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#rockbox log for 2021-07-04

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05:57:48desowinshould USB stack release exclusive disk access when user ejects the drive?
05:58:25desowine.g. Kindle DX after ejecting the disk switches to charge only
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10:06:25desowinit's a bit pity that Rockbox assumes the target won't have both battery voltage and level
10:11:12desowinbq27000 can report compensated state of charge (percent), voltage, current, time to empty (minutes)
10:13:05desowinthe battery voltage and percentage should not be mutually exclusive, as Sansa Connect is a target that can report both pretty accurately
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11:23:30speachydesowin: all we ultimately care about is level; voltage is just a way to estimate that.
12:01:54braewoodsspeachy: couldn't we use the hardware estimates to replace our own software estimates on ports that support that?
12:02:05speachywe already do
12:15:03braewoodsspeachy: if i wanted to add a custom handler for a file format, where might I do that in the UI?
12:15:42braewoodsi was thinking of adding a basic addition that can read the ZIP file's directory listing into a UI list or so
12:15:50speachysrc/apps/filetypes.c ?
12:16:16braewoodsok. thanks. i'll see what i can do there later.
12:16:41braewoodsso far i've just been using a hack i added to the debug menu to run my code
12:16:59braewoodsi'll remove it before submission but for now it's useful
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17:08:10braewoodsthat was tedious but i pulled it off... consolidated some code into a single loop to reduce some code duplication
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