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#rockbox log for 2021-07-22

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09:06:18yang-idleregarding fiio m3k, is the installer "jztool" failsafe, if i loose power on pc? asking for dualboot install
09:09:30sporkit is very quick to install, it is just the tiny bootloader
09:11:40sporkand you can access the original FiiO recovery mode if needed
09:12:00spork"by holding Play and Vol+ while booting"
09:12:22sporkbut that should only ever be needed if you insist on removing rockbox
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09:20:41spork64bit windows, yes
09:20:51sporkor 64bit linux
09:20:54amachronicthe windows binary is 32bit
09:21:03yang-idleok i have linux
09:21:06amachroniclinux and mac are 64bit only I'm afraid
09:21:45yang-idleits fine, just asking
09:23:43sporkamachronic: is it hard to compile a static windows binary of jztool ?
09:25:12amachronici used MXE and it's easy, but you need to fiddle with the makefile to point it at the right place
09:25:35yang-idleout of curiosity,is it possible to self compile linux jztool?
09:26:15sporkit is very easy, yang-idle
09:26:35yang-idleare there instructions somewhere?
09:26:46sporkclone the rockbox git, install libusb1-dev, go to rbutil/jztool and make
09:27:42sporkon ubuntu it is called 'libusb-1.0-0-dev', probably different on other distros
09:28:34sporkthe wrong package on ubuntu is 'libusb-dev'
09:31:16yang-idlelooking forward on getting m3k, probably on monday
09:33:23yang-idlei think it only has 64mb ram (storage) so everything (music) has to be on sd card?
09:34:09sporkit has no usable storage of itself
09:34:29sporkso you need a fat32 sd card
09:35:26yang-idlei will buy 128gb sandisk ultra uhs-1
09:36:39sporkthat will come formatted as exfat. you will need to reformat it to fat32
09:37:25yang-idlethanks for being patient with me, explaining stuff
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10:06:58amachronichuh, looks like a random glitch.
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12:51:36munkisuzziyah should be back up
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19:23:33_bilgusIve some time lets get cookin
19:23:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 363f6595b4, 303 builds, 8 clients.
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19:53:23speachymunkis: seems it's not.
19:55:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 68294da574, 303 builds, 8 clients.
19:57:26speachymunkis: it dropped on June 30th, and hasn't reconnected since.
20:00:45speachy_bilgus: are you updating the coverity list with stuff that you've fixed?
20:07:00rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 710 seconds.
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20:37:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 660 seconds.
20:37:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cb92280eca result: All green
20:43:57_bilgusno I figured another build would do it automatically but I don't see a way to upload a new build
20:44:25_bilgusI figure desowin might enlighten me on that
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21:32:04speachyI've been marking stuff I've fixed in the issue list, but more importantly also marking false positives/intentional-isms
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22:19:16braewoodsspeachy: question. i'm reading the datasheet for the tv out chip on the gigabeat S. it mentions SIO registers or so. are those accessed via special memory addresses where the hardware is mapped? if so, how might one discover the base address?
22:20:39braewoodsi'll look at the SoC it uses and see if there's anything that stands out
22:35:24_bilgusspeachy, I see no way for me to interact with the scan results maybe I'm just dense or maybe permissions lacking?
22:39:01braewoods_bilgus: could you look over something?
22:39:37_bilgusdepending on the amount of brain power it takes probably
22:40:49braewoodsi managed to find the DS for the tv out chip but i'm having difficulty determining how it might be connected. i'm guessing i2c but i thought i2c was 7/8 addresses. this thing makes no sense so far to me.">
22:40:58braewoods7/8 bit*
22:46:56braewoodshm. interesting.
22:47:59_bilgusit uses 8 data lines looks like it does several modes for input as well but it appears to focus on intel nvidia and national semi then it also mentiopns video port w/e that means maybe they just mean in general
22:48:29braewoodslooks like it uses the literal stated address offset on the I2C bus
22:48:37braewoodsi just compared some of the sample code with the datasheet
22:49:15braewoodslooks like all the real work is i2c in nature
22:49:27braewoodsi wonder...
22:49:34_bilgusthe table mode lets you set PIO so I guess first would be to try and figure out the current config
22:50:28braewoodsi'm going to try i2c first since that's what the nxp stuff mentions with this particular combo of hw and soc
22:50:46braewoodsit seems like a logical conclusion they'd probably use that combo
22:51:14braewoodssince i lack the sample source code this is probably my only recourse... direct SIO manipulatoon.
22:52:34_bilgusproblem being that it appears to be a swiss army brand video encoder
22:57:44braewoods_bilgus: indeed so i'll need to give it a spin
22:57:56braewoodsi plan to use color bars to testi t
22:58:11braewoodsseems a sensible option given i have to figure out if it's even working
22:58:39braewoodsthat's the other one
22:58:57braewoodswhat useful info does it have?
23:00:24_bilguspinout and explains common input methods
23:00:47braewoodsi see
23:02:23braewoodsthanks, i'll look into it more later...
23:02:53_bilgusThe FS453 registers are accessed through a serial input/output bus (SIO) which is I2C*-compatible and SMBus-compatible. These registers can be read or written at any time the part is receiving a reference clock at XTAL_IN and not being held in reset via the RESET_L pin.
23:03:25braewoodsfrom our own info on the gigabeat s, i'm assuming i need to configure the FS456 gpio pi
23:03:30_bilguswell it doesn't narrow it down persay
23:03:46braewoodslists a " FS456 ON/OFF (454PWRON1) "
23:04:58braewoodsso a reasoned guess is i need to use gpio with i2c
23:05:40braewoodsi'll give it a spin later
23:06:03_bilgusif you can get to the tv chip armed with thte pinout and logic probe or oscope you could easily toggle the pins and find em
23:06:40_bilguseven an led should suffice given a resistor an steady hand
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23:28:15braewoodsin the beginning i'll just perform reads to see if i find anything
23:28:29braewoodsif i'm on the right track i should get an answer or so

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