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#rockbox log for 2021-07-24

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00:05:33__builtinspeachy: the latter can be somewhat automated
00:05:37__builtinfor plugins at least
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07:19:41speachyjust takes... time and effort.
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09:00:50amachronicspeachy, i've got the manuals for the m3k/q1 to build and added installation instructions. the rest of it might not be 100% accurate, but can we start building them so we can link to the instructions?
09:08:38_bilgusbraewoods IIRC you end up adding strlcpy to core?
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09:44:50_bilgusguess we shall see
09:48:19braewoods_bilgus: eh? strlcpy was already present. i was just using it.
09:48:58_bilgusoh? I thought it literally wasn't in at all
09:49:15braewoods_bilgus: no, just differences in string.h
09:49:30braewoodsit's not present in linux glibc but it is in ours
09:49:36_bilgusok cool this should be all good then
09:50:32braewoodsi prefer strlcpy for simple string construction due to the performance advantages over printf
09:50:49braewoodsit's significant
09:50:55braewoodswhen you do a lot anyway
09:52:13braewoodsunfortunately snprintf is the only portable option for safe string stuff
09:52:25braewoodsunless you wrap memccpy :D
09:53:04braewoodsi'm surprised posix never adopted strlcpy or strlcat; they have compelling use cases
09:53:24braewoodsstrncpy / strncat are kinda crappy options
09:53:32braewoodsi never understood why they exist
09:54:11braewoodsthere's situations where they fail to null terminate and they fully write to the unused space
09:54:17braewoodsboth of which don't make any sense
09:55:20braewoodsi kinda figured they were leftovers like gets that weren't well thought out
09:55:41braewoodsstrcpy/strcat actully do make sense in some cases if you can trust the input
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09:58:32speachyamachronic: IIRC the only way manuals get built is if the target is marked as "stable"
10:01:33speachybut I'll hack something in
10:03:34amachronicok thanks. just wondering, is missing rockbox utility the only reason to not mark it stable?
10:03:50speachymanual+rbutil, yeah
10:04:48amachronicthen i'll have to stop procrastinating on rbutil :)
10:05:32speachyI don't see manual stuffs for the q1 or m3k committed..?
10:06:11amachronicit's still in gerrit. should I commit it now?
10:06:28speachyjust a sec.
10:06:44speachyactually go ahead
10:06:53speachymanuals won't get built until tonight anyway
10:07:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fde6eaa8e1, 303 builds, 9 clients.
10:08:20speachyI think you'll need to generate screenshots for the q1 −− nothing else shares its screensize so there's no piggybacking on another target's screenshots
10:08:45amachronicyeah I know, it's just annoying.
10:08:53speachyah, I see that in the commit message. :D
10:09:13speachyI never did finish generating screenshots for the X3.
10:09:43speachybut it's high time I finished the manual bits for the X3ii/X20 and ErosQ (hosted) ports too, as they're otherwise stable.
10:10:48speachyand the agptekrocker too..
10:14:01amachronica lot of the screenshots in the manual must be outdated... some of the menus have changed
10:14:22speachyit's safe to say that the screenshots have only rarely been updated
10:14:31speachythere's no way to automate 'em, alas
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10:17:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fde6eaa8e1 result: All green
10:22:15_bilgusbraewoods, TBH I knew of the clunky way ncpy worked but the filling buffer with nulls thing eh thats an important caveat IMO
10:22:44_bilgusI wasn't aware of that IOW
10:37:06braewoods_bilgus: i thought everybody who has used C awhile would have known that. it's well specified in the manpage iirc.
10:38:10braewoodsi guess it makes sense if you want to null terminate the unused portion
10:38:33_bilgusit would also tend to hide bugs
10:39:04braewoodsi usually don't write to a buffer memory region until i'm ready to use it
10:39:20braewoodssince well written code isn't supposed to use it beyond the known good parts
10:39:39braewoodsperformance reasons and all since buffers are usually big
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10:51:18_bilgusamachronic, there are quite a few intentional fall throughs are you planning on doing a group of them?
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10:58:26amachronici can do them in bulk if you want, right now i'm just going through coverity and classifying stuff / fixing minor things
11:00:31_bilgusthat one is a good example of 'stuff' that shouldn't gotten through
11:01:31amachronicyeah, that whole function is not even remotely structured to handle errors.
11:02:07amachronicnor can I tell what kind of dummy data should be put in the event of parse failure
11:03:57_bilgusit looks like its so fragile in that area it makes me think −− maybe thats the point?
