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#rockbox log for 2021-07-03

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06:37:47jschwarthi all, I just installed a Samsung EVO SD card of 256GB in my iPod Mini with an adapter
06:37:59jschwarteverything appears to work, I just played one song through Rockbox
06:38:09jschwartI also put a new battery in
06:38:43jschwartanything specific that would still be recommended, the tutorial suggests playing an entire album
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07:37:35_bilgusjschwart, I think the file transfers was the issue but it is fixed AFAIK
07:40:25_bilgusIve had an EVO as the primary card of a raspi emu for several years now, quite limited writes but its held up better than I'd have guessed
07:40:52jschwart_bilgus: alright, I'll suppose listen to an album first before I put it all back together
07:41:17jschwartyeah I expect mainly reads, the original drive was still working fine too
07:42:08jschwartit's interesting that the SD card is put in the adapter sideways
07:42:42jschwartin theory one could drill a slot in the case and make it removable
07:42:44_bilguspretty sure the reads have always been fine its failure on write that corrupts the data
07:43:43_bilgusit would have been nice if they came that way :P
07:44:17_bilgusthat would be a good use case for the large sd cards
07:44:31_bilgustrying to think of the FF
07:45:02_bilgusya SD form factor
07:45:15jschwartSamsung MicroSD EVO+ 2020 256GB it says btw
07:45:18_bilgusthe 1" x 1.25" cards
07:45:58_bilgusmy biggest complaint is that microsd is now too small
07:46:15_bilgusdamn things blow in wind
07:48:46_bilgussorry 32 x 24 mm
07:49:47jschwartyeah it can be challenging
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12:29:25braewoodswow that really helped
12:29:32braewoodscaching the CD gave a huge performance boost
12:35:21braewoodsi'll test the processing overhead with cpu boost enabled
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13:35:35speachyjschwart: just make sure you're using a daily/dev build, not the 3.15 release.
13:35:57jschwartspeachy: yeah I think you mentioned that before, I took the daily build :)
13:41:05speachyI wonder if I should just go ahead and make the ATA code always use the suspend instead of sleep command.
13:41:49speachypretty sure the only players that might have an issue with it are the original archos devices with their 2.5" PATA drives.
13:51:44jschwartyou'd have an exception for those?
13:52:17speachynope, as they don't exist in mainline any longer.
14:16:11jschwartah :)
14:22:46jschwartmaybe I've should've cleaned the screen before pushing it back in...
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18:18:37__builtindo we want to put together a 4.0 release soon?
18:19:07__builtinit's been nearly 2 years since 3.15
18:19:18braewoods__builtin: no idea, i was hoping to finish up gigabeat S first.
18:20:54__builtinI'd be happy to be release manager again
18:21:50braewoodsright now i'm working on a subproject so i can finish up the last thing in the gigabeat s bootloader
18:22:04braewoodsZIP support
18:22:43__builtina unzip plugin would be nice to have as well
18:23:02braewoodsit has a lot of potential so it's intended to go into the core firmware
18:23:32braewoodsthe plugin would probably just polish it up for a user interfacing thing
18:23:50braewoodsit's like 80% done for the basic support
18:24:04braewoodsi've redone it a few times while trying to decide on the design
18:24:21braewoodsi ended up writing my own version of it for rockbox so i can strip out parts we don't really use or need.
18:24:48braewoodsit even works on our big endian targets. thanks to rbendian.h
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20:15:01speachy__builtin: We have a lot more development velocity right now than the last time around, but yes, IMO we should cut a 4.0 release. If only so we can_finally_ stop having to deal with ipod+iflash breakages with the "stable" release
20:15:56speachyI'd personally like to see some of the more recent targets promoted to "stable" (by virtue of having a manual written)
20:16:18speachybut I'm not going to volunteer anyone to do work. :)
20:21:36braewoodsspeachy: i'm just trying to polish up this port :D
20:22:34speachyshould update the changelog. and work on more concise summary
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20:43:43braewoods_bilgus: think i found my inflate library but it's still not going to be in the first implementation
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