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#rockbox log for 2021-07-15

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11:13:06braewoodsspeachy: i can see it now. when next release is out we have the one user of ArchOS left come asking what happened to it. :D
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16:13:55amachronicspeachy: updated the www
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19:53:07dconradamachronic: it appears I spoke too soon to the stability, I found an intermittent hang on the eros q, ~once a day
19:53:11dconradgo figure :-P
19:53:38amachronicoh well
19:53:56amachronicwhat's the problem anyhow?
19:54:09dconradI haven't tracked it down to anything specific yet
19:54:25dconradmy gut says lcd but I haven't found a consistent way to reproduce it yet
19:54:45amachronicyeah the LCD is a horror show with locking (or rather lack of it)
19:56:35dconradI had changed from the OF's dma command (0x2c, 0x2c, 0x2c, 0x2c) to just sending 0x2c once (0x0, 0x0, 0x0, 0x2c), so I'm going to try the OF's tomorrow and see if I can get it to hang at all
19:56:53amachronicthe M3K gets LCD lockups too but I've been fortunate to not have many.
19:57:18dconradhuh, I've /never/ seen that on my m3k
19:57:36amachronicI find it is most likely to happen after one "step" of fading up the backlight after it has been off.
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19:58:52amachronicthe sketchiest part of the LCD code is the enable/sleep because I couldn't tell if it's called from thread or interrupt context or both
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20:01:03dconradI think almost anything other than lcd should be able to put an error message on the screen if it hangs/throws an exception of any sort, right?
20:01:31dconradthat's kind of why I suspect lcd, as it just freezes up with no error message at all, I just have to force power it off
20:02:26amachronicthe LCD has special hacks to allow the panic screen to display at all, but they don't work if the LCD code itself locks up.
20:03:19amachronicit is probably possible though to get an unrelated panic that happens to lock up the LCD too.
20:04:11dconradI'm going to just randomly try one or two things, but probably won't find it before merging the port, if that's alright
20:04:22dconradI figure it's not game-breaking, right?
20:04:48dconrad(not sure if I have the skills to track it down, hah)
20:05:14amachronicI went ahead and merged the Q1 port so there are some trivial merge conflicts now with yours
20:05:38dconradyeah I saw that, I'll do that tonight, then probably we can merge it this weekend?
20:05:50dconradI know it's pretty late there now for you, right?
20:06:04amachronicyeah 1am. sounds good.
20:06:31dconradhaha gonna need some coffee tomorrow
20:07:05amachronicgathering info for the wiki
20:07:42amachronicgot a barebones page now and I'm going to add to it over time
20:12:51amachronicgoodnight. hope you can track down that bug.
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20:12:59dconradyeah thanks
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