11:11:03_bilgusSo I get 60*1000 and 1000 but whats 13?
11:12:03amachronicwikipedia says it's hh:mm:ff −− last field is frames
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11:12:53amachronicbut why 13? it's not clear to me
11:13:08speachyI recall there being a _lot_ of cuesheet variations out there.
11:13:30_bilgusthat is a relief at least there is something of document that it is based on
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11:18:41speachyamachronic: ^^ has the bits needed to generate the manuals for the m3k & q1 in the nightly runs
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11:22:25_bilgusInstead we can just skip the source forward by 8 chars
11:23:12_bilgusthat would remove INDEX 01 since it already matches
11:23:15speachy_bilgus: it's 13 because there are 75 frames per second, and *=13 gives you a close approximation in milliseconds.
11:23:42speachy75*13 = 975, which is ~~1000
11:23:45_bilgusyeah the wiki made it apparent
11:26:53_bilguswonder what atoi does with null input
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11:27:59_bilgus no conversion is performed and zero is returned
11:28:00speachy_bilgus: ours will dereference it
11:28:34speachyfirmware/libc/atoi.c L30
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11:29:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a0948ddfa1 result: All green
11:29:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f8bbe3352c, 303 builds, 9 clients.
11:29:45_bilgusdamn straight
11:30:17speachywe can't necessarily go based on the POSIX libc spec, as we've reimlpemented a lot of it.
11:30:25speachyI'll go and add a null check in there
11:32:24speachy g#3615
11:32:26rb-bluebotGerrit review #3615 at : libc: atoi() is supposed to return 0 if handed a NULL pointer by Solomon Peachy
11:33:01speachyheh, this sort of thing is why we have to build with -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks
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11:36:30speachyour str*() routines also don't do null checks.
11:37:13speachyditto memcmp/memcpy (though the latter is often overridden with per-arch asm)
11:38:22amachronicbut those don't really need to have null checks?
11:38:50amachroniclike, memcpy into null is probably a bug no matter what
11:38:58amachronicunless of course the length is 0
11:40:02speachyon native targets a read null dereference is usually harmless, but on hosted it'll crash
11:40:22speachyof course writing to a null dereference.. that's _nearly_ always bad.
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11:41:02amachronicthe point being, it's a sign of a more serious programming error (either read OR write) and it's better to crash hard.
11:41:56speachybut only if there's a way to translate that hard crash into a stack trace or some sort of other diagnostic
11:42:54speachyI mean, in the bowels of the skin parsing code, there's a lot of places where we're not properly checking to see if malloc() succeeds
11:44:20speachyrealistically if we ever fail to malloc() we're probably toast.
11:45:19amachronicwe do have backtraces on panics for hosted and ARM native, but MIPS native is missing
11:46:25speachyI started to write one but put it aside when the voices started yelling at each other
11:47:26speachydue to how the ingenic parts have their mmu set up bad pointers tend to reliably HACF, thankfully.
11:50:39speachyok. time to put all of this imaginary software down for a while and take apart the dryer..
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14:21:51_bilgusamachronic looking at the cue sheet code I think a specialized scanf like parser would probably be enough to clean it up
14:22:54_bilgusIf you want to tackle it, it will probably turn out higher quality ;P but I'll look at it this evening
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14:47:25amachronic_bilgus knock yourself out, I don't use cuesheets myself so it's not a big deal for me
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15:35:02bluebrotherspeachy: depends on what you consider "nice and simple" :)
15:36:14bluebrotherI'm in the middle of playing around with it, and there are obviously a bunch of rough edges. But with some small Sphinx extensions the input could be more readable. At least IMHO.
15:36:31bluebrotherguess I should bring it into a state where I can show it :)
15:47:25speachyit's just that I worry that by the time everything we need has been rejiggered and extended and whatnot, the result will be just as incomprehensible to $random_people as the current LaTeX mess.
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19:30:43braewoods_bilgus: there's also a few lesser known libc features. strtol, etc, have a special feature if the base is 0. it tries to deduce the base based on the rules of C integer literals.
19:32:06braewoodsit's also common for people to improperly use strtol. since all values are valid return values, you have to set errno to 0 first and then check it after to know if strtol actually failed or not.
19:32:26braewoodsit's why i usually wrap strtol
19:33:12braewoodswhy i usually prefer to return output values via pointers and use the RV for an error indicator
19:33:34braewoodsthe output values mainly make sense when no errors are possible
19:33:55braewoodsor when pointers are in use...
19:34:16braewoodsintegers though, generally have no special value for errros
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