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#rockbox log for 2021-07-23

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03:14:05munkisI'm an idiot, I brought uzziyah back up but forgot to run the build script
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06:45:09speachy_bilgus: the stuff I put up on my web space is from clang's scan-build and isn't interactive, but the coverity stuff is, with a 3-pane interface that lets one change dispositions, add notes, etc.
07:00:40speachymunkis: I see that it reconnected at ~0312 localtime.
07:02:21speachybraewoods: it could be memory-mapped onto the system bus somewhere, but without schematics or tracing the PCB you may be forced to resort to guesswork or go the disasm route on the original firmware.
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08:28:39braewoodsspeachy: ok. i'm just going to try my best guess for now.
08:29:08braewoodsmost likely connection method is i2c
08:29:32braewoodsi'll try poking some of its registers and see what comes up.
08:38:36speachythe gigabeast is an IMX31 part or something like that? not a PortalPlayer?
08:39:05braewoodsspeachy: yep
08:39:08speachynot that I recall either having a dedicated I/O port
08:39:38braewoodsfrom the pcb scans it appears there's no way to access pins for probing
08:40:09braewoodsBGA mounted that i can tell
08:44:05speachylooking at the datasheet for that part, it looks like the control bus is I2C, yeah.
08:48:55speachythere's probably a self-test mode that outputs color bars or someting like that.
08:49:06braewoodsyea, the DS mentioned it
08:49:13braewoodsi plan to use it for establishing if i'm getting anywehre
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09:43:22_bilgusspeachy I dont have this..
09:44:28_bilgus2 pane interface and it only brings me to the bug won'y let me edit fields at all
09:44:50_bilgusi'll try a different browser
09:47:26_bilgushmm apparently its that Firefox doesn't do the third pane
09:47:55_bilgusoh nope just needed to drag it back :)
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16:10:06bluebrotherwhat do people think about moving the manual from LaTeX to Sphinx?
16:10:52bluebrotherLaTeX is great, but somewhat complicated, and the HTML output is ... well, not so nice. With Sphinx we could go html-first, and create pdf via LaTeX.
16:11:45bluebrotherI've been looking at it a bit, we'd need to recreate all those custom macros, but apart from the optional stuff handling this shouldn't be too big an issue.
16:13:04bluebrotheras for the optional stuff we could add some preprocessor step. Sphinx allows adding something like that as an extension. Would be not really in line with Sphinx though. But it's doable. We could even make that read rockbox-info.txt instead of passing things in.
16:15:58braewoodswouldn't we be giving up the power of latex?
16:16:50braewoodsi mean, we're not using it for books but at the same time do we need that much power?
16:17:01braewoodsdo we need the ability to control typesetting to that extent?
16:17:42braewoodsone might say we could drop PDF entirely and move to a single file HTML or a downloadable archive.
16:17:57braewoodsor something like that.
16:18:33braewoodsdo we really need PDF versions?
16:18:37bluebrotherwell, I'd say LaTeX gives us a lot of options in the typesetting area, but we don't really use them.
16:18:45bluebrotherthough the output is pretty :)
16:19:28bluebrothermight be interesting to have numbers how often the html manual is accessed and how often the pdf downloaded
16:19:30braewoodsHTML also means we could add scripting if we have cause to
16:19:54braewoodsi mostly use the PDF version for having a single searchable page
16:22:21bluebrothersphinx already includes some javascript search thingy.
16:22:45bluebrotherso the main advantage of pdf is that it's a single file you can copy more easily. And it looks nicer for printing
16:28:36braewoodscan it generate epubs?
16:29:06braewoodsimagine that, it can
16:35:52bluebrotherthere's an option, but I never tried that.
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16:48:13bluebrotherok, tried it, works. Only the css tweaks I was playing with to make the colors match better to the Rockbox site don't work :)
16:53:29bluebrotherkinda neat :)
17:07:21braewoodsbluebrother: epub support isn't super common but it is built with web tech.
17:07:32braewoodsit's a viable option for "ebook" versions.
17:14:56bluebrotherbut that's only showing the 1st page, that one was easy to get look correctly :)
17:15:45braewoodsbut isn't this expected?
17:15:56braewoodsif we're switching to a new system it's bound to need tweaking
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17:17:27bluebrotherthe main question is if it's worth the work I guess.
17:17:58braewoodsmaybe in the future. for now it's probably best left alone.
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17:20:51bluebrotherthe future is now :)
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17:52:21speachybluebrother: "patches welcome" :D
17:53:43speachythe html output of our existing system leaves a lot to be desired, but the PDF output is quite nice.
17:53:59speachythat said, I suspect html output is actually used a lot more often, which isn't saying much.
17:54:47speachyand I suspect by the time we recreate the current tooling in sphinx (or whatever) it won't quite be so nice and simple any more
18:53:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 26fd90bb49, 303 builds, 9 clients.
19:04:58rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 691 seconds.
19:05:01rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 26fd90bb49 result: All green
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19:35:29speachyin the end though.. I don't think latex vs sphinx will really matter insofar as nobody wants to write documentation regardless of its format.
19:36:30speachyand it would be _really_ nice if the keymaps in the source code could get pulled into the manuals.
19:37:08speachythat's probably the biggest PITA involved in updating the manual for an additional port.
19:37:28speachy(the second being capturing screenshot upon screenshot..)
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