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#rockbox log for 2021-06-25

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01:57:35desowinlooking at what OF does with the hdq registers, it is highly likely that is is indeed bq27000
02:00:16desowinbq2700 constants 3.57 uV, 29.2 uV^2 and typical Rs=0.02 Ohm line up really nicely with the calculations in OF
02:02:24desowinI guess the "good enough for me" will be checking if the average current register reacts to backlight changes, and well, if it does, then it'll be relly handy in improving runtime
02:23:41desowinbtw. this is another good use case for proper serial commands, as just writing a target specific CURRENTPLOT command would be much better than trying to get the data out with logf
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04:30:59desowinlooks like it indeed is bq2700 - the 0x14/0x15 register does change with brightness
04:32:28desowinand I guess that it gives better results when device is not charging... because when plugged in the current reported is higher when screen is off than when it is on
04:33:08desowinmy explanation for that would be that the power from USB powers backlight and hence less goes to battery
04:33:19desowinI am not sure if that is plausible though
04:34:15desowinand when plugged in, the current reported is much higher than when unplugged
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05:05:10amachronicdesowin: it could be that the reported current when plugged in is charging current. not sure how you'd verify that though.
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05:20:42desowinthe shunt resistor is in series with the battery, so charging must affect the measured current (voltage on shunt resistor)
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05:33:20MarcAndersenHi. How do I install rockbox on the sansa connect? I can't find any instructions anywhere.
05:35:25desowinMarcAndersen: Which OS you run?
05:36:05MarcAndersenI'm on windows now but I have an old ubuntu 18.04 laptop if that's better
05:36:23desowinalso, which bootloader version your sansa connect has? (it is in the menu)
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05:36:36desowinubuntu will be easier
05:36:49desowindesowin/zsitool"> download and build it
05:37:31desowinthen build rockbox sansa connect bootloader, enter recovery mode and execute ./zsitool -e path/to/rockbox/bootloader.bin
05:37:54MarcAndersenI'll take a look and report back later, thanks. But where do I get the main rockbox binary?
05:38:21desowinI just build from source... and note that the port is not complete yet
05:38:41desowinbut it is IMHO better than OF already
05:38:57MarcAndersenOk. Let me try it. Thanks
05:40:24desowinregarding the shunt resistor, so it has to be charging current when charging, there simply isn't any other possibility
05:47:02desowinMarcAndersen: does the number on back start with BH0703SZI or BH0711AJFI or something else?
06:11:44MarcAndersenI'm blind so I can't see it. Is there a way to find out via software?
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06:32:15desowinI don't think so. However as the installation on Sansa Connect is rather new, I would recommend asking someone sighted for help
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06:53:36desowinalso the only way to check bootloader version is to read it on the screen in settings menu
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08:10:55speachyok, gerrit upgraded from 3.1.x to 3.2.x (security fixes, UI improvements)
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10:06:59speachy_bilgus: any reason to not merge g#3299?
10:07:01rb-bluebotGerrit review #3299 at : RFC: Fix a couple more dangling stack-allocated viewports by Solomon Peachy
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12:39:16braewoodsthat's a lot of activity
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18:09:03speachysaratoga: thanks for the response, btw.
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18:24:32_bilgusspeachyif you like you can I left a comment there
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