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#rockbox log for 2021-06-26

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13:15:05MarcAndersenHi. I need to create new voice files because of the new voice file checking, but rbspeexenc will not build. The last error is /usr/bin/ld: rbspeex.c:(.text+0x7c4): undefined reference to `speex_bits_write' Could someone point me in the right direction?
13:26:01braewoodssounds like a missing library
13:26:39MarcAndersenI installed lots of different speex libraries with apt but it still fails
13:27:20braewoodswhat distribution?
13:27:28braewoodsit just built on my container host from current master
13:27:46MarcAndersenubuntu 21.04. I can build both regular targets and simulators.
13:28:14braewoodsi was testing it on debian 10
13:28:20braewoodsi'll try something newer
13:29:14braewoodsMarcAndersen: is there a reason you need to build it yourself?
13:29:45MarcAndersenNot really, but because of that stupid voice validation requirement I need voice files for the sansa connect.
13:30:31MarcAndersenCan I get a static build somewhere?
13:31:58braewoodsi don't think so, the sansa connect is too new
13:32:04braewoodsunless it's part of dev builds
13:32:31MarcAndersenI mean a static build of rbspeexenc
13:32:46braewoodsmoment let me clone
13:33:40braewoodsnow i need to install compiler
13:34:44MarcAndersenAlso, I think I will need a static zsitool, because that won't build either, with a libusb-1.0 package error
13:34:57braewoodsprobably not that hard to fix
13:35:04braewoodsi'll look at it in a moment
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13:36:00braewoods... weird
13:36:05braewoodsit builds in the container just fine
13:36:11*braewoods boggles.
13:36:39braewoodsand it's not even linked to speex
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13:37:39braewoodsoh i think i see what's going on
13:37:43braewoodslet me test something
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13:39:18braewoodsyep thought so
13:39:41braewoodsMarcAndersen: for now build with: make STATIC=1
13:39:54braewoodsthis is an issue we need to look into but for now this will solve it
13:40:34MarcAndersenin which directory?
13:41:12braewoodsit places the binaries in the directory below that, tools
13:41:43MarcAndersenI think it worked! the last line is Linking ../rbspeexdec
13:41:55MarcAndersenNow I just need a ztitool
13:42:00braewoodswhere's this zsitool? it's not in our source that i can tell
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13:42:57MarcAndersenit is something dosowin made on github
13:44:15MarcAndersenI was trying it a bit yesterday but pkgconfig can't find libusb-1.0 or something. Tried to install a lot of libusb packages.
13:46:59MarcAndersenI just successfully made a voice, yay!
13:47:48braewoodsinstall these packages: libelf-dev libgmp-dev libusb-1.0-0-dev libgcrypt20-dev
13:47:54braewoodsthen do a git clean -xfd
13:47:59braewoodsand try building then
13:48:34braewoodsthe makefile of this repo is crude but it works if you know what to do
13:51:34braewoodsdo you have any other mp3 players? i wouldn't recommend a port that is still under construction for regular use.
13:52:00MarcAndersennow it gives me a lot of ld errors again, the last is /usr/bin/ld: /home/marc/zsitool/zsitool.c:480: undefined reference to `libusb_exit
13:52:17*braewoods boggles
13:52:29braewoodsdid you try cleaning out the repo first?
13:52:43braewoodsi'm not getting that here
13:54:06braewoodsis that the same output you get from make
13:56:38MarcAndersenno. before all these errors I still get the Package libusb-1.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path. It just scrolled off the window
13:57:13braewoodsdid you install the whole set i suggested
13:57:40MarcAndersenCan you build a static one?
13:57:41braewoodswell i don't know what you're missing then.
13:57:47braewoodsi won't need to.
13:58:08MarcAndersenBut maybe it works on my machine
13:58:34braewoodshere, try base64 decoding this to a file. it's the binary i produced.
13:58:37MarcAndersenI also got a static e200tool because that wouldn't build either
13:59:08braewoodsit sounds like an issue with the build environment as i'm not getting that failure
14:00:58braewoodscurl -s '' | base64 -d > zsitool
14:01:04braewoodsokay this will probably work out better
14:04:02MarcAndersenok. it runs now. Now I need sighted assistance to install the bootloader. Thank you very much.
14:08:06braewoodsMarcAndersen: if you need a more reliable port we may have some ideas for some options.
14:08:19braewoodsfor now i can't speak of the connect's reliability given how new it is
14:08:24braewoodsin terms of major progressio
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