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#rockbox log for 2021-06-28

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00:56:38desowin__builtin: should we get stack overflow detection? FreeRTOS stack detection method 2 has catched virtually all stack overflows I have got, so we could get something similar
01:00:11desowinalso stack watermarking is quite useful
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02:08:31__builtindesowin: of course, but how does it work?
02:10:22__builtinah, just a sentinel pattern?
02:12:05__builtinI believe we have something of that nature already
02:12:36__builtinbut I've never looked closely at how it works
02:12:58__builtinand it clearly doesn't work very well...
02:25:32__builtindesowin: in fact, it seems like we already have that in place
02:25:49__builtinsee switch_thread() in firmware/kernel/thread.c
02:29:45__builtinnow I'm curious why that didn't trigger on this bug
02:30:48__builtinthe check looks for 0xdeadbeef in the lowest 4 bytes of the stack being switched _away_ from
02:35:31__builtinso either the check never ran in the first place (unlikely, since the thread with the bug should yield shortly after overflowing its stack
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02:36:14__builtin... or, the offending code skipped past the sentinel value (which is only 4 bytes long)
02:36:21__builtinI'm inclined to believe the latter
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02:47:04__builtinI'm really curious why the stkov checker doesn't seem to work in this case, even if I have it check a much larger region
02:47:43__builtinperhaps my offending code has a large stack-allocated buffer that happens to be where the sentinel is?
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03:47:32MarcAndersenI finally found a enableplugins flag that I could turn off and then the sim built fine.
03:53:37braewoodsdesowin: IIRC, don't stack overflow checkers share one common drawback? they can't detect overflows between adjacent allocations? i've only seen them detect it when they went well beyond that
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10:02:53desowin-braewoods: I don't know what you mean by adjacent allocations
10:03:44desowin-the one in Rockbox basically checks if the bottom 4 bytes were overwritten, it could be improved by extending this (at the cost of more memory usage)
10:04:01desowin-or by checking if the saved stack pointer on switch out is within stack range
10:04:17braewoodsdesowin-: e.g. stack variables of the same function allocated right next to each other; no spacing
10:04:36desowin-the stack pointer check won't catch transient overflows
10:04:48braewoodsso mainly out of control ones
10:04:57braewoodsnot off by one or similar ones
10:05:26braewoodsi thought as much. i've used malloced buffers to test for that before.
10:05:50braewoodsvalgrind can easily see when you're OOB on one of those
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11:11:03desowin-valgrind utilizes memory protection features so it can do much more than is possible with just sentinels
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12:33:16speachy__builtin: wrt the stov detection; IIRC we only check to see if the final sentinel is valid, but it only catches stuff we actually write to
12:35:26speachyand of course it won't help you if you overwrite legit data elsewhere..
12:52:52braewoodsor do OOB reads
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13:17:52__builtinspeachy: yeah, that checks with my understanding of the source
13:18:37speachyshort of making the guard reigon much larger proprotionally there's not much we can really do.
13:19:01__builtinI think what must have been happening in my case was that some function allocated a large array on the stack
13:19:37__builtinwhich was never written to in its entirety, thus "skipping over" the guard region
13:19:43speachyyep, that's typical
13:21:47__builtinwe might want to look into some sort of optional "enhanced stkov checking"
13:22:11__builtinand enable it only when debugging
13:24:14speachywe could also enable the compiler's static stack size checks, but they're a bit of a blunt instrument given our differing stack sizes.
13:42:04__builtinwe can also check the stack pointer of yielding threqds against the lower bound of the stack
13:42:38__builtinbut that wouldn't catch transient overflows...
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19:14:15MarcAndersenWhat does it mean that my 10 character build number ends with a capital m?
19:34:31braewoodsMarcAndersen: no idea, i thought it was randomly generated or tied to some other binary number of no special significance
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21:14:17MarcAndersenI am having trouble building the manual. My current problem is a missing inputenx.sty. Any thoughts?
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21:16:26__builtin[21:15:34] <ffffff__builtin> MarcAnderson: the M means it's a dirty tree iirc
21:16:53__builtinbraewoods: it's actually the git commit and date code
21:18:07MarcAndersenThanks. I'm currently trying to reinstall texlive. The original one I had was the 2020 ubuntu version, now I am trying with the official 2021.
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