswell i'll see how well my library performs first
06:44:03braewoodsi'm just trying to find a solution for handling DEFLATE stored filed
06:44:11braewoodsSTORE is trivial; it's not compressed at all
06:44:55braewoodsbut i realized tinf works for imageviewer but not for ZIP archives due to how large files can get
06:45:08braewoodspngs are typically much smaller
06:45:15braewoodsand only a single data stream
06:45:32braewoodsZIP files though vary wildly
06:45:46braewoodsso i'm trying to make it more robust by finding a resumeable stream decoder
06:45:54braewoodsso i don't need to buffer it all in ram
06:46:04braewoodshaving to do that would limit what types of files i can work with
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12:18:53braewoodsi'm just going to forget about the whole inflate algorithm problem for awhile and just focus on implementing ZIP support without it for now
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