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#rockbox log for 2021-06-29

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05:30:56desowin-Sansa Connect keymap requires pretty much complete rewrite. It misses quite some actions as well (e.g. USB HID). Is anyone here up to the task? The only button not visible in simulator is the power button left to hold switch
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06:09:17speachyMarcAndersen: the 'm' means 'modified' −− something's changed from what's committed in git.
06:09:54speachyas for the manual with inputenx.sty, that's part of texlive; under Fedora at least it's in its own package.
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06:46:54MarcAndersenI got it fixed by uninstalling the ubuntu texlive 2020 and installing the official 2021, then everything built fine.
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07:13:21_bilgusdesowin-, no one with a sim is going to have a very good time with that
07:13:48_bilgus(trying to do keymaps without hardware)
07:15:35_bilgusI also used the sentinel picket fence method to get an idea of plugin buffer usage in lua
07:29:09braewoodsspeachy: wow, i put it in my ebay searchs and i finally found one. \o/
07:30:14braewoodsrofl it even has rockbox preinstalled
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16:04:00MarcAndersenWhy can't I build a sdl version of Rockbox for windows? Even when I choose w in advanced mode it still creates a linux binary?
16:37:17__builtinare you compiling on linux?
16:37:33__builtinI would run make V=1
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17:30:49MarcAndersenIt still creates a linux binary
17:33:11MarcAndersenJust to be clear, I choose 200 as the target, and then type a w at the options prompt
17:34:21MarcAndersenThen it should build a windows sdl version right?
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18:28:12__builtinMarcAndersen: run make V=1 and see which commands are being used to compile
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19:04:39MarcAndersenIt uses /usr/bin/gcc of course. But how can I get it to use i686-w64-mingw32-gcc?
19:13:43braewoodsEven if it did it won't help you unless you also have an SDL version compiled for windows.
19:13:54braewoodscross-compiling is such a nuisance.
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